Chapter 622: The Evil Dragon Rapidly Growing Stronger

Chapter 622: The Evil Dragon Rapidly Growing Stronger


In a graveyard. Many tombstones with illiterate words were infested with weeds. Deciduous trees were planted around the graveyard and a rotten pine fence surrounded it.

It looked like any other graveyard that could be found in both kingdoms.

However, what was different was that there was an old gravekeeper in this forgotten graveyard.

The old gravekeeper wore a black robe that covered even his face. He always strolled in the forgotten graveyard with an oil lamp. His shadow under the moonlight looked like a wandering black reaper.

When a youth emitting faint grey crystal light walked into the graveyard, the gravekeeper knelt down, much like the goblin shop owner.

What was different was that other than trembling in fear, the gravekeeper grieved, “My respected master, do you really have no other choice?”

The youth pondered for some time, then spoke with a sonorous and spiteful voice, “Amongst all my enemies, this generation is the weakest, but similarly dangerous.”

The gravekeeper did not say another word. His body instantly vaporized and his black robes fell to the ground. A twisted light flew out from him and landed on the cross-shaped key.


At that moment, a dried up fountain at the center of the graveyard suddenly collapsed. A stone statue rose up from the rubble.

It was a statue of an Evil Spirit arcane master from the Era of the War with Dragons. The statue represented someone with a handsome face and elf-like long years. A pair of grey dragon wings grew on its back, and it held a cross sword with both hands.


The key flew out from the youth’s hand and accurately embedded into a keyhole at the bottom of the statue.


The statue opened up like a gate that had been sealed for a long time.

Waves of purplish black light spewed out.

There were three purplish black crystal coffins levitating within the statue.

There was a dried up corpse resting in each coffin.

A mysterious and evil incantation came from the youth’s mouth.

Two twisted lights rose up from the cross-shaped key and entered the forehead of two of the corpses. Meanwhile, the forehead of the center corpse was glowing by itself and constantly devoured the moonlight that shone on it. In a short few seconds, the moonlight turned into a water current-like flow and entered the youth’s forehead.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three powerful auras exploded out at the same time.

The skin of the two corpses at the side were filled with purplish black light and transformed into full body armor. The lingering arcane energy fluctuation manifested into a long mantle.

A layer of dazzling grey crystal formed a sheet over their faces and hid their appearances.

The corpse at the center opened its eyes as if it just woke up from a long slumber.

The moment it opened its eyes, its shriveled up flesh regained vitality. A pair of dragon wings spread out like a butterfly crawling out of its pupa.

The three of them greeted the youth respectfully, “Master!”


The youth released a wave of chaotic mental strength fluctuations. Moonlight faintly glowed at his forehead again.

With a twisted expression, the owner of Rinloran’s body looked at the arcane master in the middle. He shouted in rage, “Fellemang, can you eliminate this annoying elf’s ego from my body?”

“Master, that would be extremely difficult.”

The arcane master in the center elegantly bowed, “Master should know this even more clearly. That arcane master’s will is too firm. As Master was unable to eliminate his ego at the start, his ego has already integrated with Master. If we try to forcefully eliminate his ego with a forbidden skill, it will cause great damage to Master’s mental strength.”

“Master’s mental strength cannot suffer any more. Even if Master is willing to take such a risk, I have no confidence in succeeding.”

The arcane master at the center slowly raised his body, “The only thing Master can do now is to wait patiently. Wait for us to gather energy for Master. Once Master is strong enough, Master may cast a skill to abandon this unsuitable body.”

“Fellemang, are you thinking I will never defeat this elven bloodline arcane master? He’s just an ant!”

The Evil Dragon turned furious. The moment he stretched out, he had grabbed the arcane master at the center and lifted him off the ground.

Clearly different from the two arcane masters at the sides, this arcane master that seemed to have used some unique forbidden skill to resurrect himself was no different from normal arcane masters. He was unable to breathe as the Evil Dragon was clutching his neck, but he still appeared elegant. He only looked apologetically at the Evil Dragon and did not say anything.

The furious expression on the Evil Dragon’s face rapidly faded away and turned chilling instead. He retracted his hand and spoke with his sonorous voice, “I have no time! The Epic Silver Dragon bloodline is rapidly growing.”

“We will make haste.” Fellemang bowed again, “As the final reserves of Master, we who have awoken from our slumber will definitely help Master surpass anyone else. Your bloodline is fated to be the eternal ruler of this continent.”

The Evil Dragon pondered for a while before mumbling, “Was it my previous failure that affected my confidence?”

“Master, you shall become even more powerful than before.”

Fellemang grinned. His pale blue eyes suddenly glowed and countless streaks of invisible wind currents were generated by the flapping of his wings.

Two screams of shock came from outside the graveyard.

A cluster of fog dissipated, revealing two arcane masters.


A powerful mental domain that looked like a pale blue lake shrouded the two arcane masters who tried to escape.

In the next instant, the two arcane masters even the Evil Dragon did not detect stiffened up and became immobile.

What caused the two even greater fear was that the legends that spoke of the terrifying power of the Evil Dragon were accurate.

When ‘Rinloran’ walked up to them and grey crystal light hit their bodies, they noticed their arcane particles and bodies rapidly starting to wither up. Meanwhile, the youth before them was devouring the arcane particles and life force leaking out from them to strengthen himself.



Taimille Village, including the area where the goblin shop was located, had turned to ruin.

Not far from the village, Ayrin’s group was surrounded by dozens of arcane masters wearing the Office of Special Affairs uniform.

“Do you realize what you have done?”

“Have you never read the records of the War with Dragons and the Evil Dragon?”

“Do you really not know that the most terrifying aspect of the Evil Dragon...... the reason everyone is scared of his resurrection...... is because his bloodline not only has the ability to corrode, but can also devour others! He can directly improve his arcane level by devouring arcane masters! That way, even if he only has four or five arcane gates now, he can easily open six arcane gates in a short time, or even seven! All he needs to do is kill arcane masters and devour their power!”

Amongst the arcane masters from the Office of Special Affairs, the Execution Office arcane master Kellon’s expression was like a glacier, his gaze furious.

“So what?” Ayrin replied.

“You...... you don’t care?”

Kellon’s expression turned ashen.

Many powerful arcane masters from the Office of Special Affairs and elites of the Nine Houses had died during the war at the Doa Royal Palace. So, the Office of Special Affairs lost most of its authority. The Kingdom of Eiche was fated to be divided up into smaller regions again. However, due to the resurrection of the Evil Dragon, all the factions were shrouded in the shadow of despair. There was no use obtaining any authority when the Evil Dragon was still out there. Hence, most of them reformed the Office of Special Affairs and allowed the Office of Special Affairs to obtain even greater authority in the Kingdom of Eiche instead.

Due to Ayrin’s group interfering, the Evil Dragon possessing Rinloran’s body was able to escape...... Most of the factions originally had already reached the limit of tolerance towards the Holy Dawn Academy, and the minor factions that supported the Holy Dawn Academy had been kicked out of the Office of Special Affairs.

Now, the Office of Special Affairs finally acted against the Holy Dawn Academy.

However, the perpetrator of the current situation, Ayrin, did not seem to care at all!

“You bastards...... Do you really think we will tolerate your Holy Dawn Academy forever?” Kellon emphasized his words, “Just because you have the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline, do you think...... we will keep tolerating you?”

“What are you talking about?” Ayrin looked at Kellon and the other Office of Special Affairs arcane masters incomprehensibly, “Since you already know the situation, don’t you need to work on catching and defeating the Evil Dragon? Why are you blocking us? Shouldn’t you cooperate with us and tell us where the Evil Dragon showed up?”

“Catch him and defeat him if you find him? Do you really not feel you did anything wrong? Based on his previous signs...... Apart from himself, he probably has......” Kellon gritted his teeth so hard his teeth almost shattered.

“So what?”

Ayrin’s response startled all the arcane masters around.

“Even if he has people helping him...... Even if his arcane level improves rapidly, wouldn’t he be at six or seven gates at most?”

“We are also improving quickly.”

Ayrin looked at Kellon and the surrounding arcane masters, “I’m also about to open my sixth arcane gate.”

“You......?” Kellon and the other arcane masters were all shocked, their eyes filled with disbelief.”

“My mental strength is just lacking a little.”

Ayrin sensed the slowly melting Underworld Gem that was mostly absorbed by his body. His gaze was filled with a burning fighting spirit and he swung his fist, “Why don’t we have a fight? I should break through faster like that.”

“......” Kellon and the other arcane masters were speechless.

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