Chapter 620: Companion’s Determination

Chapter 620: Companion’s Determination


“Huff...... Huff......”

The knocked back Ayrin was breathing like bellows blowing wind.

His arcane energy fluctuation was much more intense than normal, but his body was clearly reaching its limits. His overflowing sweat and blood were vaporized by the intense heat released by his tattered body. His muscles were cramped up after over exerting his strength.

However, that light of determination in his eyes was still ever there like the stars in the sky.

Even Ayrin himself could feel his heart struggling due to him over exerting himself. His entire body was like a tattered bellow, but his mind was becoming cooler and more determined.

This is not the Evil Dragon!

This is just Rinloran, who was temporarily possessed by the Evil Dragon’s consciousness!

This is my teammate...... my friend!

It’s because of our dream under the starry sky, because of me that Rinloran joined the national tournament and fought bravely.

The sword that stabbed the Master of House Baratheon was Rinloran’s sword.

Rinloran is still fighting, so how can I fall? I can’t abandon him!

If it’s me, Rinloran would definitely...... definitely not abandon me!

So, as long as my heart still beats, I will fight!

I won’t let anyone kill my friend!

Ayrin’s expression twisted, but he clenched his fists again!


The Lightning Dragon’s enormous body unconsciously flinched back.

In its perspective, even if Ayrin’s arcane energy fluctuation was constantly growing stronger and his arcane level was rapidly increasing, his body had clearly reached its limit...... Normally speaking, it would be able to kill Ayrin no matter what the current situation was.

However, the cold flame burning in Ayrin’s eyes and his clenched fists made it lose its confidence.

A creepy shriek entered everyone’s ears, “Ahahahaha......”

Rinloran was already floating in the sky several hundred meters away from Ayrin and the Lightning Dragon.

Grey crystal light flashed from his body. Rings of transparent waves shook the surrounding space and produced purplish black particles.

“Do you know why you can never defeat me?”

Both his pupils shone with a grey crystal glow. There was not a trace of Rinloran’s normal expression, “Because you so-called righteous arcane masters have far too many weaknesses to abuse. Unlike me, who pursues pure strength itself!

“It’s a pity, your body should be more suitable for me than this body. But anyway, this body has high elven bloodline, so it’s not that bad.” His gaze fell onto Jean Camus. Then, he spoke with a slightly regretful but mostly sarcastic tone, “This should be one of the best bodies I can find in the entire Doraster Continent.”

“See that? Is he still your companion? He’s already the fully resurrected Evil Dragon!” The Lightning Dragon roared, “The day the Evil Dragon resurrects, the entire Doraster Continent will fall into the flames of chaos! All cities will be destroyed! Everyone will be enslaved by him!”

Ayrin was supporting himself on his knees. He kept panting, but raised his head and asked the Lightning Dragon, “Are you really that scared?”

The Lighting Dragon was stumped.

Ayrin looked at the Lightning Dragon and continued, “If you’re scared, just escape. You don’t have to fight.”

The Lightning Dragon trembled violently, but it did not know how to answer.

At that moment, Jean Camus spoke, “Why are you so proud?”

He raised his head and calmly looked at ‘Rinloran’, “A remnant consciousness like you had your body destroyed after integrating with Rinsyi’s body. You have almost completely exhausted your strength. Even if you barely possessed Rinloran’s body, you can’t use another body transfer skill for some time. It’s meaningless, even if you possess a powerful body transfer skill. As long as you cannot use another body transfer skill immediately, your consciousness will be forced to integrate with Rinloran’s body. This is an unavoidable natural process.”

Jean Camus’s voice was getting slower and colder, “If I’m not mistaken, your consciousness has already started to integrate with Rinloran’s body. You are basically binding yourself to Rinloran’s body.”


‘Rinloran’s’ expression twisted.

He did not make a sound, but the grey crystal light around him began scattering uncontrollably as it made loud noises.

Jean Camus’s words poked at the pain of the Evil Dragon’s consciousness, instantly enraging it.

“Is that so?”

Ayrin straightened his body and clenched his fist, “That means he is imprisoned by Rinloran!”

Ayrin suddenly opened his mouth and shouted with all his strength, “Rinloran!”


The grey crystal light around ‘Rinloran’ violently flashed.

His skin and hair were still grey, but a pale crescent moon glow flashed on his forehead.

“Ah!” The Evil Dragon’s consciousness let out a pained roar as it grabbed its head.

“Rinloran!” Ayrin shouted again.

“Rinloran! You must endure it! Rinloran! You’re a true brave warrior, you must not give up! You can defeat him!”


All other sounds were drowned out by Ayrin.

Only heavy breathing sounds remained in the entire mountain range.


A unique domain aura exploded out around ‘Rinloran’.

A ring of grey light rapidly became a coffin with an open cover. Rinloran’s body appeared inside the coffin, his body gradually fading away as if he was melting in the air.

Ayrin did not make a move.

He instinctively felt it was a spatial domain used for escape. With the forbidden skills he currently knew, there was no way to stop it. Any arcane power that hit it would only be diverted into another space.

“Evil Dragon Hourglass: Sea of Time Escape Domain!”

“The resurrected Evil Dragon, Evil Dragon bloodline...... His arcane level will improve at an unimaginable speed! The Doraster Continent will fall into eternal darkness because of the mistake of you people!” The Lightning shouted in despair. It then flew up high into the clouds.

“I don’t care where you escape to with Rinloran’s body, I don’t care how fast you will grow strong! I swear I will defeat you!”

Ayrin swung his fist and yelled, “I will defeat you and save Rinloran!”

His gaze was extremely furious, but his expression was so solemn it looked pious.


Belo and Meraly walked amongst huge trees in a snowy forest.

Behind them, a vague outline of a high mountain range could be seen, with snow everywhere. The highest mountain was like a frost blade stabbing into the clouds high up in the sky.

The snowy forest was even colder than the Eternal Winter Forest on the border between the Kingdom of Doa and Kingdom of Eiche. All the trees here were several times bigger too.

The snow was frozen into ice spikes like hard crystals, and there was no sound of snow falling.

What was strange was that despite the coldness, there were traces of wild beasts and insects everywhere.

In such a cold place, there should have been much less living creatures, but there were as many living creatures as there were in primeval forests.

A soundless world and traces of living creatures everywhere caused the entire forest to exude a creepy presence.


Meraly’s teeth were clattering, half because of the uncontrollable cold and half because of the world that did not seem to be a place arcane masters could step into. This place was a forbidden zone even to her who had grown up in a primeval monster forest.

Suddenly, she stiffened and glanced around on reflex.

“What’s wrong?” She asked Belo.

She had sensed Belo’s body turning stiff for an instant just now.


Belo pushed up his spectacles and snorted, “The Ice Lich Bone Case had an extremely strange resonation just now. It should be the Evil Dragon’s consciousness obtaining a body and completely resurrecting.”

“......” Meraly opened her mouth wide, but seemed unable to make a sound as if it was frozen.

“Stop getting stiffened up. In this place, you will freeze to death if you stop for half a minute.”

Belo walked forward while maintaining his speed. He looked over his shoulder, a trace of a bloody glow flashing across his eyes, “We have to be faster if the Evil Dragon has resurrected. We need to get rid of the thing here.”

“Then Ayrin and them......”

Meraly followed Belo autonomously, but the chill in her mind felt even colder than the surroundings. She could not help but recall Ayrin’s group going to the Spectre Castle in order to prevent the Evil Dragon from truly resurrecting. However, now...... then, Ayrin’s group......

“What are you thinking? If Ayrin’s side can’t handle it, we need to hurry up all the more! If you still drag my speed down, you can just stay here and freeze to death!”

Belo let out a rough shout from his mouth, the muscles on his cheek tensing up.

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