Chapter 619: Dragon’s Grief

Chapter 619: Dragon’s Grief


The Master of House Baratheon yelled, then spat out a yellowish dragon breath.

A hurricane rose up around him. Regardless of real or fake, the holy light pillars were shattered by it.


Ayrin’s pupils immediately contracted.

Although the Master of House Baratheon was still in the eye of the hurricane, he could sense a deadly threat approaching from his back.


The ground below him exploded as he shot off from where he stood.


A semi-transparent figure appeared behind him.

“What is that arcane skill?”

Ayrin felt the air in the surroundings suddenly disappeared and gathered into that semi-transparente figure. He sensed the deadly threat again.


Rings of frost rapidly manifested around him and were about to become a huge Destroyer Ice Crown.

The Master of House Baratheon suddenly appeared near Ayrin.

“Unparalleled Divine Wind Body!”

He instantly chanted an ancient Draconic incantation. The semi-transparent figure actually passed through the Destroyer Ice Crown.

Crack crack crack......

The semi-transparent figure tightly wrapped around Ayrin like a thin film. However, it contained a terrifying pressure and various parts of Ayrin’s body fractured under it.

“Bastard! What’s this arcane skill?”

“It actually condensed wind arcane power into something similar to an arcane resistance layer, yet it possesses such penetrative properties and pressure! Break!”

Ayrin’s fighting spirit was so intense others could not look into his eyes. The semi-transparent film bloated up from the assault of Ayrin’s arcane power.

The Master of House Baratheon narrowed his eyes and a yellowish glint flashed across.

A half-meter long wind stake gradually took form before him.


A loud dragon roar came from the sky.

The golden Lightning Dragon was turning pale as golden sand-like particles began falling down from the sky.

Jean Camus was shocked. He quickly warned Chris and Charlotte who were going to charge towards the Master of House Baratheon, “Don’t get out of the Everlasting Domain!”


The first golden particle landed on the ground and made a crisp sound. In the next moment, a terrifying thunderclap came from underground.

A barrel-thick lightning pillar pulling magma from deep underground shot out.



In an instant, the surroundings outside the Everlasting Domain were filled with lightning pillars.

“Heaven Thunder Earth Rage: Dragon Prestige Domain!”

Charlotte’s face turned pale.

The Lightning Dragon’s strength was even above the Dragons from the Nine Houses! She had never imagined that even after using all those powerful forbidden skills before, that Lightning Dragon still had enough strength to use such a terrifying domain.

Defending against this high rank domain, Charlotte, Chris or Jean Camus could not interfere in the battle between Ayrin and the Master of House Baratheon.

The Everlasting Domain’s light film even began showing signs of cracking.


Ayrin’s gaze locked onto the tiny wind stake before the Master of House Baratheon. “What is that forbidden skill? What a terrifying power...... As expected of the Master of House Baratheon who isn’t afraid of antagonizing anyone. There are so many forbidden skills!”

That wind stake looked normal, like a wind stake created from the lowest rank arcane skill. However, Ayrin immediately felt a terrifying pure dragon aura and the burning of life force coming from it.

It was definitely a forbidden skill the Master of House Baratheon used by burning Dragon Crystal essence!

I can only do this!

Ayrin’s eyes shone with determination. They were so bright, his pupils looked like they were on fire.


The seven arcane gates in his body slammed open. All the arcane particles spewed out and put pressure on the Underworld Gem.

At the same time, the energy stored in his every cell was squeezed out. Every strand of muscle was spasming and exerting strength.

His body rapidly contracted and pressed down on the Underworld Gem.

Even if he was not under attack by other arcane skills and had sufficient time to prepare, he would not be able to block the power of that forbidden skill.

He would take this chance when his body was squeezed by an unknown semi-transparent film that did not let any arcane power leak out to try and destroy the Underworld Gem after its stable arcane structure was destroyed by the Evil Dragon particles. Even if the Underworld Gem went out of control, the arcane energy would not leak out and would instead be absorbed by his body.

Even if squeezing out his arcane particles and physical strength in addition to the explosive arcane energy from the Underworld Gem would greatly harm him later on, he could still use Dark Sacrifice to gather arcane power.

I just...... I just need to block that attack. Then, no matter how badly I’m injured, I can defeat that guy!

Black flames burned in Ayrin’s pupils.

“Die!” The Master of House Baratheon emotionally proclaimed. The wind stake before him began glowing like a Dragon Crystal. It started its charging acceleration. The tail of the wind stake released rings of spiral shockwaves.

However, at that moment, his heart instinctively felt a deadly threat. The extreme danger caused him to be soaked in cold sweat.


He lunged to the left as fast as he possibly could and turned around.

An elegant white sword flash was reflected in his eyes.


An indescribably penetrative power passed through his abdomen.

Ayrin’s body was already flashing the purplish black light unique to Dark Sacrifice. His expression twisted in pain, but he still called out excitedly, “Rinloran!”

Rinloran maintained his attacking posture. Countless white sword flashes flowed on the right half of his body, while the other half of his body was still glowing with a grey crystal light.

He looked like someone standing on the boundary between two worlds.

Ayrin saw a familiar gaze from Rinloran’s right eye.

“Brave warrior Rinloran, do your best! Don’t get defeated!” He shouted.

At the same time, his mouth, nose, eyes...... even his pores shot out countless purplish black rays of light.


Countless purplish black light rays gathered outside the semi-transparent film and became a huge eyeball.

The Master of House Baratheon revealed a truly terrified expression after his abdomen was penetrated.


The eyeball and the thin film disappeared at the same time. A creepy mushroom cloud rose up.

Ayrin appeared from inside the mushroom cloud.

The Master of House Baratheon trembled. Shock and fear were revealed in his gaze.

A cluster of yellowish swirls appeared in front of him. It did not charge towards Ayrin, instead using its violent power to push his body away until he was nothing more than a black dot in the sky.


A huge lightning pillar tore apart the mushroom cloud behind Ayrin.

A dragon claw that seemed to be made of pure gold stretched out from the lightning. It seemed slow, but it landed straight on Ayrin as if it tore through space.

Ayrin was pitch black. His body looked tattered, blood coming from his every pore. It seemed that the dragon claw would pulverize him into a splatter of blood in the next moment. However, at that moment, Ayrin turned around as if time had stopped.

He clenched his fists and shouted out, “Bastard! Are you sure you can defeat me?” At the same time, he threw a fist and hit the dragon claw that was several times bigger than him.


As he punched, there seemed to be some presence around him that desperately bloated up as if his body was enlarging.


A crisp bone fracturing sound rang out in the air.

Lightning spread out from the center of the dragon claw and surrounded Ayrin.

The golden lightning ball was expanding to the point even the dragon claw could not enclose it.


Within a second, the golden lightning ball shattered and became tiny lightning fragments, scattering away from the dragon claw.

Crack crack crack......

Golden light particles fell down from the dragon claw.

However, it was not some dangerous forbidden skill this time, but rather shattered dragon scales.

The arcane masters stalled by Lotton raised their heads as they held their breath in awe. Their faces turned pale as cold sweat soaked their bodies.

They could see the Lightning Dragon was trembling.

Clear cracks were spreading up from its claw.

Within the broken dragon scales, strips of muscle seemed to be twisted and entangled.

A silver light dot appeared in everyone’s view.

Their gaze froze.

They saw Ayrin’s body hammered into the palm of the dragon claw like a nail.

His entire right arm was releasing silver crystal light.

The huge dragon claw gave off a feeling as if it could crush Ayrin at any moment, but it was cramped up and could not move.


An even more intense arcane power reverberated from within Ayrin’s body.

A huge Destroyer Ice Crown clashed against the second dragon claw that struck toward him.

“You......” The Lightning Dragon yelled with an unknown meaning.

The huge ice crown was shattered and Ayrin was blasted away. However, the Lightning Dragon was violently spasming.

Its arcane energy fluctuation had greatly weakened and its arcane particles were almost completely exhausted.

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