Chapter 618: Never Give Up

Chapter 618: Never Give Up


Ayrin immediately turned around and shouted, “Rinloran! Are you alright?”

There was no wound on Rinloran’s body.

“I......” Rinloran replied and did not seem to be hurt. However, right after the first word, his body violently trembled and grey crystal light surged out.


Chris and the others were shocked.


An intangible mental shockwave reverberated from Rinloran’s body.

Rinloran’s skin and hair changed into a grey color.


A silver swirl suddenly opened up half a meter behind Rinloran. It rapidly spun as the stern-looking Master of House Baratheon appeared behind Rinloran.

Trails of shadow manifested on Rinloran’s back and were forcefully pulled into the silver swirl.


Rinloran’s body violently trembled. The shadow that was drawn out of his body branded onto his skin and became purplish black tattoos.


Rinloran also disappeared on the spot and reappeared dozens of meters away.

Ayrin’s heart almost stopped, he desperately shouted again, “Rinloran!”

“I......” Rinloran spoke again, but he immediately felt the pain after speaking only one word. A grey crystal glint flashed across his eyes and his expression immediately turned menacing.


The air within several hundred meters seemed to be instantly vacuumed.

A terrifying wind spear shot towards Rinloran.

A huge shadow appeared before Rinloran and bit down on the wind spear.


Rinloran spat out a mouthful of blood.


The wind spear pierced through the shadow. A shockwave blasted out from the spinning spear tip and hit Rinloran.

Another mouthful of blood spilled out from Rinloran’s mouth and stained his arcane robe.


Chris and Charlotte watched the scene unfold, their bodies trembling uncontrollably.

When they saw Rinloran emitting grey crystal light, they knew what it meant. However, they did not have the courage to face it.

Their hearts sank into a bottomless pit, making them feel numb from the chill.

Ayrin also watched the scene unfold before him, unable to react in time.

His body felt a little stiff.

He watched as the Master of House Baratheon kept that gem, an extremely grim expression on his face.


At that moment, thunder roared in the sky.

The clouds in the sky had become golden in color as they gathered the lightning and thunder in the sky.

The Lightning Dragon was submerged in the gathered golden lightning pool.

The thunder roars and the astonishing lightning pool snapped Ayrin back to reality.


He instantly disappeared.



Endless wind arcane power gathered before the Master of House Baratheon. Another huge wind spear shot towards Rinloran.

Rinloran was unable to dodge it. However, at that moment, another wind spear shot past Rinloran and clashed against the wind spear shot by the Master of House Baratheon.


Everyone trembled from the impact. The two wind spears shattered and the scattering wind arcane power formed two huge tornadoes.

The trembling in their minds was greater than their bodies.

Ayrin stood before Rinloran.

A dragon scale-like glow radiated from his body, stopping the remnant power from the Master of House Baratheon’s wind spear.

“What are you doing?” The Master of House Baratheon asked with a chilling killing intent.

“He has been possessed by the Evil Dragon’s consciousness. He is no different from the Evil Dragon possessing Rinsyi’s body. If we don’t kill him, he will become the real Evil Dragon.

Ayrin showed a determined expression and opened his mouth. However, before he could say anything, Rinloran had stopped himself from flying back.

“Kill me......” Rinloran said, after which another voice followed. “Kill me and you can completely kill me......”

Ayrin clenched his fists tightly.

In such a bizarre scenario, he ignored Rinloran and looked at the Master of House Baratheon.

“I won’t let you kill Rinloran,” He said, emphasizing every word.

“He’s not Rinloran.”

The Master of House Baratheon turned even more grim, “It’s not just me who wants to kill him, all the arcane masters in the entire Doraster Continent want to kill him. If you’re going to obstruct us...... then you will become the enemy of the entire Doraster Continent.”

“He’s Rinloran!”

Ayrin shook his head, “I can sense the Evil Dragon’s consciousness is unable to devour his consciousness. Rinloran is a true brave warrior. I believe he can defeat the Evil Dragon!”


An ear-deafening noise suppressed Ayrin’s voice.

A lightning pillar descended onto Rinloran.

Ayrin appeared right under the lightning pillar.

A Destroyer Ice Crown bloomed with him at the center and intercepted the lightning pillar.


The Destroyer Ice Crown shattered under the power of the lightning pillar.

However, at that moment, another figure appeared next to Ayrin.

A pale light film stopped all the lightning currents like an umbrella.

The astonishment and hesitation in Chris’s eyes completely disappeared. She cheered out, “Jean Camus!”

“Have you truly decided to do this?” The Lightning Dragon in the sky roared out angrily.

“Don’t you understand that by letting him live, he may one day come and destroy the entire Doraster Continent?”

As the Lightning Dragon roared, Jean Camus coughed out some blood.

However, after taking a glance at Rinloran behind him, he calmly looked at the Lightning Dragon without saying anything.

“By doing this, you will become the enemies of our Storm Kingdom!” The Lightning Dragon roared.

“Storm Kingdom? Were the legends real?”

The surviving arcane masters held their breath.

Rumors from some merchants claimed that the Lightning Dragons existed on some of the islands in the sea. Together, these islands formed a small kingdom. There were even powerful arcane teams in this kingdom.

“Shut up!”

However, before anyone could think further, Ayrin shouted towards the Lightning Dragon, “You bastard! I don’t care what Corps or Kingdom you’re from! At the start, when we were desperately fighting against the Evil Dragon, you were just watching and waiting. You’re only thinking about your own benefits. Once we were reaching the climax, only then did you come out to finish off the fight, right? Even at the end, you didn’t use your full strength. Even Uncle Lenyu is completely exhausted, yet you still have the strength to continue fighting!”

“When our teammate was possessed by the Evil Dragon’s consciousness, you still have enough fighting strength to claim to be able to kill him. Then, why didn’t you use that fighting strength to prevent the Evil Dragon’s consciousness from possessing Rinloran?”

Ayrin’s shouts echoed in the sky, “You bastards, no matter what you say, I won’t let you kill Rinloran!”

Chris and Charlotte also moved next to him and Jean Camus.

The Master of House Baratheon looked so grim that a metallic hue appeared on his face.

“If that’s the case, I can only kill all of you.” He emotionlessly spoke.

“Abandon such meaningless thoughts. You’re no match for us.” The Lightning Dragon’s huge eyes shot out materialized cold glints.

“If you really want to fight against us, you will be defeated by us!”

Ayrin swung his fist and revealed his teeth in a growl.

The heated air around his body was like a burning flame.


A yellowish glint flashed across the Master of House Baratheon’s eyes as a yellowish swirl appeared in front of Ayrin.

Several cuts appeared on Ayrin’s body. He was knocked back by the chaotic yellowish wind currents.

“Know your place!” The Master of House Baratheon snorted in his mind.

However, his pupils contracted in the next instant.

Ayrin actually stabilized himself while flying back and floated in mid-air. Gusts of extremely chilling arcane power flowed out from his body.

Compared to before, Ayrin’s aura had become much stronger!

Trails of blood flowed out from Ayrin’s body, but his eyes became brighter instead.

The arcane energy from the Underworld Gem helped his power to rapidly grow.

“What are you all waiting for?”

The Master of House Baratheon narrowed his eyes and shouted towards the surviving arcane masters, “Do you all actually want to see the Evil Dragon truly reviving?”


A huge shadow coffin appeared in the center area between the surviving arcane masters and the Master of House Baratheon. Lotton’s figure could vaguely be seen in the shadow coffin.

“Come!” Ayrin shouted towards the Master of House Baratheon.

He suddenly split into six, like six transparent crystal figures.


Violent arcane energy fluctuations filled the air.

Several holy light pillars shot towards the Master of House Baratheon.

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