Chapter 617: Hot-Blooded Individuals

Chapter 617: Hot-Blooded Individuals


A mysterious voice was transmitted into the ears of the surviving arcane masters, “Stop using arcane skills. Arcane power in normal arcane skills will only be absorbed by the Evil Dragon particles in the Evil Dragon’s body. It not only replenishes his arcane particles, the impact from the arcane powers is similar to refining his body and improving his integration with the body.”

Everyone held their breath and looked up.

They could sense the voice came from high above in the sky.

Is there another powerful arcane master up there?

They seem to know the Evil Dragon better than we do...... but if they are more powerful why are they not making a move now?

Even if a close range attack like what Ayrin did is useless, Ayrin is no match against the Evil Dragon!



Ayrin clashed against the Evil Dragon again.


Ayrin spat out a mouthful of blood.

His body was thrown back and crashed down like a broken kite.

The Evil Dragon did not follow up. He slightly raised his head and seemed to sense powerful arcane masters in the sky.

At that moment, Ayrin shouted, “Don’t come down here! Stay cautious!”


The Evil Dragon’s cruel and bloodthirsty eyes showed astonishment for the first time.

Ayrin stood up again.

The Underworld Gem in his body was melting faster than before.

After the stable arcane structure was broken, the gem slowly started melting without the need of Evil Dragon particles.

It was a strange Emperor level monster arcane core. After its arcane structure was broken, the arcane energy flowing out seemed to contain a unique medicinal property, constantly nourishing every cell in his body.

This medicinal property was quite abundant. It seemed like it would take a long time to completely melt in such an intense battle......

There’s so much arcane energy still inside! Maybe I can open my sixth arcane gate.

Although the Evil Dragon will continue to synchronize with his new body as the battle progresses, I just have to beat him afterwards. This can work!


The youth burning with fighting spirit swung his fist.

A bright and determined smile appeared on his face.


Ayrin charged at the Evil Dragon again, and was knocked away again.

However, Ayrin firmly landed this time.


The Evil Dragon felt a great sense of danger.

Although the Evil Dragon particles could rapidly fix the injuries of his body, in the current situation, the more Evil Dragon particles he exhausted, the weaker he would become. His physical body would also become more fragile.

It was because casting a powerful forbidden skill would greatly damage his physical body that he chose close range combat.

Even though the synchronization rate was less than twenty percent, he was still very confident. Against these opponents, his close range combat skill with that stiff and not completely in control body was still invincible.

However, the strong sense of danger caused his Evil Dragon particles to surge out unconsciously.

“There’s something in your body!”

With a loud shout, he crossed the boundary of space and time, appearing from a grey crystal gate that opened right in front of Ayrin.


Crystal light flashed and his right hand became a dragon claw. The claw stabbed into Ayrin’s body and grabbed the Underworld Gem.

“Ah!” He screamed in pain.

A hysterical scream that seemed to damage his pride.

A terrifying arcane energy fluctuation reverberated around Ayrin, his body seemingly having opened seven arcane gates.

A blinding holy light pillar smashed into the Evil Dragon’s face.

The Evil Dragon’s face looked completely burnt, white smoke rising up into the air.

His body spasmed violently, causing his hands to be unable to exert any strength. Even the Underworld Gem he grabbed could not be pulled out as he was blasted away.

“I knew it, this arcane skill works on you!”

Ayrin did not show any fear despite the five bloody holes on his abdomen. His expression was filled with excitement instead.

Chris clenched her fists and thought, “Ayrin actually held back until now......”

The moment the holy light pillar appeared, she realized his intention.

Since that holy arcane skill was effective against the weapons crafted with the Evil Dragon’s arcane power, it was very likely also able to neutralize some of the Evil Dragon’s arcane power and cause real damage to the Evil Dragon.

It was obvious that Ayrin already noticed it early, but he actually endured all the way until now to use it.

“It’s my turn!”

Blood spilled out from Ayrin’s mouth.

His body launched forward like a missile.


He caught up with the Evil Dragon and smashed his fist into the Evil Dragon’s chest.


Countless bone shattering sounds came from the Evil Dragon’s body.


A grey dragon breath spat out from the Evil Dragon’s mouth.

However, under Ayrin’s assault, that dragon breath could not be controlled and scattered into the surroundings.

Some of the breath hit Ayrin but it only added some corroded wounds on his body. The arcane power that seeped into his body was quickly absorbed.

The Epic Silver Dragon bloodline was not afraid of the Evil Dragon particles and the corrosion of the Evil Dragon aura.

“Chance!” A stern and loud voice shouted in the sky.


Two terrifying domains rapidly descended simultaneously.


Ayrin dashed to the side at full speed.

He instinctively felt he would be unable to endure those two domains. If he got caught in them with the Evil Dragon, he would be killed.

As he dashed to the side, he raised his head to look up.

In his blurry vision, there were two swirls of clouds in the otherwise empty sky above.

One was a dazzling golden color. A golden lightning pillar at least a hundred meters in diameter crashed down like a divine retribution.

The light pillar coming down from another swirl was filled with starlight, as if a foreign starry sky was pressing down.

Everyone held their breath.

The Evil Dragon was instantly swallowed by the two light pillars.

The entire castle was lifted off from the ground and completely vanished.

There was only a broken segment of the stone path left in the mountain.

The arcane masters in the mountain dashed back to avoid the spreading shockwave.

“It’s Uncle Lenyu!”

Ayrin pulled out a roll of bandages with one hand and professionally tended his wounds, but his eyes opened wide in surprise.

Apart from the familiar Dimension Traveler Lenyu, there was also a huge golden Dragon wrapped in lightning.

“Lightning Dragon?”

“Did that Lightning Dragon cause the lightning in the bay?”

“But didn’t the Lightning Dragon go extinct?”

Chris and Rinloran could not believe their eyes,


Just like the castle, Rinsyi’s body had also completely disappeared. A huge grey shadow was pouncing towards the pitch black abyss below as if fearing the sun.


At the same time, the yellowish eye of the storm appeared right above the grey shadow.

The Master of House Baratheon appeared again, his face stained with blood. A mysterious flame burned in his eyes. Streaks of silver flames shot out from the Soul Imprint Gem in his hand and became a silver swirl.

However, he suddenly screamed, “No!”

A sonorous voice spoke at the same time, “Do you think you can defeat me like that?”


The huge shadow became an arrow-like grey light and flew past the silver swirl. In the next instant, it arrived right next to Jean Camus.


The Everlasting Domain was instantly broken.


Jean Camus’s surroundings resonated and all arcane power disappeared.

That grey light clashed against the unique resonating field. Jean Camus was hit by intangible force and knocked away while vomiting blood.

The unique resonating field surrounding him also disappeared.


The air trembled!

Ayrin, who was dyed red in blood, suddenly stepped in between Jean Camus and the grey light.

“Ayrin!” Charlotte and Chris screamed in shock.

Meanwhile, the grey light moved at an unimaginable speed and flanked around Ayrin.

An angry and chilling voice shouted from behind Ayrin, “Don’t you dare!”

Rinloran appeared on the path between Ayrin and Jean Camus!

Rinloran was so fast even the grey light was unable to change course. Rinloran just crashed into the grey light.


The grey light dove into Rinloran’s body.

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