Chapter 616: Fearless!

Chapter 616: Fearless!



The pale blue vines completely shattered. In a clash between such levels of arcane power, it was unknown if they were shattered by the Evil Dragon or Ayrin’s Storm Lord’s Spear.

Countless pale blue droplets of light landed in the mountain range, painting a beautiful scenery.


Sounds of people taking sharp breaths could be heard.

At the center of the light rain stood the Evil Dragon unaffected, the huge wind spear Ayrin shot pierced through its body.

Countless pale white particles surged around the wound and devoured the wind spear instead.

His body showed great differences compared to Rinsyi. His face had changed slightly and a grey diamond-shaped crystal scale grew out on his forehead.

The Evil Dragon snorted, “It’s useless. Although this body is weak, it’s no longer the Dragon Era. Deep Red Domain...... Seven Sense Inhibition...... Black Death...... those terrifying forbidden skills and arcane masters have all disappeared.”


At that moment, a terrifying black dragon flame surged up from less than a hundred meters away from him!

Chris’s petite figure had reached within a hundred meters on his left unknowingly.

He immediately narrowed his eyes.


A grey dragon breath shot out from his mouth.

Crack crack crack......

The destructive black dragon flame froze in mid-air and a layer of grey crystal shell formed around it.

“Evil Dragon Sealing Breath!”

Several arcane masters far away began trembling. They spoke of the terrifying forbidden skill recorded in ancient documents.


Chris showed no fear. The space around her squeaked and then instantly collapsed.

A shockwave comparable to the Dark Destruction Dragon violently crashed into the freezing Dark Destruction Dragon.

Crack crack crack......

The frozen black dragon flame was completely shattered.

Countless shattered grey crystal shell fragments and scattered black flames swallowed the Evil Dragon like a wave.

“Is he dead?”

A trace of black light flashed at the center of Ayrin’s forehead, as if a black eye opened up.

He unconsciously used Dark Goddess Sight. He felt that the Evil Dragon got hit squarely by that attack. However, he could not sense where the Evil Dragon was within the flow of the arcane power.

Suddenly, his heart contracted violently, “Chris, watch out!”

His astonishing instinct told him a deadly aura was going against the flow of the terrifying wave and instantly charged towards Chris.


At that moment, a grey light spewed out along with yellow light and pale white particles.

The corpses of the arcane masters killed by the vines suddenly flew and stacked up in front of Chris, becoming a rotten giant.


A dark red shockwave hit the chest of the rotten giant. It was pushed back and collapsed.

“Rotten Flesh Halberd! It’s Lotton!”

Just when Ayrin realized it, the sonorous voice spoke coldly within the wave of grey crystal shell fragments and black flames, “You dare to betray me and use my arcane skill and weapon against me?”

A huge shadow coffin suddenly appeared above Lotton.

The shadow coffin was not empty. There were pale white particles flowing out.

“What is that arcane skill?”

“Dodge it!”

The surviving arcane masters were powerful individuals in the Kingdom of Eiche and Kingdom of Doa. However, the moment they sensed the aura of the pale white particles, their expressions changed as they began dashing away.

The light rays reflected by those pale white particles seemed to contain the same corrosive power as Evil Dragon particles. Normal arcane masters would be mutated and degenerated after getting hit by them.

Chris dashed back in her patternless fashion. After seeing what happened, her face also turned pale white.

She could see the light rays reflected by the overflowing pale white particles rapidly contracting. No matter which direction Lotton dodged towards, he could not escape.

Even a high rank Evil Dragon follower like Lotton had a limit to the amount of Evil Dragon particles he could contain. The arcane power of the Evil Dragon had to be more lethal to him than to normal arcane masters.


Rinloran’s blood vessels around his eyes were almost bursting.

He instinctively felt that Lotton would definitely die from that attack.


A pale light film suddenly opened up around Lotton.

A familiar shadow stood behind him.


The light barricade formed by the contracting light rays clashed against the light film but could not break through.

“Everlasting Domain! Jean Camus!” Chris shouted out in surprise.

The person standing behind Lotton calmly was none other than Jean Camus!


A gust of chill that instantly froze the entire mountain range suddenly exploded out from the arcane power wave.


The retreating arcane masters were so astonished they lost their voices.

Ayrin charged into the arcane power wave unknowingly. A huge ice crown was constantly expanding around him.

The astonishing chill clashed with the surrounding arcane power, and the Evil Dragon was at the edge of the huge ice crown.

His body had many dents caused by the black arcane power, but he still released a terrifying aura.


Visible ice arcane power manifested around him.

“Destroyer Ice Crown? How does he know Ayrin’s arcane skill?”

Chris stiffened up and her breathing became haggard.

“Learning ability......”

The face of the exhausted Rinloran who created the chance for Ayrin and the others to take the initiative turned even paler.

Jean Camus’s mother, the dead Green Dragon Divine Temple Priestess’s words echoed again in his ears.

The Evil Dragon bloodline is more powerful than the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline......

Is the Evil Dragon bloodline really so terrifying? He can instantly learn the opponent’s arcane skill, even during a fight?


A huge Destroyer Ice Crown manifested around the Evil Dragon.

“This guy......”

Ayrin held his breath, his heart greatly contracting. A silver arcane resistance layer surged out of his body on reflex.

The life threatening devouring aura seemed to have completely squeezed out the final bit of potential lying dormant in his body.

The moment the two huge ice crowns clashed and shattered, a hand glowing grey crystal light smashed apart the broken ice chunks and rapidly enlarged in Ayrin’s sight.

Ayrin crossed his arms to meet that hand.


An unimaginable force hit Ayrin.

He was blown away like a meteor.

Crack crack crack......

Ayrin immediately heard his bones cracking.

What kind of integration between the arcane skill and physical body is this?

He felt the bones in his arms and his ribs were cracked and his organs were damaged. However, the astonishment and sense of danger shut out most of the pain.

His body directly filtered out the pain.

The enemy was using Rinsyi’s body. No matter how fast the integration between the mental strength and physical body was, that body should not contain such great power!

The enemy seemed to have used an arcane skill that let it temporarily use Evil Dragon particles to modify that body into a weapon!


Before he could think any further, a similar hand was rapidly enlarging in his sight again.

Every cell in Ayrin’s body seemed to be rampaging and his body temperature rose.

If I can’t react, I will be like the opponent I faced during the national tournament. Once the hit connects, I will keep getting hit into a putty.

At that moment, a familiar yell came from next to him, “Hah!”


There seemed to be a heavy mallet brushing past his body and clashed against that hand.


Ayrin could not see it clearly, but others could. Charlotte had thrown out a punch and clashed against the Evil Dragon’s claw.


Charlotte’s body was repelled and bounced on the ground. One of her arms was hanging limply.


The Evil Dragon stopped for a moment. The grey crystal glow in his eyes flashed. Although Charlotte had clearly fractured an arm, he never imagined Charlotte to possess enough power to stop his attack.


Ayrin heavily landed on his feet.

“Charlotte......” He also saw from the corner of his eyes that Charlotte had fractured her arm. However, even greater surprise filled his mind!

The Underworld Gem lying dormant in his stomach was gradually releasing a unique power and slowly integrating into his body.

It was not because of the pressure he was facing or the last bit of his potential getting squeezed out. It was because of the Evil Dragon particles, Evil Dragon arcane power!

The Evil Dragon particles and Evil Dragon arcane power injected into his body hit the Underworld Gem, breaking its stable arcane structure!

No wonder only the Evil Dragon used this Underworld Gem in the legends.

Only the Evil Dragon bloodline can break down this gem’s arcane structure!

But now, this gem is inside my body!

Ayrin took deep breaths and straightened his body.

The arcane energy seeping out of the Underworld Gem integrated with every cell in his body, filling his body with that intoxicating sense of rising power.

“Come! Let’s fight!” Ayrin roared out towards the Evil Dragon.

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