Chapter 62: Self-feeling ability

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 62: Self-feeling ability

After a brief discussion, a teacher announced that, because Ayrin and Rogrid both fainted in the match and couldn't complete their fight, the selection would proceed as if they both forfeited.

“That's unfair, how can you do that!”

“What kind of teacher is that!”

“Maybe neither of them would have fainted if Liszt hadn't shown up!”

“Exactly, how can you disqualify both of them. Making both of them join the academy team is more like it!”

The stands exploded as soon as this teacher completed his announcement. Countless indignant students smashed their seats in protest.

“It's been a long time since we saw such a hotblooded scene.”

Looking at the furious and chaotic stands, Carter smiled wryly and asked Ciaran, “What do we do now?”

“You're the teacher in charge of the school team, you shouldn't be asking me what to do,” Ciaran told him.


Carter nodded, then announced in a loud voice, “Since everyone feels that Ayrin's and Rogrid's displays are both enough to join the academy team, then we'll increase the available spots in the selection by two. Ayrin and Rogrid are both members of the team now.”


Earthshaking cheers and acclaims exploded from the stands as soon as Carter's voice rose.

Chris caught up to the medical team, carrying the two great bags of foodstuff, and asked Rui who was in charge of the medical team taking Ayrin and Rogrid to the infirmary, “Teacher Rui, what happened?”

“His bloodline is a little special.” Rui beckoned to Chris to follow him. They skimmed over to a roof to one side of the venue. He said only then, “There won't be any problem with his injuries. It's just that Liszt and Ciaran will arrange some separate training and exam for him next.”

“What on earth is his bloodline? It's actually so strong.” Chris breathed in relief and suddenly became excited.

“Some kind of rare bloodline. We don't know either at this stage.”

“Then I'll take these foods to the infirmary.”

“Ok.” Looking at the figure of Chris' back, Rui couldn't for some reason resist saying to himself in a low voice, somewhat infected by her mood, “Do your best... Perhaps your dream will come true.”

Ayrin dreamed a very long dream.

Inside the dream, he first defeated Rogrid and joined Holy Dawn Academy's team, then he saw food everywhere around him.

But when he tried to pounce and eat the food, he felt a door appear inside his body, and then a very great power flowed to his hands from within the door.

This power made him greatly excited, because he felt he could rely on this power to defeat even stronger opponents, but what immediately made him anxious was, no matter how much strength he put into it, this power seemed to be gathered on his hands but couldn't be exploited.

All of a sudden, he saw several monsters pricking his feet with iron needles.


He suddenly shouted, sweating cold sweat all over from anxiety, thoroughly awakened from his dream.

“Don't move, otherwise the grains of sand will remain inside your soles. You feet might even fester if they stay like this too long.”

A stern and somewhat familiar voice came to his ears.

“Teacher?” He rubbed his eyes, finally noticing that he seemed to be inside the infirmary. The one currently dealing with the wounds on his feet was the short-haired female arcane master who once aided in Chris' treatment.

Blue rays of light flashed on her hands at this moment. These blue rays of light seemed to have very strong pulling power, drawing out the grains of sand mixed with blood one after another, then tossing them into a tray below.

Seeing Ayrin calm down and still his movements, this short-haired woman said in an extremely peculiar tone, “I heard you had the audacity to attack by directly stepping on a sand scorpion, you're really reckless enough.”

“The match?” Ayrin suddenly remembered about the fight. He suddenly said, anxious, “Teacher, what happened to the fight, did Rogrid beat me? How is he?”

The short-haired woman looked at an Ayrin who seemed to have forgotten his pain, and said, “I heard you two fainted at the same time. At first they announced you two were disqualified for the next round, but at the request of the spectators in the entire arena, Carter changed the decision and said that both of you were members of the team now.”

“Really?” Ayrin suddenly shouted, “Teacher, is that true, I really made it to the school team?”

“Just because you became a member of the team, are you so happy that even your feet don't hurt anymore?” The short-haired woman said, both angry and amused.

“It doesn't matter, anyway back when I used to dig ore, I often smashed my feet, even up to three times a month. After hurting again and again I just got used to it,” Ayrin said, his mouth cracked open in wide a grin.

The short-haired woman suddenly became speechless.

“Chris was here?” Ayrin's sniffed, suddenly noticing two great bags of food beside the bed. He immediately turned excited. “Does she know I can join the school team?”

“She watched the match, of course she knows.” The short-haired woman looked at him and said, “You kept calling her name in your sleep when you were unconscious, it made her embarrassed, so she left.”

“Ah?” Ayrin was struck a little dumb. “I kept calling her name?”

“You did, you shouted her name seventeen times, shouted old Ginns' name twelve times, shouted Belo twice, and shouted Moss once.” The short-haired woman nodded.

“So many times?”

“Hm?” The short-haired female arcane master let out an extremely bewildered sound all of a sudden.

“What?” Ayrin asked, a little curious.

“I've never seen anyone with a self-healing ability as strong as yours.” The short-haired woman's voice even trembled a little.

She was called Andar, was one of outstanding medical masters in Holy Dawn Academy. In more than ten years, she'd handled countless patients, and of those, at least several hundreds were powerful arcane masters who suffered injuries during missions outside and were specially sent here for medical treatment. Among them, there was no lack of elite arcane masters famous in the entire kingdom possessing formidable bloodlines, but even these arcane masters paled in comparison when it came to their self-healing abilities.

After drawing out the grains of sand, she hadn't had time yet to apply medicine to one of Ayrin's feet, but just like the other feet she already applied medicine to, the wounds on it already stopped bleeding and started healing!

According to her assessment, an injury of this level could be entirely healed after roughly two days, without the need for any medicine.

To put it another way... It was the same whether she applied medicine or not, because for such a degree of injury, the medicine's healing ability didn't seem as efficient as Ayrin's self-healing ability!

Even in the classical medical records she read, only the purest barbarian bloodlines, some dragons, and Evil Dragon followers possessed such a fearsome recovery ability!

“Self-feeling ability?”

What made her almost pass out was, Ayrin said very shyly at this time, “My self-feeling ability has always been very strong, there's no need for teacher to help me feel myself... Teacher, my stomach's really hungry, can you give me a chicken leg first?”

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