Chapter 615: Rinloran’s Rage

Chapter 615: Rinloran’s Rage


A sonorous voice suddenly exploded in the devastated castle, “You’re too naïve!”


The Master of House Baratheon screamed as his body was blasted away.

An indescribable curse aura entangled around his head.

Even the skin on his forehead split apart due to his facial muscles spasming.


“Even a six-gate arcane master like the Master of House Baratheon cannot match the Evil Dragon’s consciousness in mental strength!”

The arcane masters at the scene stared in shock.

Then, they shouted with even greater determination, “Kill!”

Just the Evil Dragon’s consciousness could already repel the Master of House Baratheon in one clash. They could not let such a terrifying power completely resurrect!


The entire space seemed to have been cut.

Countless black vines rapidly grew out from the seams between the rocks on the ground. They were like black lightning bolts shooting up into the sky.



Screams and cries rang out all around.

At least half of the arcane masters who rushed in were pierced by the black vines. The survivors rapidly retreated with shocked expressions.

The arcane skills they unleashed could not intercept the black vines.

The black vines ignored arcane power and simply passed through. When they pierced the arcane masters’ skin, they would suck their bodies dry until they were weathered corpses. Bewitching flowers then grew from the black vines. What was different was that the flowers that bloomed in the past were black, and the flowers blooming now were blood red.

Somebody screamed the name of the vines in shock, “Evil Dragon Death Feeding Flower!”

“So foolish, the current arcane masters...... Is it because I have not shown myself for so long that you forgot my power?” The sonorous voice spoke.

“What are those vines, how should we handle them?” Ayrin asked Jean Camus and Rinloran.

The Golden Feather Eagles could not endure any longer, so they landed on the stone path outside the castle.

The black vines made Ayrin feel an incredible danger. He would be killed the moment he got near one.

In his view, the other arcane masters were almost all strangers, but their strong arcane energy fluctuation let Ayrin ascertain they were powerful individuals nearing six arcane gates.

Nobody answered Ayrin’s question.

At that moment, a rapid incantation came from Rinloran’s mouth.

Ayrin had never heard such a rapid incantation before. In his impression, even when Rinloran was using an arcane skill unique to the high elven bloodline, his incantation could only be described as light and elegant. His tone sounded like little fairies whispering or elemental goddesses singing in the forest. Yet right now, his chanting was like a raging wind billowing through the woods, or the animals howling together, or the trees shaking and shrieking.


As Rinloran’s rapid incantation reached the critical point, clusters of pale blue light shot out before him.

Pale blue arcane energy flowed on his body as if he was on fire.


The seams of the stone path in front of them and the cracks around the castle began creaking. Shattered stones were pushed aside as vines glowing pale blue grew out. They started entangling the black vines.

Both vines started to get shredded and rained down from the sky.

“What a pity, even after experiencing the baptism of the moon spring and the tree of life, you’re still too weak.” The sonorous voice snorted, “Compared to the elven kings who I fought before, you’re nothing.”

The black vines instantly became stronger and began tearing the pale blue vines apart.

Rinloran’s eyes turned bloodshot. He yelled, “Idiot! Who do you think you are?”

The pale blue arcane energy flowing on his body shot up like a spring.

Everyone could sense he had started to burn his own life force to unleash his full potential.

“He can handle the Death Feeding Flowers!”


Several anxious voices called out.


A blue light shot out from an arcane master and stopped in front of Rinloran.

“Tree of Life fragment!”

The anxious gaze of Ayrin and Chris sparkled.

Although they were paying attention to Rinloran and did not notice who shot that blue light, it was an arm-sized Tree of Life fragment that released a vibrant force of nature.

“Do you think you can reign over others as you like after obtaining power? Die!”

Rinloran completely bursted out. The extinction of elves, his parents’ deaths...... Countless righteous arcane masters died resisting the Evil Dragon followers...... All the anger hidden in his heart completely bursted out.

As he roared, the floating Tree of Life fragment integrated into his body.


Countless blue light dots surged out from his body.

The blue light dots rained down on every inch of the castle.


The pale blue vines instantly became several times thicker. In a moment, the black vines were shredded and the pale blue vines swarmed towards the huge grey shadow while carrying Rinloran’s killing intent.

The sonorous voice spoke, “I respect your courage, but you’re too late. It’s all within my control. All of you are fated to die today...... Your deaths will become the best fear to sweep across the entire Doraster Continent. Everyone will tremble under my might!”

The grey shadow squirmed into the silhouette under it.


A terrifying presence could be sensed.

The pale blue vines were forced to stop in mid-air.

“It’s really Rinsyi’s body...... The person transporting Rinsyi’s body was just a bait. The real body had long been delivered here!”

Under the shining light of the pale blue vines, everyone could clearly see it.

That was Rinsyi’s body.

It became grey and released a crystal light, including his hair.

His eyes suddenly opened!


Everyone sensed a wave in their minds.

That gaze was impossible to be Rinsyi’s. Just his gaze made everyone feel a mountain of corpses pressing down on them.

A growing shadow was appearing on everyone’s back.

An internal fear spread out within them.

“Beast of Fear! It can actually attack indiscriminately!”

Ayrin drew a sharp breath. Although he was not really affected, he was certain it was the forbidden skill Lotton taught him. This forbidden skill used mental strength and arcane power to stimulate the nerves simultaneously...... However, Lotton and he could only use the forbidden skill on a single person. Meanwhile, the Evil Dragon targeted everyone around with it!

The forbidden skills the Evil Dragon taught to his followers were all weakened versions! The strongest he kept to himself!


‘Rinsyi’s’ body suddenly trembled. He seemed to want to take a step forward, but his body was shaking violently.

“He’s just a resurrected consciousness. It will be a long time before he integrates with that body that isn’t his. Plus, that body cannot contain powerful arcane particles!”

A white-robed arcane master that had a wolf head symbol sewn onto his robe, representing House Stark of the Nine Houses in the Kingdom of Eiche, yelled after seeing the situation, “Let’s kill him before he can completely control his body!”


A powerful domain power spread out with him at the center. Countless white light rays took the form of a pigeon and landed on top of ‘Rinsyi’s’ head.

Using ‘Rinsyi’s’ mouth, the sonorous voice spoke, “You fools, you still don’t understand who you are up against! Arcane masters like you are but ants. During the Era of the War with Dragons, you wouldn’t even have been qualified to be the regular soldiers of my subordinates, yet you think you can kill me?”

“Don’t you understand that strength isn’t only dependent on the quality of your arcane particles, but also on your grasp of arcane power rules?”

“I am the peak existence of this continent, the owner of the most powerful rule!”

The instant the first word came out, a corrosive grey dragon breath shot out.

The white pigeon formed by the powerful domain was invaded by it.


The dragon breath continued forward with an astonishing speed.


The white-robed arcane master was only able to scream in fear before the lower half of his body disappeared.

“Devouring Dragon Breath!”

“The Evil Dragon has resurrected!”

“The greatest power of the Evil Dragon is his arcane power that can devour all!”

Two arcane masters shouted in despair. They immediately gave up on fighting and started to run away as fast as they could. They instantly disappeared from the mountain range.

“Epic Silver Dragon bloodline...... You’re really spiteful. Be it my consciousness or this body, both show intense hatred towards you. Even I cannot control them, I will kill you first.”

Rinsyi, whose body was even ‘stiffer’ than before, slightly turned his head. His cruel and bloodthirsty gaze landed on Ayrin.

“Epic Silver Dragon bloodline......”

The remaining arcane masters were bombarded by shocking facts until they started to feel numb. At that moment, they unconsciously felt the need to protect Ayrin, but their bodies could not move.

At that moment, Rinloran’s angry yell rang out again, “Idiot!”


His entire body violently shook. The pale blue vines that were stopped in mid-air released a radiant moonlight that hit ‘Rinsyi’.

“Brave warrior Rinloran, nice hit!” Ayrin shouted without any fear. At the same time, he shot out a huge wind spear that stabbed into the area surrounded by vines!

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