Chapter 614: Resurrected Evil Dragon!

Chapter 614: Resurrected Evil Dragon!


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A few streaks of golden light flashed through the sky above the Thorns Swamp.

Charlotte looked at the Golden Feather Eagles with a trace of worry and spoke to Ayrin, “Ayrin, these Golden Feather Eagles can’t keep up any longer.”

The Golden Feather Eagles were flying monsters with superb stamina, but they had reached their limits after continuous long-distance trips. Even the hot breaths contained traces of blood.

“It’s fine, Charlotte. We are going to reach the Apocalypse Mountain Range soon.”

Ayrin looked forward in his forever-excited appearance, “They are also brave warriors. They can make it.”

“Almost there?”

Charlotte opened her eyes wide and stared into the distance.

Her eyesight was much worse than Ayrin’s. After some time, she finally saw the shadow of a black mountain range on the horizon.


Kaboom! Kaboom!

In a creepy castle shrouded in blooming vines within the depths of the black mountain range, a huge shadow pounced around excitedly. It made loud noises.

“The enemies are finally coming?” A sonorous voice rang out in the shadows of the castle.

“My esteemed king, the real body you require has arrived on time. It’s time to let these enemies witness your true power.”

On the stone path outside the creepy castle, an Evil Dragon follower wearing purplish black robes respectfully bowed. He placed a grey coffin in front of him.


Black vines stretched out and dragged the grey coffin into the castle.

At the same time, a terrifying presence that could instill fear in all arcane masters was suddenly released from that Evil Dragon follower.

“My esteemed king......”

The Evil Dragon follower suddenly stiffened as he looked up in disbelief.

The moment he raised his head, his face eroded. Countless pale white particles flowed out from his rotten skin like maggots.

“Your esteemed king wants your offering...... I will give order to record your contributions......” The sonorous spoke.

“No!” The Evil Dragon follower screamed in despair. In the violent struggle, his body exploded and scattered into countless pale white particles.

The pale white particles flowed into the shade of the castle like a river.

The huge shadow bouncing around in the castle immediately became quiet.

Ancient and mysterious Draconic incantations started echoing within the walls of the castle.


“How should I use this Underworld Gem? It really became a stone in my stomach. I don’t even feel hungry......” Ayrin grumbled.

They were already close to the Apocalypse Mountain Range.

This mountain range consisted of many dormant volcanoes. Although they showed no signs of erupting, boiling steam could be seen flowing on the surface and a pungent smell covered the whole place. Most of the mountain range was covered by black rocks.

Rinloran, Charlotte and the others were eating right now. However, the biggest glutton, Ayrin, did not feel hungry at all.

His stomach felt heavy, the Underworld Gem showing no signs of dissolving.

“Not hungry means your body potential has been mostly squeezed out.” Chris looked at Ayrin, “Teacher Liszt and Teacher Ciaran said before, the reason you could eat so much is because your cells are still in their  growing stage. They should’ve reached their prime now. Otherwise, even if the Underworld Gem took up some space, you will definitely want to eat something.”

Ayrin nodded to Chris, then was startled, “What’s wrong?” He asked.

Lotton rode on a Golden Feather Eagle alone next to him. The Rotten Flesh Halberd he was holding was flashing dazzling grey light as if it were breathing!

At the same time, grey light also flashed on Ayrin’s hand.

It was the Epic Abyssal Ring that released the grey light.

Be it the Rotten Flesh Halberd or the Epic Abyssal Ring, they were both Evil Dragon artifacts that had a special property. The closer they were to the pure arcane power of the Evil Dragon, the brighter their glow would be.

Hence, despite Jean Camus’s mother saying the Evil Dragon’s consciousness was staying in the Spectre Castle in the Apocalypse Mountain Range without a detailed map, they were not worried about finding it. They could rely on the intensity of the glow to determine where the castle was.

The two artifacts were glowing brighter and brighter as they got closer to the Apocalypse Mountain Range. However, the current situation was clearly abnormal!

“Look over there!” Charlotte suddenly exclaimed.

She pointed at a place beyond the Apocalypse Mountain Range in the distance.

It was an endless beach. That was Sunset Bay, and beyond that was the Sunset Ocean. It was connected to the uninhabited Trembling Ocean and Ice Ocean that only legendary arcane masters could reach.

At that moment, the sky above Sunset Bay turned golden.

Several huge and thick golden lightning bolts crashed down from the sky.

The lightning violently blasted the ground, creating a unique burning smell which was swept towards them by the wind.


At that moment, in the sky not far away from Ayrin’s group, a huge yellowish eye of the storm suddenly manifested.

A massive hurricane descended towards a certain location in the Apocalypse Mountain Range.

“The Master of Baratheon?”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide. He could sense terrifying wind arcane power and a figure within the hurricane.

“So many people have arrived?”

Chris also opened her eyes wide.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Slight space vibrations kept getting transmitted into her ears.

Other than the huge hurricane, she saw at least twenty to thirty streaks of light descending towards that one spot.

“They are all powerful arcane masters. Were they hiding their presence and searching? Why did they expose themselves now? Why are they rushing towards that spot? What exactly happened?”

Charlotte turned around to look at Ayrin and Lotton.

“The Evil Dragon’s power is rapidly growing. Even these experts without an Evil Dragon artifact can sense it. There is only one possibility, the Evil Dragon’s consciousness is already integrating with a body.” Lotton spoke in his unique deadpan tone.

“What went wrong? Did they fail to intercept the Evil Dragon followers who took Rinsyi’s body? Or is Rinsyi’s body not a necessity for him?”

Seething flames burned in Ayrin’s eyes.

The Evil Dragon’s consciousness was integrating with a body. In other words, the Evil Dragon was resurrecting!

“Hurry!” Rinloran shouted and pressed hard on the Golden Feather Eagle without caring about its limits. The Golden Feather Eagle let out a cry and crashed down towards that location like a meteor.

It was the most crucial moment now.

If the Evil Dragon resurrected, regardless of how compatible his consciousness was with his new body or how much strength he retained compared to his peak, his unique bloodline, forbidden skills and the fighting spirit were extremely terrifying.


A violent hurricane fiercely crashed into the mountain, followed right after by other destructive arcane skills.

A large chunk of the black mountain was blasted into nothingness.

Spectre Castle!

Rinloran and the others held their breath.

They could finally see the creepy castle.

It was covered in vines and seemed to be breathing. Gusts of wind rhythmically blew out.

Every arcane master dashing towards the castle knew how urgent the situation was. They did not hold back their arcane particles and started attacking the castle. A dozen powerful arcane skills landed on the castle in the next second.

The upper half of the castle was instantly shaved away.

The remaining bottom half was also devastated, looking like a few blocks of stones barely sticking together.


Sharp breathing sounds came from all around.

In a corner of the castle, there was a silhouette floating and a huge grey shadow above the silhouette.

That huge grey shadow was an enormous Dragon!

It seemed to be trying to enter the floating silhouette!

“Rinsyi’s body? They actually......”

Ayrin held his breath as he came to a stop right behind Rinloran.

That silhouette was very familiar to him.


At that moment, a terrifying arcane energy fluctuation exploded in the sky.

A cluster of yellowish light charged towards the huge grey shadow with astonishing speed.

“It’s the Master of House Baratheon!”

“What’s that in his hand?”

Rinloran took deep breaths to calm himself down. He saw the Master of House Baratheon wrapped in yellowish light holding onto an object something like a gem fragment. It was of an irregular shape and the size of his palm.

It screeched loudly and lines of silver light formed a mini swirl around it.

“Soul Imprint Gem!”

“This is an epic weapon of the Draconic Scholar Mofy from the Era of the War with Dragons. He’s trying to use this weapon to absorb and seal the Evil Dragon’s consciousness using the moment when the Evil Dragon has not yet completely integrated with Rinsyi’s body!” Jean Camus exclaimed.

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