Chapter 613: Sparkling Tears, Elegy Of Life

Chapter 613: Sparkling Tears, Elegy Of Life



Moss knew it might be the best choice, but his body froze and could not do it.

“Huh? You want to run away?”

Jeriya slowly shook her head.


Ferguillo let out a never heard before roar.


Pink light shot out from his left eye. A powerful mental impact swept towards Jeriya like a tide.

Jeriya’s expression turned serious.

She immediately grabbed the black crystal from her back and used it as a shield.


The black crystal slightly shook.

“He actually......”

Jeriya revealed a trace of anger as her body stiffened for an instant.

A mysterious incantation came from Mody’s mouth.

“Acting Corps Leader Mody!” Shanna cried out.

Mody’s entire left arm was glowing and burning.

In the next instant, his left arm disappeared.

His body seemed to suddenly lose all strength while his mental strength drastically weakened.

A bright blue flame crashed down on Jeriya from the sky with an astonishing speed!

Facing the attack Mody sacrificed his arm for, Jeriya’s confident demeanor immediately vanished. Her expression turned fierce.

A grey crystal light surged out from her wrist and shot towards the bright blue flame.


An even louder cry of pain came from her mouth.

The moment that the grey crystal light clashed against the blue flame, the blue flame actually disappeared and a unique power descended above her head.


Light flashed on her forehead and a pale blue mark appeared.

Looking from afar, it looked like a wriggling snake.

“What is that?” Shanna and the others held their breath.

At that moment, Mody sighed and looked at Ferguillo, “Too late.”

The others had no time to think about what Mody meant. Jeriya’s face had completely twisted and she was screaming hysterically. “Chaotic Arcane Cut: Curse Seal! You actually know such a forbidden skill! It’s useless. Do you think you can escape after sealing my Sigil Soul Control? Not a single one of you will escape. All of you must die!”


Jeriya slammed the black crystal into the ground.


Cracks radiated out from the ground around the black crystal, black energy seeping out.

A unique aura suddenly spread out.

Within a thousand meters around them, black crystal-like light rays formed into a light film and surrounded them.


Grey crystal light shot out from her wrist and cut towards Mody at an astonishing speed.

“You crazy woman!”

Stingham hurriedly threw his Green Dragon Spear.


The green flame accurately hit the grey crystal light.


However, he saw his invincible Green Dragon Spear for the first time getting knocked away after a clash.


He jumped in front of Mody on reflex to block the attack. He felt endless dread as his Lover’s Corpse creaked and groaned under the terrifying power from the grey crystal light.


He was knocked back and blood spilled from his mouth.


He opened his eyes wide in shock, unable to believe what had happened.

The ground where he stood was shaking violently.

He’d used Shock Conduction the moment he was hit. However, that attack still greatly injured him.

“I don’t believe it!”

The deflected Green Dragon Spear returned to his hand. He threw it towards Jeriya again.


The grey crystal light and the green flames clashed again in mid-air.

Moss and the others moved back and shouted, “Stingham!”


Stingham’s eyes opened wide.

He was knocked away by the grey crystal light again and almost became paralyzed.

He could tell he was still vomiting blood, and a boot was rapidly enlarging in his sight.


Jeriya appeared right above him and stepped on his face.

A deep crater appeared as Stingham was pushed down.


Stingham opened his mouth but no words came out.

The Lover’s Corpse was still faintly glowing yellow and a thin light film covered his body. Jeriya’s attack could not break his defense which meant this attack was not fatal.

However, he could not struggle back up after getting stepped on by Jeriya.


The ground shook again.

The hand holding on the Green Dragon Spear raised on reflex but was stomped back down by Jeriya’s other foot.

Jeriya’s expression was chilling to the extreme.

Her face kept releasing black smoke, which was suppressed by the pale blue mark on her forehead. Waves of mental shockwaves made her facial muscles spasm. Her expression was incredibly menacing.

She sneered, “A powerful weapon. It’s a pity you’re so weak. No matter how powerful the weapon is, it’s useless in the hands of a trash like you!”

Boom! Boom!

She exerted strength in her legs and continued pounding down on Stingham’s body.

“Ah!” Stingham screamed in agony.

He could feel the Lover’s Corpse losing its effect.

“You can’t even save yourself, yet you tried to save him?”

Jeriya slowly raised her head.


The grey crystal light flew out from her wrist once again.

A glittering water blade vaporized.


A Chinyu arcane master who rushed up was cleanly bisected.

“Uncle Muyuu!” Shanna grimaced.

“Stingham!” Moss shouted out.

A burning huge blade suddenly appeared behind Jeriya.

Jeriya had no time to dodge and slapped back with her hands.

Silver fluid seeped out onto her body and covered it.


Blinding sparks scattered.

The pressure exerted on Stingham was lightened.


He could see Moss flying back, the burning blade lodged in his chest instead.

“You can actually wound me......”

Jeriya was also flying back. Her hands were pitch black and blood droplets seeped out.

“In that case, your death will be so much more painful.” Her gaze turned to Moss and became more menacing.


Stingham suddenly jumped up as if he had gone mad and threw his Green Dragon Spear.

His spear did not aim for Jeriya, but the black light film in the distance.


The black light film violently shook.

The spot hit by the spear revealed a light dot and green cracks spread out.

Jeriya snorted, “What? Do you feel fear now? Do you think you can escape?”

She dashed and appeared right behind Stingham.


Her hands heavily smashed Stingham’s torso, the silver fluid covering her burnt hands.


Gas-leaking sounds came from Stingham’s body. The Lover’s Corpse completely disappeared. His chest dented in and bone fracturing sounds came out.

“Moss...... Shanna...... Ferguillo...... Run away......”

Stingham’s eyes popped open. His mouth was opened wide, but no sound came out just like a fish on dry land.

“Without the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline, you’re just trash. I can’t understand how those people lost to you......” Jeriya snorted while looking down on Stingham.

“It’s useless......”

Shanna felt as if she was soaked in ice water. Even her heart was ice cold.

She could see Ferguillo barely able to stand, Mody had lost consciousness again and a horrible cut was carved into Moss’s chest. He was pressed down by his own weapon and did not even have the strength to pull it out or turn it back into particles.

“If...... If Ayrin and the others were here, the result would have been different? Why...... Why are you so useless? When can you become a little more useful and mature?”

Shanna looked at Stingham as two streaks of green-colored tears flowed down her cheeks.

Can you stop slacking to the point you don’t even want to think?

I beg you...... Please become more useful in future.

She shouted towards a Chinyu arcane master, “Uncle Hai...... carry them and escape!”

Two green-colored tear drops dripped down.


Jeriya suddenly held her breath and turned around.


Something seemed to crack inside Shanna.

Her body disappeared.

Countless sparkling water droplets instantly floated in the air.


Over a thousand green-colored teardrops merged together into violent water currents that wrapped around Jeriya at an astonishing speed.

There seemed to be fairy-like girls singing and crying within the water currents.

“Water Fairy: Elegy of Life!”

Jeriya’s face twisted and became freezing cold.

Endless rage filled her pupils.

“Ah!” She screamed hysterically.

The black crystal which was slapped into the ground levitated up and started vibrating.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Under the continuous vibrations, the green water currents snapped one by one, eventually becoming countless sparkling water droplets that fell down to the ground.

It was as if it had just rained.

A rainbow appeared in the sky.

There was nobody around Jeriya.

“Ah!” She screamed hysterically again.

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