Chapter 612: Office of Special Affairs’s Mistake

Chapter 612: Office of Special Affairs’s Mistake


Three arcane masters from the Office of Special Affairs hid quietly in a bush. Even their breath seemed to have stopped as not a single trace of an arcane energy fluctuation leaked out.

Suddenly, the grey-haired arcane master in the middle sensed something, got up instantly and turned around.

Liszt, Ciaran, Minlur and Carter showed up from a raging gale mixed with leaves.

The grey-haired arcane master showed a happy expression and called out, “You’re here?”

“Where is Jeriya’s exact position?” Dialo spoke after appearing next to Liszt’s group.

The grey-haired arcane master pointed to his left and replied, “About three kilometers from here, if her movement speed hasn’t changed.”

Rui suddenly spoke, “Not there.”

The others were taken aback. They did not understand what Rui meant.

Rui narrowed his eyes and spoke, “She’s coming. She’s already almost here.”


The grey-haired arcane master and his teammates were shocked.

“Looks like she’s really confident and wants to kill us.” Liszt stretched and smiled.

Chilling killing intent flashed across Dialo’s eyes, but he did not make a sound.

They all became silent and only the soft brushing of the wind could be heard.


A shrill suddenly rang out.

A grey light rapidly crossed through the grassy plain along with the sound. The light was approaching the grey-haired arcane master like a viper.


A cluster of black shadows flashed and clashed against that grey light.


The grey-haired arcane master and his teammates drew a sharp breath. Before they could react, Ciaran already flicked her fingers in rapid succession.

Dozens of transparent light rays immediately spread out into the sky.


In a patch of grass not far from them, a pale red silhouette suddenly appeared like a reflection.

Without any pause, Minlur launched himself like a missile and crashed into the spot right in front of that silhouette.


With a loud explosion, Minlur flew back dozens of meters and dug his feet deep into the ground.

Meanwhile, that patch of grass was shredded by the violent power, revealing a silhouette wrapped in black light who also flew back.

“Finally forced out?”

Carter’s face suddenly turned pale.

He unleashed a powerful arcane energy fluctuation. A green flame appeared right in front of the flying silhouette.


The green flame and black light scattered.

Blood sprayed out in the sky.


Liszt and Ciaran’s expressions stiffened.

Dialo’s pupils contracted. He shouted in shock, “It’s Zoya?!”

The grey-haired arcane master and his teammates were shocked speechless.

The arcane master Carter attacked was not Jeriya, but a male arcane master covered in black sigils!

He was an arcane master from the Office of Special Affairs.

“Is there only one arcane master around?”

The low-profile Rui’s tone suddenly became anxious and stern.

“Only one......” The grey-haired arcane master held his breath.

“If she used this arcane master to trick you into trailing him instead of her after she broke through the encirclement...... It can be considered as you having lost her all the way back then. She might have long noticed our arrival.”

Liszt took a deep breath and his palms turned cold, “If she never intended to leave, she will definitely assassinate the most worthy target to her.”

“Mody, Stingham and Ferguillo......” Carter’s face turned pale white. His back was drenched in cold sweat.

Ciaran turned around and began trembling uncontrollably.

If that was really the case, they were already too late.

Stingham’s group went in the opposite direction as they were returning to the Holy Dawn Academy.

“Stingham...... Ferguillo......”

Ciaran’s body was getting colder and colder. She did not dare to imagine what would happen to them.



“Uncle Mody, you’re awake. Do you feel better?” Moss called out in surprise.

He and Mody rode on the same Golden Feather Eagle. Mody had been unconscious before, but he finally woke up after the emergency treatment by the medical masters.

Mody smiled and spoke with some difficulty, “An incredible medicine. I think only Songat in your Kingdom of Eiche can concoct such a potion, right?”

“Yes, this potion was concocted by Songat.” Moss spoke happily, “You also heard of doctor Songat?”

“Yeah, his medical skills and lecherousness are very famous.” Mody’s smile became more meaningful.

“He is quite lecherous, but Ayrin said doctor Songat is a good person.” Moss spoke with a slight blush.

“Of course, he must have put in an astonishing amount of effort to achieve such medical skill.” Mody coughed a little, “Where are we going now?”

“We’re returning to the Holy Dawn Academy.” Moss became excited, “Doctor Songat has made preparations there. Once you arrive, he can do a full treatment for you. You will definitely get better. Our Holy Dawn Academy isn’t too far from here. Based on our speed, we should arrive before sunset. Oh, right! You will be in time to watch our Holy Dawn Academy’s starry sky. Our starry sky is really beautiful.”

Not having returned to the Holy Dawn Academy for quite a long time, Moss was especially talkative right now.

“Ah? Uncle Mody, you’re awake.”

The conversation between Moss and Mody attracted Stingham’s attention. He looked at the awakened Mody in surprise and envy, “Uncle Mody sure had a nice sleep.”

“Idiot! You call that sleeping?!”

Hearing Stingham’s words, the others lamented.

Mody smiled and glanced at each of them. Just when he wanted to ask them what had happened after he passed out, his gaze suddenly turned cold.

“Descend! Hurry!” He shouted sternly.


Stingham could not react to the sudden change.


Ferguillo’s expression turned similarly cold. He was already heavily injured and could not use his arcane particles properly. However, streams of arcane particles flowed out from his hands and forcefully pressed down on the Golden Feather Eagles.

“What happened?”

Moss, Shanna and the others were shocked.

They still could not sense anything amiss. However, Mody and Ferguillo’s reaction made them follow their lead.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Golden Feather Eagles crashed down like comets.


A cluster of black swirls shot through the sky right above them and shredded the surrounding air into wind blades.

“Such a powerful arcane skill!”

“Who is it?”

“What was that arcane skill? There wasn’t a trace of an arcane energy fluctuation!”

Moss was shocked.

If not for Mody sensing the attack, the arcane power impact that happened in the sky would have killed the Golden Feather Eagles and injured them from the subsequent freefall to the ground.

A gloomy female voice spoke at that moment, “As expected of a six-gate arcane master, the guardian of Fearotz Stronghold...... Even when you’re critically injured and cannot use any arcane skills, your mental strength is still so formidable.”

“She is?”

Moss held his breath.

He saw a female arcane master naturally landing in a spot not far from them.

There was a black crystal even bigger than her on her back. There seemed to be a person frozen inside.


Moss’s teeth clattered uncontrollably.

“Oi! Who are you? Why did you so shamelessly ambush us?” Stingham cursed.

“This guy, does he still not know who the enemy is?”

Shanna and the Chinyu arcane masters twisted their expressions.

“You must be the Green Dragon Prince, Stingham, right?”

The female arcane master smiled to Stingham, “Hello, I’m Jeriya.”

“Jeriya?” Stingham seemed confused.

“Stingham! She’s the arcane master transporting Rinsyi’s body! She must have used some method to lure away Teacher Liszt and is coming after us!” Moss’s face twisted. He usually did not scold Stingham, but he could not endure this time, “Stingham, are you really an idiot?!”

“Jeriya? Didn’t Teacher Liszt go after her? Why is she here?” Stingham was in complete shock.

His face turned green, but he mumbled to himself, “I’m just too lazy to think.”

“Fearotz Stonghold’s Corps Leader, a six-gate arcane master. Green Dragon Prince, and Baratheon’s mutated bloodline...... What an unexpected haul.” Jeriya’s smile disappeared. Cruel and chilling killing intent churned in her eyes, “Now, let’s listen to the cheers of the dead.”

“Moss, bring Acting Corps Leader Mody away first.” Ferguillo transmitted his voice into Moss’s ear, “We aren’t her opponent.”

Cold sweat dripped down Moss’s body.

He was clear that if even Ferguillo said they could not take her on, they would definitely not be her opponent.

But...... What will happen to those who stay behind?

“Hurry up!” Ferguillo’s chilling voice rang in his ear again, “You should understand...... being able to save a six-gate arcane master like Acting Corps Leader Mody is the best choice in this situation!”

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