Chapter 611: Responsibility Matures A Person

Chapter 611: Responsibility Matures A Person


“When will Liszt’s group arrive?”

“The Wind Chaser Team has gone to welcome them. They should be arriving within half an hour.”

“How long will it take for the medicine they need to arrive?”

“The scout team has brought back news that they have spotted the White Dew Team. They should be less than one kilometer away.”

In the north of the Kingdom of Eiche, there were a dozen tents camouflaged with tall weeds on a plain.

In one of the tents, Dialo listened to the reports from the captains of different arcane teams. He bit his lip and crushed the map into a ball.

Dialo was a member of the Execution Center from the Office of Special Affairs. He was also the youngest arcane master amongst the members of the Execution Center.

He was a handsome man and was given the nickname Swan.

However, his eyes were currently bloodshot and his face was haggard.

This was because he hadn’t had a proper night's rest since the start of the Doa Royal Palace war.

As the chief commander of the special mobility teams in the Office of Special Affairs in the Kingdom of Eiche, he had to deploy them and maintain contact with the Office of Special Affairs in the Kingdom of Doa at the same time.

However, even if he did not have all these duties, he still would not sleep well.

He had never imagined the Evil Dragon Army to be so powerful!

With so many forces gathered by the Kingdom of Eiche and Kingdom of Doa, they still ended up losing most!

Even worse, many of their strongest arcane masters died in the confrontation against the Evil Dragon Bishops and Evil Dragon artifacts!

It was to the point that nobody could take on Jeriya who was carrying Rinsyi’s body.

The only possible unit...... would be Liszt’s group who was returning from the battlefield.

They could do nothing against an Evil Dragon follower who had exposed her location, except lost the arcane teams sent after her!

It was a shame to the entire Office of Special Affairs and the Kingdom of Eiche!

Damn it!

We thought the Evil Dragon followers were only making a last struggle!

This war actually turned out to be so devastating!

So many of my friends will never return!

I must...... I must not let that Evil Dragon consciousness obtain Rinsyi’s body!



“They’re coming!”

In a bush, two arcane masters holding goblin monoculars raised their hands towards a place behind them and exclaimed, “They’re coming!”


A commotion came from the quiet bush behind them.

Several medical masters in a tent began running around preparing medicine.

“They’re finally here?”

The bloodshot Dialo raised his head in front of the tent.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Streaks of golden light appeared in the sky and rapidly descended.

“His injury is worsening, we need immediate treatment!” Ciaran’s voice called out as the golden light became clearer before the Golden Feather Eagles landed.

“We are ready. Songat has headed towards the Holy Dawn Academy. He will prepare the facility to treat Mody. The potion he concocted has already been brought over. It should stabilize Mody’s condition, you just need to escort him to the Holy Dawn Academy.”

Taking a glance at the unconscious Mody, Dialo did not waste any time. He turned to Carter and asked, “How’s your injury?”

“Better than you imagined.” Carter had regained a little spirit and watched the medical masters receiving Mody, “I don’t need to be treated now.”


At that moment, a sonic boom rang out. An arcane master appeared next to Dialo and conveyed a message.

Dialo’s bloodshot eyes instantly turned even redder. He could not control his emotion anymore and cursed out, “Bastard!”

“Dialo, what happened?”

Liszt frowned. He knew Dialo very well. Dialo was a better arcane master than him, and he had never seen Dialo losing composure like that before.

“This uncle seems difficult to talk to.” Stingham mumbled behind Liszt.

Rinloran was not around, so nobody scolded him, nor did anyone respond.

“Follow me first.”

Dialo walked into the tent next to him.

There was a large military map hung in the tent.

It showed the Northern Wild Forest and Barren Plain.

An eye-catching red circle was drawn on it with many green color marks around it.

“We sacrificed four arcane teams to confirm she’s somewhere within this area.”

Dialo spoke to the point while pointing at the map, “Three of them were the Draconic Language Academy’s arcane team, Fire Fox Team and Fireball Team. The Draconic Language Academy's arcane team was composed of Roy, Anderson and Ibu.”

“What? Even the strongest pyromancer Roy...... Metal Lord Anderson and Shadow Hunter Ibu......” Moss exclaimed in shock.

He could not believe the three famous Draconic Language Academy teachers were killed by a single arcane master.

“Based on the investigation at the scene, Jeriya should be a hidden six-gate arcane master. Her strength has most likely surpassed many other Evil Dragon Bishops. Hence, we took a tracking and evading tactic to avoid frontal confrontation.”

Dialo did not look at Moss who exclaimed in shock and continued, “Until now, we have sacrificed another two teams. The Whisperer Team and Dreamer Team. Only two arcane masters escaped and they suffered grave injuries.”

Dialo’s mouth twitched slightly as he drew a new arrow on the map, “She has broken through the encirclement and is running towards the Northwestern direction! It’s a strange route.”

Carter had been carefully inspecting the path Jeriya had taken. His gaze flickered, “With her strength, she shouldn’t be so slow.”

“Perhaps she’s looking down on us.”

Veins popped up on Dialo’s forehead, “She thinks nobody can kill her, so she’s purposely provoking us.”

Carter remained quiet.

“What’s wrong?” Liszt and Ciaran knew something was wrong when they noticed Carter’s expression.

“No matter what kind of mentality she has...... Since she works for the Evil Dragon and shoulders the important task of transporting Rinsyi’s body, she should never waste her time here.” Carter turned to look at the others and slowly spoke. “Her behavior is extremely bizarre.”

Dialo took a deep breath and spoke, “No matter what she’s thinking, we can only find out after we kill her.”

“You’re right. If we want to find out her scheme, we have to catch her as soon as possible and try to get some information from her before we kill her.” Carter turned serious, “But her abnormal behavior contains another possibility.”

Liszt raised his brows and asked immediately, “What is that?”

“She’s just bait. When all our attention is focused on her......”

“Are you saying she’s not carrying Rinsyi’s body?” Dialo’s expression instantly changed.

Now that he thought it over carefully, it was certainly not impossible.

If they sacrificed so many arcane teams only to pursue some bait, it was too heavy a price.

“We can only go and find her and check the item she’s carrying.” Carter grunted.

“After all that talk, aren’t you going to chase after her immediately?” Stingham spoke gloomily.

Can you treat planning things through before taking action and taking action without thinking things through as the same thing?”

Only when you think of the possibility, can you prepare for the situation.

Moss and the others were speechless.

“Stingham, weren’t you in a hurry to return to the Holy Dawn Academy?”

At that moment, Liszt turned around and looked at Stingham, “Acting Corps Leader Mody needs to be treated immediately and Ferguillo also needs to rest. So, your next mission is to escort Mody and Ferguillo back to the Holy Dawn Academy together with Moss and Shanna’s group.”


Stingham was so surprised he could not believe his ears.

Liszt tapped Stingham’s shoulder and spoke, “Acting Corps Leader Mody...... an arcane master of his caliber is more important for what follows. He must be kept safe. We have no time. Once the medical masters finish the emergency first aid, you will depart.”

“Teacher Liszt, is this really alright?” Moss asked with worry. That Jeriya was too powerful.

Liszt smiled and answered with great confidence, “It’s fine. If we really can’t handle it, we can always call Professor Plum to help.”

“Let’s go. Since we know her escape route, let’s set off immediately.”

Liszt nodded towards his team and they walked out of the tent.

“Lord Dialo, Liszt’s group......” The few arcane masters next to Dialo seemed hesitant.

“If I’m not wrong, Liszt has advanced a level.” Dialo’s gaze flickered, “There won’t be a problem with him as the main force. But as a precaution, we will follow them and give support.”

“Are you really not worried about Stingham’s group?” Carter asked Liszt as they got back onto the Golden Feather Eagles.

“Only when a man carries more responsibility, will he truly mature.” Liszt rubbed his chin and spoke, “And based on his performance, he does take up responsibility when it matters.”

“He can do it!” Minlur laughed. He passionately swung his fist and shouted towards Stingham’s group, “Brave warriors, do your best!”

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