Chapter 610: Changing Situation

Chapter 610: Changing Situation


With the war in the Doa Royal City having come to an end, the terrifying arcane energy fluctuations and arcane power storms had completely disappeared. Only the thick smell of blood and rotten flesh still lingered in the air.

The entire Doa Royal Palace, including the once prosperous Doa Royal City and the underground sewers were turned to ruin. It looked like a slightly sunken rubbish plain.

The surviving arcane masters were cleaning up the battlefield.

“This is......”

An arcane master wearing crimson arcane robe with golden embroidery trembled uncontrollably.

A huge silver skull peeked out from a corner of the pile of rubble before him.

The skull still emitted a unique aura, making the arcane master assume some powerful artifact was buried underneath.

However, it was no artifact, but a portion of the corpse of a pure water type Dragon!

The Water Dragon from House Tyrell!

Rhythmic vibrations came from the ground far away.

The pile of rubble in front of the arcane master collapsed.

He turned around and saw the huge army packing up their tents. His expression showed his grudge.

“Bastards! Those locust-like dirty beings, they should have been exterminated during the Era of the War with Dragons!” He cursed out.

The army preparing to leave while carrying various bottles and boxes was the demihuman army.

The Doa Royal Palace was where the battle was the most fierce and also where most of the strongest arcane masters fell. There should be the highest quality and amount of loot there. However, after the twenty thousand strong demihuman army looted the place, nothing worth of value was left behind. Even at the outer edge of the battlefield were more things of value now.

“Isn’t that a little too much? Without those dirty beings, we probably would have died here, right?”

A chilling voice rang out, “As for looting, they have the priority anyway. At least four Evil Dragon Bishop level existences died at the place they conquered. If in that final push, just two of those four were unchecked, it could’ve changed the entire outcome of the war.”


The arcane master who held the grudge turned around and saw an arcane master wearing a purple arcane robe with an acorn symbol on the chest looking at him sarcastically.

“Master of Clan Smallwood, from the Acorn Territory?”

The arcane master’s expression instantly turned cold, “What? An arcane master from such a small Clan dares to provoke me?”


The purple-robed arcane master suddenly laughed.

“House Lannister, right?” He looked at the golden embroidery of the crimson arcane robe and mocked, “House Lannister can dismiss us as a small Clan. However, don’t forget, it’s different now.”


The crimson-robed arcane master shook, his face instantly turning pale.

The man’s words and the skull of the Dragon before him made him recall some facts.

“The sacrifices from any House are worthy of respect from all arcane masters. However, you cannot continue to be so arrogant like you used to be. I am already a five-gate arcane master. On this battlefield, there aren’t many who can defeat me. If you’re unconvinced, you may challenge me any time.” The purple-robed arcane master coldly spoke and then left.

The arcane master from House Lannister was drenched in cold sweat.

His hands felt slightly numb.

This war...... is really too tragic.

So many powerful individuals from so many Houses, and even Dragons, have died here.

Even a five-gate arcane master will become a powerful existence in the world of arcane masters from now on.

An indescribable feeling reverberated in his mind.

That feeling reminded him that a great many things would completely change due to this war.


“So strong?”

Within the Kingdom of Eiche, three arcane masters from the Office of Special Affairs examined a huge crater with grim expressions.

There were four corpses of arcane masters scattered around the crater.

“This doesn’t look like an attempt to escape. They fought here for a long time!”

“Is that Evil Dragon follower trying to transport Rinsyi’s body to the Evil Dragon or to hunt arcane teams?”

“Even the Fire Fox Team...... We can’t continue to fight her anymore. This Jeriya is definitely more powerful than the average Evil Dragon Bishop!”


A mocking voice called out from above the crater, “Say, didn’t you realize that too late?”

“Not good!”

“She hasn’t left yet!”

“What is that arcane skill? Even the arcane energy detection device didn’t notice it!”

The three arcane masters changed their expressions and released vigorous arcane energy fluctuations.

“Too late.”


In a flash, Jeriya already landed in front of the three arcane masters.

Silver fluid flowed on her body and black sigils appeared on top.

“Sigil Soul Control!” The three arcane masters shouted in shock.


Before they could react, one of them was already covered by black sigils.


That arcane master released lightning from his hands and slapped towards the arcane master to his left.

The arcane master on the right dashed back in shock.

However, Jeriya was faster than him.

She instantly appeared behind him and slammed her silver palm on his back.


A hole opened up on his back as he screamed in pain. He was flung away, his body spinning uncontrollably.


A ring of red flames and lightning exploded.

The other arcane master forcefully clashed against the arcane master under Jeriya’s control.

Jeriya stopped moving and revealed a mocking smile.

That arcane master instantly felt a chill.

A ring of silver crystal light flew out from Jeriya’s wrist.

“Ah!” He screamed in shock.

He kept dashing away, but was unable to dodge that grey crystal light.


His body was bisected at his waist.

The grey crystal light returned to Jeriya’s wrist and turned back into a bracelet.

The flowing silver fluid slowly seeped back into Jeriya’s body. She had a gloomy look on her face as she shook her head.

“What a boring battle...... fighting against opponents of this level really doesn’t bring me any joy.” She took a glance at the sigil-covered arcane master and mumbled to herself, “I can’t even fish out anyone stronger than those three guys from the Draconic Language Academy, huh...... What a pitiful will, you couldn’t even kill yourself and are now my puppet.”

“This game of getting hunted should be about over...... I have stalled long enough...... The real body should be almost at the Spectre Castle. Next, it’s time for me to become the hunter.”

An even creepier smile appeared on her face.


“Stingham, you can even sleep on this? Do you have Green Dragon bloodline or Green Pig bloodline?”

A few Golden Feather Eagles rapidly flew through the sky, frustrated curses coming from one of the saddles.

Shanna and the other Chinyu arcane masters riding on the same saddle as Stingham were in a bad mood.

Although the Golden Feather Eagles flew smoothly, the wind was very loud and the air was thin at such heights. However, Stingham peacefully slept with drool coming from his mouth.

“Look at those around you...... Everyone is utilizing every moment to train. Even Ferguillo who was heavily injured is studying an arcane skill scroll...... Teacher Rui just gave you a ‘Deep Green Breath’ scroll, but you just fell asleep. Don’t you feel any shame?” Shanna gritted her teeth.

“What shame......” Stingham mumbled uncaringly. He seemed like a dead mouse that did not fear the cold, “The Green Dragon Spear is good enough anyway. Why should I waste any effort to study other arcane skills...... Also, Ayrin and Belo are already so powerful, I can’t become better than them no matter how hard I train.”

“But......” Shanna’s expression twisted, “What if they aren’t here? Just like now, they aren’t with us.”

“We still have Teacher Liszt and the other teachers.” Stingham seemed to suddenly remember something and secretly whispered to Shanna, “There’s also Teacher Rui. Don’t be deceived by his normal-looking appearance. Actually, Teacher Rui is not any worse than Teacher Liszt!”


Shanna trembled in anger, “Why are you always thinking of slacking off and relying on others? Can’t you rely on yourself for once?”

“But doesn’t every arcane master rely on their teammates? The power of a single arcane master only covers one aspect, it cannot be all-rounded like a team.” Stingham spoke as if it was normal.

Shanna took a deep breath and asked, “Then, what if your teammates sacrifice themselves? What if you need to step up and there’s someone you need to protect?”

“Impossible. My teammates are too powerful. And Shanna, you shouldn’t say that, you’re cursing Ayrin and the others. Don’t say that next time.”

Stingham grumbled, then became proud again and flicked his hair, “Also, a genius like me will already become very powerful without training and just sleeping. Am I not powerful?”

“You!” Shanna was so angry she could not find the words.

Stingham smiled and flicked his hair, then did a victory pose, “I’m the most handsome!”

“This guy, will he never change?”

On another eagle, Moss and the others shook their heads.

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