Chapter 609: Domineering Beastman

Chapter 609: Domineering Beastman


“No! Absolutely no! If Leader leaves, what do we do?”

The demihumans were still proud and happy when bringing the Golden Feather Eagles. However, once they heard Ayrin was about to leave, they immediately panicked.

Silva and the other demihuman leaders immediately wailed and even started hugging Ayrin’s legs.

“It’s alright. Listen to Teacher Carter’s plan and head towards the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold. Once we complete our mission, we will regroup with you there. Also, Merlin and Helgy will be with you. When you’re marching, they can produce many powerful artifacts for you!” Ayrin remained excited and seemed ready to head to another battlefield. It seemed the previous epic war did not satisfy him yet.

“No! Without Leader, we will feel weak! We will lose our appetite and won’t even be able to sleep well.” The demihumans cried out, “We must have a powerful leader like you!”

“What should we do?” Ayrin was troubled.

It seemed if there was nobody strong to lead the army...... the army would easily scatter.

“I will head to the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold with them.” a stern voice spoke.

Ayrin and the others turned around and shouted out in surprise, “Professor Plum?”

“Professor Plum, didn’t you say you will return to the Holy Dawn Academy and check for information regarding the Underworld Gem for me?” Ayrin asked.

“It’s fine, once they’ve returned to the Kingdom of Eiche, I can go there any time.” Professor Plum expressionlessly stated.

Ayrin came to a realization and shouted out in surprise, “Oh right! Professor Plum is a Draconic Scholar who can open a spatial passage!” He then spoke to the crying demihumans, “Professor Plum is following all of you, so relax. You should remember the reason we can all be here is because Professor Plum opened the spatial passage for us. He’s super strong!”


The demihumans seemed to doubt him.

They felt a thin old professor could not be as strong as Ayrin.

“It’s fine.”

Ayrin seemed like an untiring battle maniac with bottomless stamina. He tapped the saddle of a Golden Feather Eagle next to him and spoke, “In that case, let’s split up and start our journey!”

At that moment, Belo suddenly spoke, “I’m going to another place.”

Everyone was surprised.

“Belo, you want to go alone?” Ayrin looked at Belo.

Belo pushed up his spectacles and corrected him, “Not alone, Meraly is coming with me.”

“And me?” Meraly exclaimed. Though this came far out of left field for her, she immediately blushed and appeared flattered.

“You two?” Liszt looked at Belo and Meraly.

“Just give us two Golden Feather Eagles.” Belo said in his arrogant tone, “I will bring my retainers. In my current state, I can’t be of help after returning to the Kingdom of Eiche anyway.”

“Then, where are you going?” Chris was worried.

Although Belo would surely soon become much stronger, he and Meraly were heavily injured and could not fight at full strength.

“I’m going to train.” Belo snorted and did not directly answer Chris’s question.

Ayrin did not seem to worry at all and shouted, “Relax, Teacher Liszt, Chris! Belo has been the most reliable member of our team. He will definitely be fine!”

Belo was even more decisive than Ayrin.

He snorted, “Let’s go!” and waved to Meraly and his retainers. They mounted on the two Golden Feather Eagles.

“In that case, let’s depart as well!”

Ayrin excitedly swung his fist and jumped onto the Golden Feather Eagle next to him.

“This guy...... is too hyper. He really isn’t worried or afraid of any kind of opponent.”

Liszt’s team glanced at one another and then at those who followed after Ayrin. Liszt took a deep breath and called out in a serious tone, “Hey, Ayrin.”


“The awakened consciousness of the Evil Dragon is an important matter. The Office of Special Affairs should be requesting some powerful arcane masters for help. Perhaps, the Master of House Baratheon will also go. After all, he is a powerful individual in this era...... But you must be careful of him. He can be considered our enemy most of the time.” Liszt reminded Ayrin with a serious expression.

“Got it!” Ayrin still looked full of passion without a sense of danger, “Teacher Liszt, all of you must also be careful!”

“Then, let’s meet again.” Liszt lazily waved his hand.

“Baratheon may also go?” Rinloran though as a glint of killing intent flashed across his eyes.

If he really goes...... if we really get to fight him, that would be the best!

My Thousand Storms Sword has yet to spill enough enemy blood!


The Golden Feather Eagles shot up into the sky. Although the Gillian Corps was totally humiliated by the demihuman army, their Golden Feather Eagles which acted as their method of transportation were very useful. Not only were they tame and well-trained, they also flew stably. There was no jolting on the saddle when they flapped their wings.

“Belo, where are we going?” Meraly quietly asked Belo.

She rode together with Belo on a Golden Feather Eagle. Her heart was beating very fast and her face was dyed red.

Belo did not turn back as he domineeringly answered, “Snowfall Forest.”

“Snowfall Forest? The forest behind the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold?” Meraly was surprised, the blush on her face fading away, “Why don’t we go there with the demihuman army?”

“They’re too slow.” Belo answered without turning his head back.

“Too slow? Is something going to happen at the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold?” Meraly opened her eyes wide as she could not understand Belo.

If there was going to be a major accident which even the Corps stationed at the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold could not handle, it would be useless for only her and Belo to go.

Belo seemed a little displeased. He felt Meraly was a little too talkative. However, after a snort, he slowly explained, “You don’t understand the Evil Dragon well enough. During the Era of the War with Dragons, the Evil Dragon possessed not only strength, but he was also a cunning schemer. Many powerful races and enemies were wiped out because of his schemes. After the failure in the War with Dragons, he should have learned his lesson and become more careful. Hence, no one will be able to perfectly see through his plans. He will never place all his eggs in one basket. When everyone’s attention turns to Rinsyi’s body and his consciousness in the Spectre Castle...... The Snowfall Forest for which even Teacher Carter did not feel a sense of urgency may instead become the most important place.”

After a pause, Belo turned around and looked at Meraly, “Also, my Ice Lich Bone Case has a strange sensation...... I have some strange feelings.”

“Your Ice Lich Bone Case did not have that strange sensation before? And this change came from the Snowfall Forest?” Meraly’s face turned pale.

She knew that only things related to the Ice Lich Bone Case or artifacts that came in a set with it could cause the strange sensation.

“Since you sensed it, why didn’t you tell Ayrin and Liszt?” Meraly’s hands began trembling.

“Because, if we made a commotion while going there, the Evil Dragon may notice it.” Belo snorted, “The Epic Silver Dragon bloodline is the force he is most cautious against...... Ayrin has already revealed such power, so his actions must be what he worries about the most. Hence, his attention must be focused on Ayrin and not on a few injured people like us. It is the same for the Corps stationed at the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold, so we cannot alert them.”

“Then, if there are already Evil Dragon forces moving about in the Snowfall Forest, will they approach us after sensing the Ice Lich Bone Case?” Meraly still could not calm down.

Belo snorted, “They won’t.”

Belo sounded unfriendly and used a tone that clearly suggested he did not want to explain it any further. However, it made Meraly feel a sense of security.

She recollected herself, “Then, what can I do to help you?”

Belo pushed up his spectacles and explained, “In the Snowfall Forest, there should be many ice minks. When the Kingdom of Doa experiences winter, the source of fur coats mostly comes from these ice minks. Hence, the population of that species should be enormous.”

“You mean, you want me to use my arcane skill to control them...... and use them to search and cooperate with you?” Meraly’s eyes sparkled.

“Hmph!” Belo snorted loudly.

“In our beastman tribe, men hate their girlfriends to blabber, especially on things that are so obvious. If there is too much blabbering, even the boyfriend will be looked down upon by other beastmen.”


Meraly was stunned.

However, Belo did not turn to look at her as he kept his domineering appearance.

Meraly regained her senses.

She almost could not hold back her smile.

This guy...... is really incomprehensible.

Are all high beastman bloodline people so incomprehensible?

But...... I somehow really like this kind of domineering personality.

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