Chapter 608: The Powerful Army After The War, And Unsatisfied Youths

Chapter 608: The Powerful Army After The War, And Unsatisfied Youths


The Gillian Corps generals were dumbfounded.

After a second, several generals shouted angrily, “Expropriating our Golden Feather Eagles? And claiming to kill us all? You think you’re from the Office of Special Affairs?”

Facing the shouts from those generals, Meraly did not change her expression. She seemed to have expected this reaction. She recited Belo’s words and even added some impulsiveness in her tone, “We are not from the Office of Special Affairs, but we are the largest army in the entire Doraster Continent.”

The Gillian Corps generals became speechless.

This girl was speaking the truth...... The equipment of the demihuman army was too much of a cheat. Not to mention the loot they reaped from this battlefield. It was unimaginable how well they would be equipped in future.

Even the Office of Special Affairs could not do anything about such an army.

“Dirty things, take those Golden Feather Eagles. Now!”

Seeing that the Corps generals were speechless, Silva laughed menacingly.

As he laughed, many demihumans pounced into the Gillian Corps like robbers.



At the center of the four Evil Dragon bones, the Underworld Tyrant which looked like a tyrannosaurus covered in exoskeleton armor and a huge human head fell down with its eyes open in frustration.

It could not understand why Ayrin had outlasted it.

The huge ice crown exploded. Ayrin asked Liszt while looking at the dead Underworld Tyrant with an unsatisfied expression, “Teacher Liszt, what’s the use of this Underworld Tyran’s gem?”

“You really killed it...... This Underworld Tyrant was really stubborn...... it actually possessed such strength, and it didn’t retreat even when it could, only clashing head on......”

Liszt let out a long sigh, shook his head and expelled these mixed feelings.

He looked at Ayrin with a complicated gaze and spoke, “The arcane core of this Underworld Tyrant is a legendary treasure...... It is said it can greatly improve an arcane master’s arcane particle cultivation.”

“Improve cultivation speed? It hastens the opening of arcane gates?” Ayrin opened his eyes wide, “It’s similar to a drug and not for making powerful artifacts?”

“Yes. It’s a medicine that can improve the cultivation speed of arcane particles. However, nobody knows the actual effect and there are no official records written about it.” Liszt smiled bitterly, “Because, it was said that only the Evil Dragon himself used the Epic Abyssal Ring to open a spatial passage to the Underworld Abyss. And only the Evil Dragon killed this monster before.”

“There is actually so much good stuff in the abysses! Too bad those Evil Dragon bones don’t have enough arcane energy. They should not be able to open up another spatial passage......”

Ayrin was excited and disappointed at the same time.

The four Evil Dragon bones had exhausted their arcane energy and the purplish black particles released by them were fading away.

The spatial passage behind the Underworld Tyrant had closed up.

A cluster of grey crystal light levitated about ten meters above the ground. A plain ring could vaguely be seen inside.


At another side of the temporary camp, Stingham closed his eyes and shook his head while shouting, “No! I don’t want to go to the Spectre Castle! I want to return to the Holy Dawn Academy and visit my girlfriend! We are splitting into two teams anyway. I don’t care, I want to return to the Kingdom of Eiche! Isn’t escorting the injured also an important task?”

Based on the original plan, Ayrin, Chris, Jean Camus, Stingham and those that did not get injured or had minor injuries would rush to the Spectre Castle. Ferguillo, Belo and the others like Mody who were gravely injured would return back to the Kingdom of Eiche together with Liszt’s team.

However, Stingham refused to go to the Spectre Castle no matter what. He wanted to return to the Kingdom of Eiche and visit his girlfriend.

“Didn’t Teacher Rui say your girlfriend is safe and sound in the Holy Dawn Academy? Don’t you want to complete the mission and defeat the Evil Dragon first? Only when the Evil Dragon is completely defeated, are you able to protect your girlfriend.” Charlotte patiently persuaded Stingham. Because Stingham’s defensive power was very high, and he could throw his Green Dragon Spear accurately now, he had become a significant fighting force.

“Easy for you to say! You have been with Ayrin all this time, but I have been separated from my girlfriend ever since we left the academy!” Stingham’s eyes were still shut as he shouted, “Have you considered my feelings? You can hold hands with Ayrin whenever you want, you can even kiss once in a while. What about me?”

“When did we......” Charlotte instantly blushed.

Rinloran stared at Stingham and told Carter, “Stop wasting your time with this idiot. Let’s make a swap, I will go with Ayrin’s group.”

“But......” Carter hesitated.

“It’s fine.” Rinloran spoke, “After I replenished some arcane particles, I can use a medical skill on the way. Before arriving at the Spectre Castle, I should be mostly recovered.”

“Then it’s settled! Rinloran, you’re really a great teammate!” Stingham immediately opened his eyes and tried to hug Rinloran.

Veins popped up on Rinloran’s forehead, “Get lost!”


In front of the collapsing Evil Dragon bones, a large group of demihumans had started dissecting the Underworld Tyrant under Merlin’s command. Meanwhile, Ayrin was examining the arcane core of the Underworld Tyrant in astonishment. He asked, “This is the Underworld Gem?”

It was a fist-sized, perfectly spherical gem. It had a unique brown color and a belt of halo around it.

It released a bitter smell.

The Underworld Tyrant far exceeded the Lord level, but strangely, this arcane core did not release any powerful arcane energy fluctuations.

After examining the gem for a while, Ayrin spoke excitedly to Liszt selfishlessly, “Teacher Liszt, since this gem has the effect of improving cultivation speed, why don’t you give it to Chris? If the god-like girl suddenly improves her arcane level, she will improve more than anyone else.”

Liszt rubbed his chin and replied, “I considered that too, but soon changed my mind. This can only be used by you.”

“Why?” Ayrin was confused.

“Because I have studied the crystal structure of this Underworld Gem. This gem has an extremely solid structure. If we forcefully break it, its entire structure and property may change. So, it can only be swallowed whole.” Liszt took a glance at Ayrin, “Chris’s mouth is too small, she probably can’t swallow it.”

Ayrin was speechless.

Liszt looked at Ayrin and spoke with a serious expression, “Well, on a more serious note...... There’s another factor. Probably only you and the Evil Dragon can use this Underworld Gem. Because of the bloodline talent, you and the Evil Dragon should be able to devour arcane power...... Hence, it should convert within your body. As for other arcane masters, it’s probably impossible.”

Ayrin nodded and wanted to try immediately, “Should I eat it now?”

Seeing the fist-sized gem, Liszt could not help but gulp as he felt that something was stuck in his throat. However, he immediately nodded, “Of course, the earlier, the better. The faster you improve your arcane level, the bigger our chances of victory. Perhaps only you can handle some unique forbidden skills from the Evil Dragon.”


Ayrin opened his mouth wide.

With a gulp, the gem in Ayrin’s hand disappeared before Liszt could react.

“What? You just swallowed it like that?” Liszt shouted with a dumbfounded expression.

“What’s wrong?” Ayrin looked at Liszt, “Teacher Liszt, didn’t you just tell me to swallow it whole?”

“What kind of throat do you have?” Liszt was completely speechless.

Ayrin actually swallowed such a large gem as if drinking water!

Liszt immediately fixed his expression and asked Ayrin, “How is it? Do you feel anything?”


Ayrin began to sense the Underworld Gem in his stomach.


His expression immediately turned doubtful, “Teacher Liszt, I don’t feel anything?”

“Nothing?” Liszt frowned.

Ayrin shook his head, “There’s no change, but I do feel full......”

The Underworld Gem seemed to be staying in his stomach without moving. There was no arcane power seeping out, yet it would not dissolve. It felt like a stone in his stomach.

“Is there a unique method to make the Underworld Gem release its arcane power?”

Liszt’s gaze flickered, “Try using arcane particles to hit it.”


Ayrin did not hesitate and clenched his fists on habit.

The arcane particles in his body washed over the Underworld Gem like a river.

He frowned, “Teacher Liszt, nothing happened!”

The Underworld Gem in his body showed no reaction.

“Professor Plum?”

Liszt turned to look at Professor Plum who always nagged people in the library, but was mouse-still outside.

“I will check on some ancient documents after we return and see if there’s any information.” Professor Plum shortly spoke.

On the other side, many demihumans had brought back the Golden Feather Eagles and attached supplies to them for the long journey ahead. Stingham looked at Belo and asked with worry, “Belo, are you really alright?”

Currently, there were three balls of blood floating around Belo!

The three balls of blood were condensed after Belo absorbed the blood of many monsters and beasts, especially after absorbing the Voodoo Dragon, Storm Dragon and over ten thousand Dazma Abyssal Beasts, as well as the Underworld Tyrant.

Even the beastman elites during the Era of the War with Dragons probably would not gain a chance similar to this. The chance to absorb the blood of two pure Dragons and so many abyssal beasts.

The elemental power contained in the three balls of blood was so dense just getting close would sting a person’s skin.

If Belo walked outside the demihuman camp, perhaps most of the surviving arcane masters would be in awe and show respect to him.

However, hearing Stingham’s question, Belo snorted in his heart, “If it’s against the Evil Dragon...... It’s far from enough......”

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