Chapter 607: If You Don’t Give Us, We Will Kill You All!

Chapter 607: If You Don’t Give Us, We Will Kill You All!


Outside the Doa Royal Palace, the raging gale and smoke died down as the battles in most places had ended.

The sky slowly regained its clearness and the vision was no longer hindered.

Arcane masters collapsed to the ground without caring about manners after they exhausted their stamina and mental strength.

Based on the news passed around, at the most crucial moment, the Holy Dawn Academy team led by Ayrin miraculously brought a huge demihuman army and took control over the battlefield.

The five Evil Dragon Corps gathered here had already been annihilated.

The righteous arcane masters had won this war. However, they did not seem to be happy.

It was because this war was too cruel. The entire Doa Royal City was flattened. Within their sight, there were far too many corpses. Only one or two tenth of all the arcane masters here had survived.

The corpses of dead arcane masters spread out over the rubbles and ruins like an ocean.


“Since you have already taken control over this area, why are you not destroying those four Evil Dragon bones?”

At the central area of the ruins, the demihuman army had already built a camp around the four Evil Dragon bones. The demihumans riding on monsters had completely sealed off the area. No other arcane master could enter.

Currently, some arcane masters wearing bright yellow armor were arguing with some demihumans.

“This is the area we conquered, you have no right to ask.” A demihuman wearing elegant Devil’s Snare armor spoke proudly while despising those arcane masters in yellow armor.

That demihuman was called Silva. He was one of the demihumans Ayrin taught arcane skills. His mount was a ‘Muddy Ice Worm’, an earth-ice dual elemental Lord level monster. His mount was the strongest amongst the group of demihumans gathered there, hence he naturally became the de facto leader.

The Death’s Snare armor he wore was the most intricate base armor in the Kingdom of Doa. Layers of blood tattoo steel refined through fire Dragon blood formed complex and beautiful patterns. The armor had a waist design, meaning most arcane masters would look handsome and gorgeous wearing it. However, Silva had a short and plump build, especially since he had a longer upper torso and a shorter lower torso. His legs were thick and made him look funny wearing the armor.

The general of the arcane masters in yellow armor looked at the leader of the demihumans like looking at a clown.

“The area you conquered? We have no right to ask?”

A middle-aged general snorted loudly, “All the arcane teams and Corps gathered here are aiming to exterminate the Evil Dragon followers. This battlefield is the land of glory to all the arcane masters who have participated. Can you claim the land for yourself?”

“Stop being hypocritical!”

Silva snorted back. As most demihumans had larger nostrils than humans, especially with Silva who had an ape face with large nostrils, his snorting sound was much louder than that middle-aged general.

“You Gillian Corps arcane masters belong to the subordinate Corps of House Gregory. House Gregory’s Dragon riders and main forces have died in this war, yet your Corps seems unscathed. Do you think we can’t tell you have been purposely hiding and preserving your fighting strength? That you’re only thinking about looting?”

The general was shocked, “When did the demihumans become so smart?”

In their minds, demihumans were the definition of crude and dirty cowards. They had nothing to do with intelligence.

“It’s because you were too slow and hid for too long. Only when you saw us looting did you come out. Now that you see we have looted most of the things around here, you want to use some lousy excuse to enter our camp and steal some profit in the chaos, right?”

Watching those dumbfounded arcane masters, Silva snorted even louder as if he had seen through them.

“Shut up!”

Those arcane masters were greatly ashamed after their plan was seen through.

The middle-aged general narrowed his eyes. His expression turned ice cold, “We only want to go inside to destroy those Evil Dragon bones. Since you suspect us and made such wild claims, you should understand our Gillian Corps is the biggest Corps here, and even in the entire Kingdom of Eiche!”

“There’s no need to waste time talking to these dirty demihumans!”

“They were the minions of the Evil Dragon anyway!”

“You ugly things, if you dare block our way, don’t blame us!”

Behind the general, over a thousand arcane masters wearing yellow armor started shouting.

The Gillian Corps, was the Corps of Lord Gillian, the biggest subordinate faction of House Gregory, one of the Nine Houses in the Kingdom of Eiche. Apart from Gregory’s Metal Flow Corps, Black Tide Corps and Sea Monster Crops, the Gillian Corps was his fourth largest Corps. This Corps had shamelessly hidden themselves during the war. Normally, this mostly unscatched Corps could easily massacre the ten thousand strong demihuman army.

They were only wary of the Holy Dawn Academy people inside.

However, if they created some commotion, they could reap large profits without actually fighting against those Holy Dawn people.

Those demihumans are to blame for taking all the loot for themselves!

It’s as if a swarm of locusts swept through. Everything of value to an arcane master has already been taken by them. There are not even any useful metal shards left!

They not only ate the meat and bones, they even licked the pan dry!

The plan worked so perfectly at first. Our well-preserved Gillian Corps would definitely become the number one Corps!


The few Corps generals looked grim and revealed killing intent.

Getting seen through by those crude demihumans and the temptation of huge profits made them lose their rational. In their minds, they would even try to kill those Holy Dawn people if they had to.

After all, they should be heavily injured and exhausted after such an intense battle.

As for the demihumans, once a few hundred of them are killed, they will probably scatter away.

“What? You’re resorting to force after your words failed?”

However, the Corps general never expected the demihumans to not show any fear after hearing the threats from the Corps behind him. He revealed a menacing smile instead.

Silva turned around and shouted towards the demihumans behind him, “Dirty things, since they want to use force, let’s show them the power of our new weapons!”

“They’re asking for it, huh?”

“They don’t even know how powerful our Leader is!”

“Let’s show them the power of our new weapons!”

The demihumans roared out.

“What’s that?”

Many Gillian Corps arcane masters watched in astonishment as the demihumans took out plain short staves.

The silver staff was wrapped in moisture, the gem at the tip releasing a black glow.


Black laser shot out from the tips of the several dozen staves.

Many Gillian Corps arcane masters evaded in shock.

The black lasers had a long range. They even left finger-sized holes on the ground. The unique fluctuation of dark arcane power lingered around the holes, stinging the skin of anyone nearby.

“You fools! We are an army, don’t you know what discipline is?”

“I haven’t ordered you, yet you attacked yourselves! Do you know what’s called obey orders?”

A commotion broke out amongst the demihuman army.

The demihumans who shot the black lasers were beaten up by the demihumans around them and cried in pain.


The Gillian Corps arcane masters turned completely pale.

“Are those Dazma Abyssal Staves?”

“How can there be so many?”

The Corps general standing in front also moved back in shock.

He could see almost every demihuman holding the same staff. If they did a simultaneous attack, at least one third of his Corps would be wiped out!


The center area of the demihuman camp was even more chaotic. The speed at which Merlin crafted the staves could only be said to be astonishing.

Helgy ran around a furnace. Staves were prepared in the molds, and Merlin finished the carving and embedding without even waiting for the staves to cool down.

The staves stacked up next to Merlin like going through the assembly line.

Around her, demihumans were brawling everywhere. They were deciding on who could obtain the next finished staff with their own common method.

Meanwhile, at the center of the four Evil Dragon bones, Ayrin was shouting excitedly.

A completely different spatial passage had opened up. There was a huge head full of bone spurs stretching out from the spatial passage. However, the moment its head was exposed, a Destroyer Ice Crown even bigger than its head crashed into it.

If the Gillian Corps arcane masters witnessed this, perhaps half of them would piss their pants in fear.

The enormous head was none other than the head of the legendary ‘Underworld Tyrant’!

The spatial passage connected to the ‘Underworld Abyss’.

The Underworld Tyrant was a monster that devoured death energy. On this battlefield where death was everywhere, it would become exponentially powerful.

Its arcane core, the Underworld Gem, was a legendary treasure!


“Gillian Corps, right?”

As the Gillian Corps arcane masters stepped back, Meraly who looked pale due to her injury suddenly walked out from the demihuman group.

She looked at the Corps general at the front and spoke, “Belo asked me to pass a message. We are expropriating your Golden Feather Eagle mounts. If you don’t give them to us, we will kill you all.”

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