Chapter 606: The Final Opponent

Chapter 606: The Final Opponent



An Evil Dragon follower screamed as green flames penetrated him.

“So accurate!”

Everyone was astonished.

Although the distance was not far, that Evil Dragon follower still used an arcane skill to dodge. Even so, Stingham’s Green Dragon Spear accurately hit the target.

“Stingham, how are you able to predict their movements so accurately? Do you have a secret technique?” Even Chris turned to ask Stingham for guidance. She believed she would not be able to predict that accurately if she was the one throwing.

“It’s nothing. I have the True Sight from my Green Dragon bloodline. I can vaguely sense the flow of arcane particles.” Stingham nonchalantly answered.


His Green Dragon Spear flew through the air once again.


Another Evil Dragon follower screamed as green flames penetrated him.

The other two Evil Dragon followers screamed in shock and escaped underground.

“True Sight?”

“Yeah, this guy has the high Green Dragon bloodline talent’s True Sight!”

“This idiot!”

After hearing Stingham’s explanation, Rinloran and the others blanked out for a moment, then cursed out with dark expressions.

True Sight not only could see how many arcane gates the opponent had opened, it could also sense the strength of the opponent’s arcane particles, the direction in which the opponent gathered arcane particles, and more. An arcane master possessing such a talent could easily make predictions. However, despite possessing such a talent, he was such a poor shooter before!

If there was an evaluation in the world of arcane masters within the Doraster Continent, he would probably be ranked number one on the talent wasting rankings.

At that moment, Ayrin, who was conducting the one-sided massacre of the Dazma Abyssal Beasts, suddenly shouted, “Teacher Liszt! Teacher Carter! Teacher Ciaran!......”

Liszt and the others were still in a daze, because the demihumans already built a temporary camp without them even saying anything. They had laid soft fur on the ground and set up simple but useful tents. There was even a relatively complete military map they found somewhere hanging on a wall. Some demihumans were even boiling water and cooking food.

Leaving aside the history and peculiar personality of the demihumans, Liszt’s group also felt the demihumans were excellent retainers and housekeepers.

Liszt’s group snapped back to their senses from Ayrin’s shout.

“What?” Liszt asked.

“Teacher Liszt, Teacher Ciaran, where is the Epic Abyssal Ring?” Ayrin asked loudly from inside the huge ice crown.

“It should be under the spatial passage. The four Evil Dragon bones are sending arcane energy towards the bottom of the spatial passage. That should be sustaining the spatial passage opened by the Epic Abyssal Ring.” Liszt answered. He could not understand why Ayrin suddenly asked that. To him, Ayrin should be able to solve such a problem himself.

It was because the arcane energy flow of the four Evil Dragon bones was too obvious.

“Then my guess is correct.” Ayrin spoke excitedly, “Teacher Liszt, those Evil Dragon followers tried to stop the Evil Dragon bones from sending arcane energy to close this spatial passage. Is it because that is the only way to cancel the Epic Abyssal Ring? They shouldn’t be able to use this method to take away the Epic Abyssal Ring, right?”

“The power to connect a spatial passage to such an abyss is colossal. This power itself is like a domain. It should be almost impossible to forcefully destroy it.” Liszt nodded, “So, they only worried about someone destroying the Evil Dragon bones and not the spatial passage itself.”

“Could it be that Ayrin is asking this because he is almost at his limits?” Stingham, whose eyes were sparkling as he watched the demihumans collecting gems, suddenly became nervous.

If Ayrin could not hold on any longer, once the astonishing number of Dazma Abyssal Beasts rushed out, they could not handle it.

Ayrin interrupted his thoughts. “Then, if we win, we should be able to obtain this Epic Abyssal Ring! Teacher Liszt, can we use these Evil Dragon bones to make the Epic Abyssal Ring connect to other abysses? Won’t we be able to collect more good stuff similar to these Dazma Abyssal Gems?”


They almost tripped.

It’s not because he can’t hold on any longer, but because he wants even more?

“You’re really too greedy!” Rinloran lamented.

Liszt pinched his nose unconsciously.

“This...... should be possible?”

He, Carter and Ciaran glanced at one another. Then, he turned to Lotton.

Lotton did not make a sound, but soon nodded.

“His arcane power really can control the Evil Dragon bones...... What a crazy fact......” Liszt could not help but shake his head, “Carter, looks like we better make a plan.”

“Let’s find Professor Plum at the junction outside. He should be knowledgeable about various abysses and their coordinates. With his knowledge, we should be able to use the remnant energy in those Evil Dragon bones to find the most suitable abyss and reap the biggest profit.”

Carter, Liszt and the others sat down in the temporary tent the demihumans built. While examining the military map, Carter pondered. Finally, he said, “We need to split into two teams.

“The news regarding the Evil Dragon’s consciousness awakening has been shared. The Office of Special Affairs has reserved some special teams in the Kingdom of Eiche. If the Evil Dragon followers have already stolen Rinsyi’s body, those teams might have discovered it. However, since Rinsyi’s body is so important to the Evil Dragon, those special teams may not be able to handle this task.

“So, some of us must return to pursue and snatch back Rinsyi’s body. Meanwhile, the other team must head towards the Spectre Castle as soon as possible.”

“If the Evil Dragon’s consciousness cannot leave the Spectre Castle, even if the first team fails to snatch Rinsyi’s body back, the final destination is the Spectre Castle.”

Ferguillo looked at Carter and asked, “What about the Snowfall Forest behind the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold?”

“We will leave that side to the other arcane masters and Corps. Since the Evil Dragon wanted to use an army to take over the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold, it means as long as the stronghold doesn’t fall, he cannot carry out his plan over there. For now, it doesn’t matter what item is so important to the Evil Dragon in the Snowfall Forest.”

Carter carefully thought things through and continued, “My suggestion is to focus our strength and settle the crisis with Rinsyi’s body first, then meet back up to handle the situation at the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold.”

“How do you think we should split the teams up?” Liszt asked Carter.

“Since it’s the Evil Dragon’s consciousness, he probably possesses some of the Evil Dragon’s abilities. The Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate may reappear. Hence, only Ayrin can handle the situation there.” Carter analyzed, “Our contact and information gathering methods in the Kingdom of Eiche are better than what Ayrin and his group can do, so we should be in charge of snatching back Rinsyi’s body. All heavily injured personnel that cannot be treated here should follow us back too. Those who are not injured or lightly injured should be able to recover before arriving at the Spectre Castle. So, they should take on the Evil Dragon’s consciousness.”

“Is it enough with just Ayrin’s team?” Ciaran asked with worry.

“They have always performed better than our expectations.” Rui took a glance at Ciaran, then at the place Ayrin was fighting. He continued, “And with their current fighting strength...... Even we may not be their opponents.”

“I understand.” Ciaran smiled bitterly, “But the enemy this time is not some arcane master, but the Evil Dragon......”

“There’s also Dimension Traveler Lenyu. He’s a six-gate arcane master. He should also join us.” Ferguillo nodded and calmly spoke, “If we can’t finish off the Evil Dragon’s consciousness with such a group, we will lose in the end anyway.”

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