Chapter 61 Freak teacher and monster student

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 61 Freak teacher and monster student


“How's that possible!”

The moment Rogrid invoked Crashing Flow, the moment Ayrin lifted his hand, an incredulous shock ran through the elite teachers on top of the arena, even the always lazy-looking Liszt.


The three of Liszt, Rui, and Ciaran dropped down almost at the same time, at a speed normal people couldn't see with their naked eyes.

“Extreme Seal of Light!”

Before his feet came into contact with the ground, Liszt's hands drew out several beams of light in the air.

A giant cage seemed to suddenly appear in the air, trapping inside the field where Ayrin and Rogrid dueled.

This cage thoroughly sealed off every ray of light. Then, all became dark.

In the eyes of the people outside, it seemed as if a giant black space appeared everywhere around Ayrin and Rogrid all of a sudden. They couldn't see anything inside.

“What arcane skill is that! Such a terrifying wave of arcane energy!”

“What happened!”

“This arcane skill, it's impossible for someone at Rogrid's level to invoke.”

“This is at least a taboo-level skill, what the hell happened!”

A clamor ran through the entire stands as soon as this black space descended. The expression on every student's face went through an abrupt change.

“It's Liszt's doing!”

“Why did he act all of a sudden? What happened?”

Even these referee teachers present in the field were extremely shocked, ignorant as they were of what was happening.

The inside of the absolute black space was in fact very normally lit, not impeding the vision at all. Only, the light was a little distorted, as if it could change at any moment under the influence of Liszt's aura.

The quiet and low-key Rui stood in front of Rogrid, one finger pointed against Rogrid's forehead. Rogrid had already lost consciousness and sunk into sleep, his breathing smooth and steady, his body softly falling backwards.

The frantic stream of water vanished around Rui without a trace, apart from the moisture on the ground.

On the other side, Ciaran's hand actually fell on Ayrin's hand.

A cloud of red embers scattered in the air between them, producing a shockwave visible to the naked eye.

Inside such a shockwave, Ayrin had also thoroughly gone over his limit and fallen unconscious.

“Evil Flaming Eye!”

“You not only taught him Logic Fingers, you even taught him this secret skill of yours.” Liszt walked to Ciaran's side, and asked in a soft yet extremely serious tone, “What on earth happened during the time I was away from the academy? His spiritual strength shouldn't be at the level of condensing arcane particles yet, but why do arcane particles exist inside his body, how was he able to invoke Evil Flaming Eye!”

“Not invoked yet, it's still a little short.” Rui's silhouette flashed, also arriving beside Ciaran and Liszt. “His arcane particles are still too few, that's why he was merely close to forming the Evil Flaming Eye this time.”

“You're right, but he already grasped the way of operating Evil Flaming Eye.” Liszt lightly said, “In any case, no matter how many, the existence of even a single arcane particle is completely irrational.”

“He went to challenge a student in Divine Shield Academy almost a month ago. His spiritual strength measured twenty on a dwarven benchmark tool at that time.” Ciaran took a deep breath, striving her hardest to quieten her state of mind. “He came to find me at that time, said he felt his first arcane gate was open, with arcane particles existing inside. My judgment was that he couldn't possibly condense arcane particles back then, especially condensing them while not even aware of it himself. Only, I couldn't find any other reason that could explain it, so...”

“So you taught him Logic Fingers and this secret skill.” Liszt interrupted Ciaran. “You wanted to use these two methods to test whether he could really condense arcane particles, and whether arcane particles existed inside his body or not.”

Ciaran nodded. “But he never succeeded in condensing arcane particles in more than twenty days of training, and he didn't give off any sign he could use my secret skill.”

Liszt stayed silent for a second. “Maybe the reason he couldn't use this secret skill was because there were too few arcane particles inside him previously.”

“That's possible.” Rui nodded. “But the most important thing is, what is the reason that led arcane particles to exist inside him, and also, since he really isn't at the required level to condense arcane particles yet, why did the arcane particles inside him grow in number, how did he manage to almost invoke the Evil Flaming Eye in this fight?”

Ciaran looked at the unconscious Ayrin leaning against her, saying, “Could he really be able to generate arcane particles on his own in the middle of an intense battle?”

Liszt seemed as if he wanted to shake his head, but he didn't shake his head. Instead, he raised his head and looked at the sky above.

A hole suddenly cut open in the distorted light. An old, black silhouette suddenly dropped down.

“Senior Plum, you also came?” Ciaran and Rui immediately greeted him with respect.

“Senior, did you find out any possible cause?”

“No record exists about a bloodline like this. It should be an extremely rare bloodline unknown to all, but its value shouldn't be lower than genuine dragon bloodlines.” His face filled with wrinkles, the library manager professor Plum glanced at Liszt and Ciaran. “Compared to producing arcane particles on his own in the middle of fierce fighting, there's an even greater possibility.”

Liszt smiled. “It seems like our guesses are the same.”

Ciaran had a little trouble standing Liszt's nonchalance even in a situation like this. She couldn't resist asking professor Plum, “What greater possibility?”

Professor Plum slowly said, “Absorbing arcane particles from others.”

“Absorbing arcane particles from others?” Ciaran immediately shook her head. “That's impossible.”

“Don't forget Evil Dragon followers.” Liszt looked at Ciaran and said, “Evil Dragon followers can contaminate another arcane master's arcane particles through the use of their own blood and arcane particles, thereby killing their opponent or taking them down together with themselves. This is the critical reason why they're so hard to catch alive. Since Evil Dragon followers have a bloodline that can contaminate, then what's so impossible if his bloodline can absorb? Also, I don't know if you guys realized this or not. It's not only his resistance to blows, but even his resistance against arcane power is also very high.”

“We all clearly know that giant bloodlines and barbarian bloodlines have the strongest arcane resistances, but he clearly doesn't belong to either of these two bloodlines.”

“I also suspect him of being able to passively absorb some arcane particles from his opponent when he suffers blows from his opponent. There's not much point arguing and speculating about it right now though.” The always taciturn Rui added, “We can wait until he wakes up and recovers more or less fully before getting to the bottom of it. We just need to give it a try to understand.”

Ciaran nodded her head, then couldn't resist looking at Liszt and asking,“Why did you use such a strong arcane skill with such great fanfare?”

“If I didn't use such a strong arcane skill, how would I attract senior Plum over?” Liszt clasped his hands behind his head and laughed out loud. “Also, I want to conceal every trace, and completely preserve this secret. Apart from us and Carter, it's best not to let anyone else know, whether the other teachers or all these students. This way, if this guy Ayrin is really like how I and senior Plum guessed, he can still be a secret weapon against Divine Shield Academy.”

“You react very quickly.” Ciaran started to feel a little admiration for Liszt at this time. This guy Liszt very often didn't look very serious when he should be serious, his nonchalance written all across his face, but he kept at all times his calm and his most clear-headed judgment about him. This was probably also the most important reason he could stay alive and kicking after many dangerous missions.

“Maybe some people will actually become suspicious after I used this move in broad daylight here. Since that's the case, it seems I have to once again play the freakish part of the Wolf of Bloody Nights.” Liszt chuckled.

“Why does it look to me like you're very eager to play the freak?” Ciaran threw Liszt a glance and couldn't resist cursing him.

“What on earth happened?”

The students in the stands were almost about to lose control and rush into the field. But just at this moment, the black space vanished as suddenly and as strangely as it'd appeared.

“Haha, what a blood-warming fight, what a fresh-tasting blood!”

Everyone saw a teacher wrapped in blood-red waves of air, looking incomparably bloodthirsty, carrying Rogrid in one arm and Ayrin in the other. He looked extremely excited: “Ahh, I couldn't resist joining the fray as well.”

Rui and Ciaran stood around this teacher, their postures seemingly ready to fight at any time.

“Don't be rash. Put them down first, they're in no condition to fight any longer,” Ciaran's voice rang.


After falling into silence for one second, the whole arena erupted in a rumble of shrieks and shouts.


“Legends say he was raised by the dark night wolves. The most coldblooded and most bloodthirsty by nature, the strongest teacher of the academy, the one who'll easily tear apart anyone who opposes him into thousand pieces... Liszt!”

“How terrifying! The expression in his eyes is so terrifying!”

“What does he want to do with Ayrin and Rogrid?”

“So dreadful... What a freak, someone like that can actually become a teacher!”

Some fearful girls even started to sob from fright.

“Looks like your reputation's really like that.” Ciaran looked as if she was forcibly restraining herself really hard.

“What can I do, someone has to sacrifice himself.” Liszt smiled furtively. Then he put Ayrin and Rogrid on the ground. “I need even more fresh blood!” He said some typical evil demon-like words, then immediately transformed with a swoosh into a red beam of light, flying away who knew where.

Rui looked in the direction Liszt disappeared in and shook his head, saying in his mind, “Who knows how many students will be afraid to leave their windows open when sleeping now.”

But then his gaze fell on the unconscious Ayrin, and an unprecedented flame arose inside his heart.

A genuine monster student actually came to Holy Dawn Academy!

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