Chapter 605: Powerful Escort

Chapter 605: Powerful Escort



Within the Kingdom of Eiche, the three-headed fire wyvern rapidly flew in the sky.

Due to the long period of continuous flight, the wyvern released white steam apart from the magma-like arcane energy.

On the golden saddle, the gloomy-looking female master did not show a hint of fatigue.

“They caught up already?”

Her gloomy eyes suddenly flashed with an icy glint.

She grabbed onto the black crystal behind her and suddenly ascended at an astonishing speed.


At almost the same time, two bronze-colored metal walls suddenly appeared in the sky and pressed down onto the three-headed fire wyvern.


The Lord level fire wyvern was squashed between the two metal walls without any time to react and exploded.

Surprisingly, Jeriya was not shocked as she fell freely with the black crystal.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Light suddenly bent in the previous empty space and three male arcane masters appeared. They were almost a hundred meters apart and trapped her in the center, falling freely along with her.

The three arcane masters wore the arcane robes from the Office of Special Affairs, with a unique dragon symbol on their sleeves.

One of them had fiery red hair and looked very eye-catching.

The moment they revealed themselves, a mysterious glint flashed across his eyes. Two light dots immediately appeared on the black crystal.

“There’s no mistake. Rinsyi’s body is sealed inside.” the fiery red hair arcane master said.

The other two arcane masters were about the same age as Liszt. One of them was tall and had bronze-colored short hair with a stern expression. The other seemed to be of normal human bloodline with an average build and short black hair. Surprisingly, he was releasing the most dragon aura.

Hearing the confirmation, the black hair arcane master coldly spoke while staring at Jeriya, “I never thought the Silver Soul Jeriya from the Three-Headed Dragon Academy is actually an Evil Dragon follower.”

“Fire Dragon bloodline Roy, Mutated Metal Dragon bloodline Anderson, Night Shadow Dragon bloodline Ibu. The three most famous teachers from the Draconic Language Academy have come to stop me. Should I feel honored?” Jeriya sneered proudly, “You actually didn’t go to the Doa Royal Palace battlefield.”

Roy was not in a hurry to attack, as he looked at Jeriya and spoke, “It’s because you Evil Dragon followers are always scheming that some of us must stay behind. We also regret not being able to participate in that war.”

“Actually, I have wanted to fight against your Draconic Language Academy for a long time. Not the restricted sparring, but a fight to the death.” Jeriya wiped away her smile and coldly glared at the three, “Do you know why?”

“Why?” Roy frowned.

Jeriya still had such confidence when facing the three of them. That attitude made him feel somewhat suspicious.

“Because my father is called Angeles.” Jeriya coldly answered.

“Shadow Bishop?” The three Draconic Language Academy arcane masters were shocked.

“That’s right, my father is the Evil Dragon Bishop who was killed by your Draconic Language Academy. All these years, it took me all I had to endure.” Jeriya laughed out a little maniacally.

“Fiery Sky!”

Roy suddenly chanted a mysterious Draconic incantation.

A powerful fire domain instantly manifested.

Jeriya’s tone and attitude made him realize she would never obediently surrender. It also made him sense a faint danger.

The sky above Jeriya became crystal clear like ruby. Waves of red crystal light carrying intense heat rapidly assaulted the black crystal.

Jeriya revealed a creepy smile.


Silver fluid suddenly seeped out from her skin and coated her body.

The red crystal light shot towards her and the black crystal from all directions. However, she didn’t make a move. It was as if the heat did not work on her or the black crystal.

The three Dragonic Language Academy arcane masters did not show any change in their expressions.

Anderson opened his mouth. He did not chant nor was there an arcane energy fluctuation. However, with a loud boom, a huge bronze claw suddenly manifested above Jeriya.

“That is?”

The three Draconic Language Academy arcane masters were shocked.

Streaks of black light appeared on Jeriya.

Jeriya originally had silver fluid flowing on her body. However, now there was also black light which was rapidly forming mysterious sigils on the silver fluid.

“Sigil Soul Control! You have the Sigil Dragon bloodline!” Anderson exclaimed. He suddenly sensed something and turned around.

The moment he turned around, Roy was already covered in black sigils. Even his fiery red hair had black sigils.


A creepy smile appeared on Roy’s face. Countless red crystal particles flew out from his hands. Each crystal particle transformed into an inch long angel-like flame.


Anderson was engulfed by the flames.

As he screamed in despair, his body instantly charred.


Ibu stepped back in shock, his face pale white.

“Your petty trick is useless against me, because I’m on a different level......” Jeriya did not look at his retreating figure. She looked down at the bottom of the black crystal.

As she calmly spoke, a terrifying arcane energy fluctuation reverberated from her body.

There seemed to be six gates trembling on her body.


A ring of grey crystal light surged out of her left wrist and formed into a bracelet.

“Evil Dragon...... Endless Slaughter Bracelet!”

A shocked and despaired scream came from underneath the black crystal.

The grey bracelet turned into a saber flash and swept downwards.

A figure suddenly appeared below the black crystal.

The figure slowly split into two, blood spraying out into the air.

Meanwhile, the rapidly retreating Ibu disappeared into a cluster of shadows.

“Hep...... Hep......”

The sigil-infested Roy panted with difficulty. His hands grabbed his head and his nails dug into his skin.

Trails of blood flowed out along his fingers.

An ambiguous voice came from his mouth, “I never thought...... you actually possessed such...... strength...... But your mount is destroyed...... You won’t escape......”

Two mental strengths were fighting each other in his body.


In the next instant, his body bloated up. Countless flames spewed out from his body as he exploded into a huge ball of flames.

A red mushroom cloud rose up into the sky.

“He’d rather die than become my sigil servant, huh? What a strong will...... He can still self explode after getting hit by my forbidden skill......”


Jeriya finally landed on the ground.

She bent her knees slightly, then straightened herself.

“But how can you be sure I want to run away?”

Seeing the red mushroom cloud rising up into the sky that would definitely be seen by many arcane masters far away, Jeriya revealed a meaningful smirk.

She took out a rope and secured the black crystal on her back.


“Merlin really did it!”

“So this is the Abyssal Laser Staff?”

On the Doa Royal Palace battlefield, Stingham and the other gathered to check the item Merlin crafted.

It was a javelin-like metal staff. One end had the Dazma Abyssal Gem embedded, while the body of the staff was made with an alloy of tin and silver. There were many mysterious engravings carved on it. Five white pearls releasing a blurry watery glow were embedded on the body.

The white pearls were normal Arcane Clam Pearls. It was naturally produced by low rank water type Arcane Clams. It could not even be considered an arcane core. However, the Doa Royal Palace and accessory shops had a large stock of it as it was a material for normal accessories.


When Stingham put his five fingers on the pearls, water arcane power naturally trailed along the patterns on the staff to the Dazma Abyssal Gem at the tip. A pitch black laser instantly shot out from the tip.

Due to a lack of preparation, Stingham was almost hit by the laser while playing around with the staff. The finger-thick, pitch black laser grazed his scalp and a lock of his long blonde hair disintegrated.

“I......” Stingham’s face turned green.

“It’s really the Abyssal Laser Staff!”

“It’s so easy to use, even the demihumans can fight with it! This will greatly increase their strength!”

Chris and the others sensed the vibrant arcane power and dark energy in the laser. They all became excited.

There were several thousand Dazma Abyssal Gems piled up next to them!

At that moment, Charlotte shouted, “There are Evil Dragon followers over there!”

“What are they doing?”

The Dazma Abyssal Beasts were still desperately rushing out of the spatial passage. Meanwhile, four Evil Dragon followers appeared next to the four purplish black pillars of light.

They seemed to have appeared from underground. They touched the four purplish black pillars of light at the same time, and the arcane energy output clearly began to weaken.

“They noticed that the Dazma Abyssal Gems are useful to us!”

“They want to stop the Evil Dragon bones from working and give up on the Epic Abyssal Ring!”

“Don’t let them succeed! Stop them!”

Anxious shouts rang out.

“You’re asking for death!”

Stingham charged out first and threw his Green Dragon Spear.


Many arcane masters became speechless after seeing this scene.

What’s going on? What happened? Didn’t we want to stop the Evil Dragon followers from using the Epic Abyssal Ring? Why is it the other way round now?

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