Chapter 604: Eye Blinding

Chapter 604: Eye Blinding


“Are these guys brainless? They suffered so many casualties, yet they are still charging out so fiercely.” The battle between Ayrin and the Dazma Abyssal Beasts made Stingham speechless.

It was clearly a one-sided massacre. However, the Dazma Abyssal Beasts kept charging forward without stopping. They looked like savages.

“Idiot, you know Ayrin is inexhaustible on this kind of battlefield, but do those guys know?” Rinloran turned around and scolded, “Also, in their minds, us Doraster arcane masters are just weak existences to their huge population. They obviously think they can kill Ayrin and us.”

“So stupid, they can’t even read the situation.” Stingham shook his head in pity. Then, he suddenly shouted in surprise, “What’s that? Those abyssal beasts also have arcane cores?”

He could see glittering lights from the broken parts of the Dazma Abyssal Beasts. They seemed like oval-shaped gems, but only the size of olives. They were translucent and milky white in color.

“Dazma Abyssal Gem!”

Rinloran trembled. His eyes were filled with astonishment. It seemed that Stingham’s words reminded him of an astonishing fact.


Everyone but Stingham drew a sharp breath when they heard Rinloran.

“What does that mean?” Stingham was confused.

“The arcane core of a Dazma Abyssal Beasts is called a Dazma Abyssal Gem!” Chris was also astonished. She kept taking deep breaths and suppressed her excitement, then quickly explained, “During the Era of the War with Dragons, Dwarf artificers made their Abyssal Laser Staff with these gems!”

“Abyssal Laser Staff?” Stingham was still confused.

“Idiot, you’re really like Ayrin, no common sense at all! If you’d spend one tenth of the time you slacked off on reading, you wouldn’t be such an idiot!” Rinloran coldly stared at Stingham, “The Abyssal Laser Staff is similar to Ayrin’s Mountain Cleaving Titan. They are both artifacts that can auto recharge. The dwarves had a poor affinity with arcane power, hence the artifacts they made do not require their own arcane particles to operate. The Abyssal Laser Staff does not need any injection of arcane particles. However, each full charge can unleash dozens of laser shots. Each shot reaches a distance of up to five hundred meters. Due to the special property of its arcane power, it will not lose any power within this distance. Each shot is relatively powerful. More importantly, like many abyssal beast arcane cores, this Dazma Abyssal Beast’s arcane core contains a powerful dark arcane power. Hence, the laser shots contain a powerful dark radiation property. In this case, even if the opponent can block the laser, they will suffer burn damage from the dark radiation even if they have a high arcane level.”

“Dark arcane power?” Stingham opened his eyes wide. He suddenly remembered something and jumped up. He turned to Rui and shouted, “Teacher Rui, where’s my girlfriend? You told me you would change my girlfriend into a real female arcane master! Where is she?”

“Idiot, you only remember your girlfriend now? Looks like your feelings for her only amounts to this.” Rinloran mocked Stingham.

“Relax, I will definitely fulfil what I promised you. She’s safe and sound in the Holy Dawn Academy.” Rui looked at Stingham expressionlessly, “She should have finished her remodelling by now.”

“You’re really not lying to me?” Stingham looked at Rui doubtfully.

“Trust is also what we taught you. Do you think I, as a teacher, will deceive you, my student?” Rui asked.

“Ah! Then, I must return to the Holy Dawn Academy right now!” Stingham was so excited he could not close his mouth.

“Idiot!” Rinloran spat out.

“There are at least several tens of thousands of Dazma Abyssal Beasts here......” At the side, Charlotte’s gaze was attracted by the densely packed abyssal beasts in the spatial passage. She kept taking deep breaths like Chris, “During the Era of the War with Dragons, the Evil Dragon once used the Epic Abyssal Ring before. Back then, it connected to the Dark Nether Abyss and summoned the Dark Abyss Emperor. The Dazma Abyssal Gems the Dwarves found were in limited quantity, because the Dazma Abyssal Beasts only managed to find their way into the Doraster Continent through spatial cracks that opened every now and then.”

Having to take deep breaths to calm herself down, she could no longer continue speaking.

Those Dazma Abyssal Beasts are still rushing in so savagely. They won’t realize the situation anytime soon. With the speed Ayrin is massacring them, how many Dazma Abyssal Gems will we get?

The Dazma Abyssal Gems here...... will really end up littering the ground.

“Yes!” Chris nodded again, “More importantly, Merlin is an artificer master from the Era of the War with Dragons! She should be able to make use of all those Dazma Abyssal Gems!”


The moment they spoke of Merlin, they remembered the Faerie Dragon Great King hiding in Merlin’s metal box.

“Where’s Great King?”

They immediately reacted and looked towards Merlin’s direction.

Isn’t the Faerie Dragon Great King the one that lusts after gems? Shouldn’t it be pouncing on those gems? But there are only more gems, not less. Is it because there are too many and Great King has lost interest?

It shouldn’t be the case, right?

Charlotte clearly remembered Great King trying to dig out the normal decorative gems on the walls of the Doa Royal Palace. It dug for more despite already holding some.


As they noticed Great King’s abnormal behavior and turned to check on Merlin, they were shocked.

In such a short time, Merlin had erected a warehouse-like building made of various metal plates and broken artifacts at the place the Voodoo Dragon fell!


Once they reached the entrance of the warehouse which the demihumans had taken the initiative to guard, they were petrified. Their eyes were almost blinded by the colorful dazzles from inside.

Various intact gems and artifacts piled up into a hill.

Any vibration would make those gems and artifacts roll down like waterfall.

On top of the hill, a tiny figure was foaming from fatigue.


It took them a good few seconds to regain their senses.

The Faerie Dragon Great King had carried all those gems and artifacts from the battlefield until it foamed from fatigue and fell down exhausted on top of the treasure hill!

In such a short time, it already grabbed so many treasures from the battlefield!

“Dullahan’s Evil Holy Cup!”

“Banshee’s Blessed Scripture!”

“Holy Spirit Chanting Amplification Crystal!”

“Siren Harp!”

“Mimic Wax!”

“Black Knight’s Soul Essence!”

“Skeleton Bat King Necklace!”

“Magma River Bracelet!”

“Crimson Breath Staff!”


Even the second least knowledgeable Stingham could identify many artifacts from that hill.

My god!

How many powerful arcane masters have fallen here? How many treasures did Great King loot?

The blinding treasure glitters made Stingham temporarily forget his desire to see his girlfriend.


Stingham immediately dove into the pile of treasures.

“My dream is to sleep in here forever.” His tears flowed out non-stop.

“This guy......”

Rinloran and the others lamented.

Stingham’s behavior reminded them that he also had a Dragon bloodline. All Dragon bloodline arcane masters liked glittering things. The rumor they prefered to collect gems and treasures was true.

Stingham’s behavior made more gems and artifacts tumble down. Great King also rolled down and was buried underneath a pile of treasures. It was almost buried alive while foaming, but its eyes were still sparkling as if it was extremely satisfied.

“Oi! Don’t slack off!”

However, Stingham crawled his way to it and pulled it out from the treasure pile, “There is still a lot of good stuff outside! How can you stop looting them just because you’re tired? Hurry up and loot them while the outside is still in chaos! Don’t you think if this hill piles up even higher, it would be even more comfortable to be buried inside? Do you not know how to enjoy yourself?”


What made the others more speechless was that Faerie Dragon Great King seemed to approve of Stingham’s words. It wiped away the foam around its mouth and clenched its fist like Ayrin.


It instantly disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Soon...... As if it was raining, gems and glittering artifacts fell down in front of their eyes and piled up high.

Even Belo was attracted by the commotion. A black and yellow glow surrounded him. The moment he witnessed the treasures raining down, he trembled and cursed out unconsciously, “You motherfu......”

“Is Merlin really able to make use of those Dazma Abyssal Gems? Is she trying to make stuff for the demihuman army?”

Charlotte and Chris could not sort out their feelings and felt a little numb.

They saw those cowardly demihumans behaving bravely in such a one-sided massacre. They already started to collect the Dazma Abyssal Gems under the command of Merlin.

They also displayed their peculiarity to the best.

Some of them had spread out on the battlefield and looted whatever they believed to be useful.

Even the shells from some monsters were collected by them and brought to the empty space behind Merlin.

Various materialized weapons, armors and broken parts of monsters...... In addition, various gems, artifacts and an artificer like Merlin......

While everyone felt numb from the imagination of such a scenario, a weak voice called out next to Merlin.

“I...... help...... help daddy......” An alluring figure stood next to Merlin.

Merlin took a glance at her and nodded.

“It’s Helgy......” Charlotte’s mouth twitched.

They had all forgotten about this bewitching female arcane master from the Green Dragon Divine Temple who only followed Ayrin around and called him daddy while everyone else was fighting.

She’s the best artificer of this era......

If she can help...... If this demihuman army is armed, how strong can they become?

Charlotte felt it was an unimaginable scene.

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