Chapter 603: Notebook Teacher Reappeared

Chapter 603: Notebook Teacher Reappeared


Ayrin was not certain whether this was the grey halberd, so he grabbed it and shouted towards Liszt’s group some distance away, “Teacher Liszt, is this the Rotten Flesh Halberd?”

“This guy......” Liszt nodded speechlessly.

Carter looked at Ayrin emotionally and commented, “Without an Evil Dragon Bishop level enemy to stop him, he’s totally invincible in this battlefield.”

The Rotten Flesh Halberd and its Rotten Giant Army, something that even a large Corps was helpless against was instantly crushed by Ayrin.

“No wonder the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline was said to be the terminator of the Evil Dragon...... If the Evil Dragon bloodline is more powerful, then the Evil Dragon himself most likely possesses an inexhaustible supply of arcane particles on the battlefield. Only the arcane master with the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline can stop the Evil Dragon.” Ciaran’s expression was surprisingly serious.

“Indeed, if there isn’t an existence who can match the Evil Dragon...... The Evil Dragon could destroy all the Corps alone. What a terrifying existence......” Liszt heaved a sigh and turned to look at Ciaran, “Either way, no arcane master is absolutely invincible. If not for this kind of battlefield, be it Ayrin or the Evil Dragon, they won’t be able to replenish their arcane particles so quickly.”

“Teacher Liszt, what are you saying? It’s as if you’re convinced the Evil Dragon will resurrect!” Stingham shouted at the side.

“Nobody wishes for the resurrection of the Evil Dragon. However, we must be prepared for the worst case scenario.” Liszt looked at Stingham and yawned. Light rays of various colors began appearing from his hands.

The colorful light rays shot several hundreds of meters into the sky. As Liszt moved his fingers, the light rays kept changing in length as if it was a unique melody of light.

Chris looked at Liszt’s skill curiously and asked, “Teacher Liszt, is this the Light Score Message from the Office of Special Affairs?”

“Although we must be prepared for the worst, nobody wants the Evil Dragon to resurrect.” Liszt nodded, “We must prevent the Evil Dragon’s consciousness to obtain Rinsyi’s body. This is more important than anything else to the arcane masters now.”


As Liszt and the others conversed, Ayrin mumbled to himself, “It’s really the Evil Dragon’s artifact, the Rotten Flesh Halberd. But it doesn’t seem like all that big of a deal, I’ll just destroy it.” He picked up an axe dropped by someone, raised it above his head, and then hacked down onto the Rotten Flesh Halberd.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Metal clashing sounds rang out.

“So hard?”

Ayrin’s arms felt numb from the recoil. He was astonished when the Rotten Flesh Halberd remained unscathed while the axe in his hand no longer looked like an axe.

Seeing Ayrin attempting to destroy the Rotten Flesh Halberd and failed, Charlotte explained while covering her ears, “Ayrin, it’s useless. The Evil Dragon created the Rotten Flesh Halberd by integrating his own arcane crystal with the arcane core of Rotten Emperor Atama. It’s said to be tougher than any metal an artificer can produce. It is even harder than any gem or Dragon Crystal. Rumour has it that only his own dragon breath can destroy it.”

“So powerful? Let me try if my Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon Longsword can cut it.”

Ayrin was unconvinced. A crimson gold light flashed in his hand and the longsword took shape. Then, he swung it with his full strength.


The Rotten Flesh Halberd remained unscatched, but the Crimson Gold Poisonous Longsword was broken in half!


Ayrin was dumbfounded.

Not only did the longsword break in half, the grey arcane energy wrapping around the Rotten Flesh Halberd also infiltrated into the longsword. The materialized particles were corroded and weathered into powder, scattering away like molded flour.

“Ayrin......” Charlotte did not know what to say.

She had not had the time to tell Ayrin that the Rotten Flesh Halberd had an effect that could destroy most Dragon Crystals. The ‘rotten’ in Rotten Flesh Halberd did not only mean it could create rotten giants, it also meant it had the ability to corrode most Dragon Crystal weapons.

During the Era of the War with Dragons, the Evil Dragon had destroyed countless Dragon Crystal weapons using this halberd. Now, Ayrin actually destroyed his own powerful materialized sword.

“Idiot, do you have any common sense?”

“You actually destroyed your own materialized sword. Seriously, you won’t suffer if you don’t do stupid things!”

“Is he the same as Stingham? Does he always have to do something foolish too?”

“You guys, why are you involving me when you’re scolding him?”

The group started quarrelling.

Ayrin looked at the destroyed Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon Longsword and felt great pain. However, he pretended to not care and shouted, “It’s fine. A true brave warrior can fight without relying on artifacts!”

At that moment, Ayrin suddenly thought of something and his eyes sparkled. He raised his head and asked Lotton, “That’s right! Lotton, can you use this Rotten Flesh Halberd?”

Lotton hesitated for a moment, then slowly nodded with a stiff and strange posture.

“I will leave this Rotten Flesh Halberd to you then! Since it’s such a powerful weapon, you will also become more powerful with it!”

Ayrin immediately became excited. He grabbed the halberd and threw it towards Lotton.


The Rotten Flesh Halberd became a streak of grey light and fell next to Lotton.

Shanna took a deep breath. She saw the streak of light landing before Lotton and exclaimed to Chris next to her, “Ayrin really trusts Lotton so much...... Lotton was already near the level of an Evil Dragon Bishop, and he just devoured the particles of that Evil Dragon Bishop...... Now that he obtained this Rotten Flesh Halberd, how powerful will he become? Ayrin really treats Lotton as a comrade. Just like us, he trusts him. And Lotton probably only treats someone like him as a true friend......”

“Yes!” Chris nodded and thought about Ayrin’s pretence, her face beaming with a smile. “The most precious thing about Ayrin is not his Epic Silver Dragon bloodline, it’s his sincerity towards his friends.”


At that moment, a familiar voice suddenly shouted, “Not good! Escape!”

“Notebook Teacher?”

Ayrin, Stingham and the others opened their eyes wide in disbelief.

The person rushing towards them from the distance filled with raging gales and scattered arcane powers was none other than Notebook Teacher Huston!

“Teacher Huston, what happened?” Ayrin shouted in surprise.

After Huston got closer, they could see him in a tattered state. His arcane robes were full of holes and he had a despaired expression, as if the apocalypse was approaching.

“A...... Ab...... Ab......”

Huston looked at the group and panted heavily. He kept gesturing to them to run away and could not even speak properly.

Ferguillo’s gaze flashed and he quickly guessed, “Epic Abyssal Ring?”


At that moment, the entire Doa Royal Palace area started shaking. The ground split apart and some pieces even rose up. The buildings still somewhat intact collapsed in an instant.


Four purplish black pillars of light shot into the sky at the center of the Doa Royal Palace.

Countless purplish black particles and streaks of lightning danced between the four pillars and became a huge swirl.

“The Epic Abyssal Ring is completely revitalized? Did it open a passage connecting to an abyss?”

Liszt managed to balance himself on the shaking ground. He looked at the four pillars of light and mumbled to himself, “The Epic Abyssal Ring connected to the Apocalypse Judgement Abyss recorded in ancient documents! Terrifying....... A terrifying number of Dazma Abyssal Beasts!”

Ayrin curiously asked, “What’s the Apocalypse Judgement Abyss? What’s the Dazma Abyssal Beast?”

“In the deep underground of the Doraster Continent, there are many abysses. There are various unique abyssal creatures who live down there. The Apocalypse Judgement Abyss is one of them. The Dazma Abyssal Beasts living inside it are all at the Lord level. As the population of this beast is huge, the Apocalypse Judgement Abyss is also called the second dimension abyss in many records of our Doraster Continent. It means a completely different world.” Ciaran quickly explained to Ayrin.

“Lord level? Only Lord level abyssal beasts?”

Ayrin glanced at Ciaran, then at the location of the four pillars of light. Under the pillars of light, there seemed to be a unique domain spreading out. He could vaguely make out the shape of a long and narrow spatial gate, like the exit of a deep valley.

There were no signs of any beasts, but a chilling gale carrying a unique sulfuric smell swarmed out from there.

“Teacher Ciaran, Teacher Liszt, no matter how many Dazma Abyssal Beasts there are, they have to come out through that spatial passage, right? That spatial passage is only this big, there can’t be more than a few coming out at a time...... So, it shouldn’t be difficult to handle.”

“Not difficult to handle?” Huston thought he heard wrongly.

“It does seem a little easy......” Liszt and the others glanced at one another, showing a strange expression.

“Brave warriors, follow me to take on those guys from the abyss!”

Ayrin did not waste any time and charged towards the gate.


Strange and bloodthirsty screeches came from the spatial passage in the middle of the four Evil Dragon bones.

Huge figures with curved bull horns on their heads rushed out from the spatial passage.

“Is that the legendary Dazma Abyssal Beast?”

Although they were certain Ayrin was able to handle it, Charlotte and the others could not help but worry.

Those beasts were about five to six meters tall, with moss-like scale armor covering their bodies. They had compound eyes that glowed green,  scorpion-like stinger tails, and the claws on their limbs that were very sharp like black swords.

Looking behind the first few Dazma Abyssal Beasts, the spatial passage was jam packed with similar huge figures. They could see up to ten thousands of those beasts spread out behind the spatial passage.

Psst! Psst! Psst!

The moment the first few Dazma Abyssal Beasts rushed out and saw Ayrin, a unique arcane energy fluctuation reverberated like a shadow. Sharp sonic booms rang out and the sword-like claws of the Dazma Abyssal Beasts shot out.

Each claw carried a terrifying arcane energy fluctuation. Their speed even exceeded the dynamic vision capture limit of Huston.

Huston’s gaze froze.

His shock turned to disbelief.


A huge ice crown filled his sight.

The huge ice crown kept expanding.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The terrifying ice arcane power shook violently. The edge of the ice crown kept clashing against the Dazma Abyssal Beasts that rushed out of the spatial passage.

The first few Dazma Abyssal Beasts were frozen solid and shattered into pieces.

“Storm Lord’s Spear!”

Several huge wind spears spanning several hundred meters long with rotating penetrative power shot into the abyssal beast formation at the back.

The Dazma Abyssal Beasts at the back could not even see the scenery in front after just rushing out and only felt a violent explosion occurring inside their bodies. They were blown back.

The huge ice crown blocked the exit. The beastman army at the back witnessed their Leader so fearlessly. They instantly cheered and became brave warriors.

Countless crude javelins rained down on the spatial passage.

Rows of Abyssal Beasts that survived the initial attack were skewered by the javelins without even getting a chance to struggle.

It was not a battle. It was a single-sided massacre.


Huston looked at this scene dumbfoundedly. His face turned from white to green, then from green to red, eventually showing only shame.

He moved to the back, quickly took out his notebook and started writing.

Stingham, Rinloran and the others quietly sneaked to Huston’s back.

After a few seconds, Stingham and Rinloran could not hold back their lamentation, “As expected of the Notebook Teacher, he even records this grudge.”

“I’m scared to the point I can’t even speak...... Yet Ayrin manages to handle those abyssal beasts with ease. These students must be mocking me in their hearts! Remark: Students present: Ayrin, Chris, Rinloran, Stingham, Moss, Belo......” This was what Huston wrote in his notebook.

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