Chapter 602: The Most Powerful Moment

Chapter 602: The Most Powerful Moment


Boom! Boom! Boom!

While Chris and Liszt were conversing, in a certain abyss, loud noises rang out in a vine-infested castle.

The withered vines grew rapidly along the cracked walls and stone pillars, black flowers blooming from them.

A cluster of grey shadows pounced around anxiously within the shade of the castle, letting out angry roars.

“They also killed Lante...... Jeriya, you’re the only one left......”

In the Kingdom of Eiche far away, a three-headed fire type wyvern was rapidly flying through the sky. On its back which emitted magma-like arcane energy was a golden saddle. A gloomy-looking female arcane master sat on it. She had long silver hair that was separated into three parts, each looking like a sharp blade.

Behind her was a cubic black crystal that was of average human height.

When the cluster of grey shadows roared, cold glints flashed across her gloomy eyes. She replied with reverence, “Please do not worry. Wait for your resurrection, my master. You shall personally vent your anger then.”


At the same time, Ayrin led the demihuman army towards the place where the battle was most intense.

Stingham grumbled, “Ferguillo, what are you doing?”

He saw Ferguillo in deep thought standing before the fallen Evil Dragon claw.

“This is equivalent to an arm of the Evil Dragon. The residual consciousness of the Evil Dragon even preserved some mental strength within it to use an arcane skill.”

Rui appeared next to Ferguillo. He did not ask Ferguillo any question. He only turned to look at Ferguillo and slowly spoke, “In the battle just now, that consciousness dissipated. However, this arm is still active, it’s too dangerous if you want to make use of it.”

“Ferguillo, are you really interested in that?” Stingham took a glance at Ayrin and pleaded, “You better destroy it. If Ayrin remembered it, he might want to eat it.”

Ferguillo remained silent for a few seconds. Then, he ignored Stingham and nodded towards Rui, “I want to preserve this. It may come in handy.”

“Up to you.” Rui nodded without any change in his expression. He then looked at Stingham and added, “In any case, leaving this item with you is better than with Stingham or Ayrin.”

“Teacher Rui, what are you talking about?” Stingham was dumbfounded, “Teacher Rui, are you saying Ferguillo is a student of the Holy Dawn Academy and we are not? Why can you say that about us......”

“Merlin, what are you doing now?” Before Stingham could finish his sentence, he shouted again. He saw Merlin, who had kept a low profile until now, suddenly running to the corpse of the Voodoo Dragon.

That Voodoo Dragon was riddled with holes and completely skewered. It could not be any more dead.

However, the Voodoo Dragon was still too terrifying. The poisonous blood flowing out from it had corroded the earth around it and became a muddy pool that kept releasing poisonous gas.

The poisonous gas released from its body took the shape of a black skull.

Merlin ignored this as she put down her treasured box and crawled into the Voodoo Dragon’s body.

Right after Stingham shouted, Belo suddenly spoke next to him, “How can you waste...... such a precious thing...... help me go there......”


He turned around and became speechless.

Belo was staring impulsively at the corpses of the Voodoo Dragon and the Storm Dragon.

In his mind, the image appeared of Belo the pervert ‘sucking’ the two Dragons, until they were sucked into ‘jerky’.


Behind Liszt and Minlur, the pale faced Ciaran looked at Carter who had a unique fragrance lingering around him and asked, “How is it?”

“The medicinal effect is fine.” Carter looked back at Ciaran, “You haven’t recovered yet, there’s no need to rush my treatment.”

“He obtained the Passion Fruit despite all the obstacles. He must be eager to see you recover......” Ciaran glanced at Ayrin charging around in the distance and then at Mody who was carried by Moss. Worry showed in her gaze.

Carter’s injury would be fine. However, Mody...... with an injury like that, even if the medical masters from the Office of Special Affairs were alive and cooperated with her treatment, Mody would not be able to make a full recovery.

At that moment, Liszt’s gaze stopped on Lotton.

In this battlefield, Lotton was the most lonely one amongst all of them.

However, Liszt knew Lotton treated Ayrin as a friend, and Ayrin also treated Lotton as a true friend...... if he could fight alongside his friend, it did not matter how different he was from others. Although he appeared to be lonely, his heart had to be filled with warmth.

The pale white particles of the powerful Evil Dragon Bishop called Nazonlo were completely devoured by Lotton. A pale white halo shone around him.

Liszt turned to look at the corpses of the Storm Dragon and Voodoo Dragon, then at Merlin and Belo.

His carefree gaze also began to be filled with vicissitude.

In this war, be it the peak experts from the Kingdom of Eiche, Kingdom of Doa or those Evil Dragon Bishops, most died fighting.

Even his team would probably have died here if not for Ayrin and the others...... However, those surviving youngsters obtained an astonishing amount of wealth from the battlefield...... Corpses of Dragons, artifacts left behind by the strong arcane masters...... They would definitely improve at an amazing speed.

Minlur felt the change in Liszt and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Liszt pinched his nose and commented, “Nothing. Just that while looking at these children, I’m feeling myself getting older and older. Our era has ended.”

“The world is their stage now.”

Minlur laughed, “These brats are really outstanding! They are our St. Lauren’s pride!”



A huge ice crown exploded around Ayrin.

A few Evil Dragon followers were unable to escape in time and were frozen inside.


The huge Destroyer Ice Crown shattered, sending countless shards and trapped Evil Dragon followers flying.

“You Evil Dragon followers are all cowards! Come and fight me!” Ayrin shouted as he charged towards the most densely packed places. He looked like a monster charging into a herd of sheep.

To normal arcane masters, the more chaotic the battlefield, the more dangerous it was. There might be a stray arcane skill killing them by accident.

However, Ayrin could become the most powerful in such a place.

The broken arcane powers slamming into him like a tide and the arcane skills flying to him from all around let him obtain an inexhaustible supply of arcane particles.

The feeling of unleashing forbidden skills at will was too wonderful.

Especially after learning several powerful forbidden skills...... including a powerful forbidden skill like the Destroyer Ice Crown. The omnipotent feeling allowed the desire of destruction within Ayrin to reach the extreme.

Ayrin’s gaze was so heated it seemed to burn the air in front of him. Even as he kept unleashing powerful forbidden skills and overburdened his body, he only felt the thrill and ecstasy from the intense pain of his body.

This is my most powerful moment...... There may never be another battlefield as large as this, a place where I can keep unleashing arcane skills without a care about arcane particles.

No matter what enemy stands before me, I will defeat them all!


“So arrogant!”

“You really think you’re invincible! Even if you’re a metal clockwork war avatar that doesn’t know fatigue, I will exhaust you to death!”

Fegizan gritted his teeth.

He held a huge halberd over three meters long. The halberd released a terrifying grey aura that shot up into the sky. The grey aura formed a huge cluster of grey clouds in the sky.

Beneath the clouds, various pieces of flesh were assembling into large rotten giants.

There was an astonishing number of these rotten giants ranging from several meters to several dozens of meters big. They were like a swirl and constantly spread outside, killing the righteous arcane masters.

Many arcane skills blasted onto those rotten giants and splattered their flesh. However, they did not fall and kept fighting.

“Kill him!”

As he roared, almost all the rotten giants charged towards Ayrin.

“What’s that? So smelly!”

The charging Ayrin was surrounded by the rotten giants in an instant. He did not think at all and instinctively used the forbidden skill he just learned from the Voodoo Dragon.

“Rotten Explosion!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Large groups of rotten giants became fluid and exploded.

“Rotten Explosion!”

“Rotten Explosion!”


Fegizan’s pupils contracted to the size of a pin, his face filled with shock and disbelief.

Before he could react to the change, the rotten giants before him exploded and became black fluids.

A figure charged towards him under the sun. It was so dazzling he could not look straight at it.


A suffocating ice arcane power swept towards him.


He screamed in shock. A colorful light film exploded from his body as pale white particles surged within the light film.


Ice arcane power shook again.

A larger ice crown filled Fegizan’s sight.


The shattering sound of the ice crown around him was transmitted into his ears.

“This guy is strong......”

Ayrin suffered from the tremor and twisted his expression in pain.

The clash between arcane powers just now burdened his body, his bones on the verge of cracking.

“Hmm? Could this be the Rotten Flesh Halberd?”

After the rotten giants had all collapsed, Ayrin realized their origin as he saw the huge halberd in front of him. He scratched his head out of habit.

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