Chapter 601: The True Coffin Master Bishop! Evil Dragon Gate!

Chapter 601: The True Coffin Master Bishop! Evil Dragon Gate!


Stingham also came closer and asked, “Don’t tell me it wasn’t the Coffin Master Bishop who used the Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate in the Thorns Swamp?”

“Stingham, don’t interrupt her. She doesn’t have much time left.” Ayrin looked grim. He could sense the life force within the priestess slowly disappearing. Two powerful domains were still clashing within her body.

The two domains seemed to be transforming her body into another material. The power was so strong even the best healing skill could not treat it.

“If the Coffin Master Bishop is just a single Bishop, I wouldn’t need to make this choice.” The priestess looked at Jean Camus and spoke softly, “Only the Evil Dragon can convince the Evil Dragon Bishops and followers that it’s possible to conquer and dominate this continent.”

“You have fought alongside the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline, you know how terrifying it is. However, the Evil Dragon bloodline is probably even stronger...... So strong it makes people lose the courage to fight against him.”

“Could it be?” Everyone thought of a possibility.

The priestess continued, “Although the Evil Dragon was killed during the Era of the War with Dragons, his mental strength was too powerful. Hence, during the Magus Era, his consciousness awakened.”

“That......” Everyone drew a sharp breath.

“The Evil Dragon’s consciousness......” Stingham’s legs were trembling. He felt it was too scary.

“At first, the Evil Dragon’s consciousness could only affect the minds of some people in specific places. He could give out some orders, teach some arcane skills and guide us to where the parts of his corps were located. However, after resting for a thousand years as well as having retrieved and repaired some of his artifacts, his consciousness had become relatively complete by the time I came into contact with him.”

The priestess smiled bitterly, “His consciousness could already use the power of his weapons. The so-called Coffin Master Bishop is actually the consciousness of the Evil Dragon.”

“Then, the Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate in the Thorns Swamp was actually controlled by the Evil Dragon himself?” Ayrin had endless questions. However, due to the little time the priestess had left, he endured the urge to ask. This was because he believed the priestess was getting to something important.

“Since the consciousness of the Evil Dragon has completely resurrected, his every scheme has only led to one final objective. His complete resurrection!”

The priestess spoke faster, “His consciousness has already become strong enough to integrate with an arcane master. He has also found the suitable vessel to integrate his consciousness with, which is Rinsyi. If his plan succeeds, his consciousness will merge with Rinsyi’s body. It is the same as the Evil Dragon truly resurrecting...... The entire Doraster Continent will fall to him again.

Although Stingham was reminded by Ayrin not to interrupt the priestess, he could not help but exclaim, “Rinsyi?”

“You must stop him...... You can’t let him obtain Rinsyi’s body. He had already made arrangements for it when this war broke out. There will be an arcane team transporting Rinsyi’s body to the Spectre Castle...... The Spectre Castle is at the end of the Thorns Swamp, within the Apocalypse Mountain Range...... Also, you must not let the Evil Dragon Army conquer the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold...... Although I’m not certain, I think there might be an important item to the Evil Dragon in the Snowfall Forest behind the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold. He needs his army to enter and help him find it...... Perhaps, even without Rinsyi’s body, he can also resurrect after obtaining that item.”

“Resurrect! Resurrect!”

Stingham was teary-faced, “Why are we so unlucky? The Evil Dragon’s consciousness has awakened so many years ago! Why must he wait until now to resurrect?”

“The Evil Dragon is too powerful...... With just the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline...... Ayrin alone, it’s not enough. Green Dragon bloodline...... elven bloodline, Storm Dragon’s mutated Undying bloodline...... With all of you together, also my son, I hope you can defeat him in the end......”

The priestess glanced at them one after another. Light of hope flashed in her eyes, like the glittering stars in the sky.

It had always been hope that pushed arcane masters to fight and move forward.

Her voice slowly faded away.


Countless light particles scattered from her body.

She slowly became transparent. After which her body became black and white again. It seemed as if half of her existed in darkness while the other half existed in light. She waited for hope in the darkness, for the arrival of light.


A teardrop trailed down Jean Camus’s cheek and dripped onto the ground.

As it touched the ground, the priestess’s body completely disintegrated into light dots and dissipated within Jean Camus’s arms.

Everyone was silent.

Ayrin took a deep breath and solemnly bowed towards the dissipating light particles. Then, he told Jean Camus, “Jean Camus, your mother is a true brave warrior.”

“She was never a true Evil Dragon follower. She only wanted to prevent the Evil Dragon from resurrecting. She fought for hope. So, she gave Stingham, who possesses the high Green Dragon bloodline, the chance to survive......” Meraly and the others were full of tears.

“The war is not over...... There are still the Rotten Flesh Halberd and Epic Abyssal Ring. Jean Camus, we must completely defeat the Evil Dragon!”

Ayrin did not show any grief on his face. His expression only contained burning fighting spirit and determination.

Jean Camus did not say anything. He wiped the tears on his face and stood up.

As he stood up, he seemed to have matured. The youthful and gloomy expression completely disappeared.

Stingham’s mind was in a mess. He shouted towards Ayrin, “Are you really perverts? Ayrin, it’s the Evil Dragon himself! Evil Dragon! Aren’t you scared?”

“What’s there to be scared of?”

“No matter how strong the Evil Dragon is, isn’t he just another enemy? An enemy that can be killed?”

Ayrin turned to look at Stingham, excitement dwelling in his eyes, “And we can fight against the Evil Dragon. To be able to fight such a legendary enemy, it makes me tremble in excitement from just thinking about it!”

“Pervert! We don’t speak the same language!” Stingham felt he would be screwed to death sooner or later by Ayrin.

Liszt glanced at the youngsters and eventually let his gaze fall on Stingham. He slightly shook his head and commented in his heart, “These children have more or less grown up and matured...... Only Stingham is left......”

Chris recalled the priestess’s words. Those words were so disturbing she could not even focus herself to replenish her arcane particles. She asked, “Teacher Liszt, Teacher Ciaran, why does that Evil Dragon’s consciousness need Rinsyi’s body? Is there any special reason?”

“Rinsyi originally possessed the Storm Dragon bloodline. After his mind was broken by Ayrin, he received a powerful remodelling with an Evil Dragon forbidden skill. In the end, the strong frustration and grudge he held caused a mutation...... His physical body was originally already strong. The Evil Dragon was very powerful, yet he was killed during the War with Dragons. His consciousness must also be filled with frustration and grudge.” Liszt’s gaze greatly flickered. He grunted, “Perhaps only a unique situation like Rinsyi can integrate with that consciousness.”

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