Chapter 600: Winged Devil, The True Destroyer

Chapter 600: Winged Devil, The True Destroyer


The Storm Lord’s Spear was a forbidden skill that seeked the greatest extent of offensive power. A forbidden skill even stronger than the Storm Lord’s Spear could only be a forbidden skill on the level of Dark Destruction Dragon!

“What a terrifying destructive aura......”

Stingham was originally spasming on the ground. However, when the white arcane power’s aura touched him, his body stiffened up, not daring to spasm anymore.

“Ice type arcane power? Could this be......”

Liszt opened his mouth wide unconsciously.

The white arcane power around Ayrin released a terrifying chilling aura.


A huge ice crown manifested above Ayrin’s head!

“Impossible!” Nether Bishop Lante screamed in shock.

Ciaran and Minlur could not control their emotions and shouted out, “Destroyer Ice Crown! This was the most powerful ice type forbidden skill even during the Era of the War with Dragons!”

“So, the power the Storm Dragon gave Ayrin with its last bit of strength wasn’t the strongest wind type skill House Baratheon is known for, but the strongest ice type forbidden skill!?”

It is the officially acknowledged strongest ice type forbidden skill that appeared during the Era of the War with Dragons!

It has been lost for a thousand years! No one managed to preserve it, yet here it is!

“Destroyer Ice Crown actually reappeared! This is the legendary...... the most powerful forbidden skill of Cryomaster Kundy, one of the three legendary arcane masters from the Era of the War with Dragons!”

Many arcane masters who saw the huge ice crown rising up from afar also stopped their battles. Their hearts started beating faster uncontrollably.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The huge ice crown kept forcing its way towards Nether Bishop Lante.

“Such raw power......”

Everyone became speechless. They had more or less read the records of this arcane skill. It was similar to Ice Halo and belonged to the close range arcane skills. The power of ice would explode around the arcane master and destroy all enemies within dozens of meters. However, they could sense Ayrin charging forward like a beast while pushing the ice crown.

It made the fixed explosive type ice forbidden skill become similar to a mobile annihilation type ice forbidden skill!

After the series of changes and accidents, Lante was still unable to kill Ayrin. Yet, he witnessed Ayrin’s breakthroughs one after another. His emotions overwhelmed his rationality as he roared out, “So what if your bloodline is special? So what if you have powerful forbidden skills? You think you can defeat me?”


A grey crystal pillar of light shot out from his right hand and slammed into the huge ice crown.

“What’s up with his hand?”

“Even this forbidden skill cannot match it?”

The grey crystal pillar of light clashed against the huge ice crown. The shockwave even knocked back Liszt and the other teachers.

The grey crystal pillar of light contained a terrifying power, shattering the huge ice crown layer by layer.

The priestess’s voice transmitted into everyone’s ear at that moment, “It’s an arm of the Evil Dragon.”

“Evil Dragon’s arm?”

Everyone was filled with disbelief.

“It’s a relatively complete arm...... It regained vitality under the restoration of Evil Dragon arcane skills. Lante severed his right arm and used an Evil Dragon forbidden skill to connect that arm to his body. So, he gained a portion of its power......” The priestess continued to explain. Everyone turned pale.

Evil Dragon’s arm...... Can Ayrin fight against such power?


At that moment, the huge ice crown was about to completely shatter. However, countless streaks of white arcane power shot out from the cracks again.

The huge Destroyer Ice Crown rapidly bloated up. The shattered area was filled up again and an even larger crown manifested.

He is stacking it!

Even Stingham understood what was happening.

This kind of forbidden skill can only be used once if a normal arcane master were to use it, because it would exhaust all their arcane particles.

But it’s different for Ayrin!

In this kind of large battlefield where he can constantly replenish his arcane particles, he can keep using it like the Eternal Winter Domain!

This is a forbidden skill on top of a forbidden skill!

A forbidden skill like the Destroyer Ice Crown...... Stingham’s mouth opened and closed, but no sound came out.

If Ayrin is a devil, this forbidden skill gives him his wings!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The air kept shaking. Waves of a terrifying destructive chilling aura rampaged around. Layers after layers of ice stacked up on the ground.

Ayrin kept casting Destroyer Ice Crown. The huge ice crown enlarged explosively every time the air shook.


Nether Bishop Lante shouted madly. The grey crystal pillar of light shooting out from his right hand began to be pushed back until it eventually shattered.

A desperate yell came from his mouth, “Void Vanquishing Flame Chain!”

Everyone could see the light silhouette contaminated by the black and white color on the other end of the spatial passage rapidly pouring out its remaining arcane particles.


A chain similar to the one that killed the Storm Dragon flew out. It looked like void light rays and passed through the huge ice crown without any hindrance, wrapping around Ayrin.

“Jean Camus, hurry and help! Ayrin can’t handle that arcane skill!” Stingham desperately shouted despite cursing Ayrin a moment ago.

At that moment, Ayrin shouted out fervently, “A strange forbidden skill! Semi-spatial type forbidden skill, huh? Then, let’s try these forbidden skills together!”


The same chain wrapped around him now emerged from Ayrin’s hands and wrapped around Nether Bishop Lante.

“Ah! How can you know my forbidden skill!?” Nether Bishop Lante screamed in fear.

“The arcane particle flow of your light silhouette is so clear to see. It’s hard for me not to learn it!” Ayrin laughed wildly and unleashed an arcane energy fluctuation.

Everyone became speechless.

The battle scene unfolding before their eyes was too out of the norm. Both sides held a chain condensed from golden flames and lightning. Both sides desperately pulled and tried to strangle the other.

The two chains deeply dug into their bodies. The chains shone brightly and both of them were desperately yelling.

What was different was that Nether Bishop Lante was yelling in fear, while Ayrin seemed to be yelling like a sadist.


Arcane energy fluctuations kept reverberating from Ayrin’s body.

The Destroyer Ice Crown kept expanding and eventually crashed into Nether Bishop Lante.


Nether Bishop Lante was encased by solid ice. The destructive ice arcane power froze his body into an ice sculpture.

In the next moment, Lante’s body was smashed apart like broken glass.

“Ayrin!” Charlotte, Meraly and the others trembled in excitement.

As Lante’s body shattered, the spatial passage began to dissipate. The light silhouette on the other end also shattered. The chain dug into Ayrin’s body started disappearing until only scattering flames and lightning were left.


An arm fell from the sky that was shining with a grey color.

Lante had completely disappeared, but the arm remained intact. The ice arcane power could not even invade it.


Everyone drew a sharp breath.

Before the arm crashed into the ground, it rapidly transformed. At first, it looked like a human arm. However , right before it landed, it became a terrifying dragon claw!


The dragon claw created a huge crater on the ground. Purplish black arcane power rose up from the surface of the claw and formed purplish black particles.

“He’s dead? I finally killed him?” Ayrin mumbled to himself incoherently after almost getting cut into pieces.

He was like a sadist in the battle. But now, he did not show any of the manners of an expert as he cried in pain.

The priestess mumbled, “Epic Silver Dragon bloodline...... it’s really an unbelievable bloodline. Jean Camus......”

Jean Camus immediately felt some kind of moment was about to arrive. His body stiffened up again.

“Mother, you......”

He took a glance at Stingham not far away and wanted to ask something. However, he could not find the words.

“Have you clearly seen how powerful the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline is now? But my child, have you ever thought before, other than possessing similar abilities, which aspects of the Evil Dragon are stronger?”

“Even when the best arcane masters from the Kingdom of Doa and Kingdom of Eiche moved...... this is still the end result...... If the Evil Dragon resurrects, then, my child...... How will I be able to protect you?”

“Jean Camus’s mother becoming an Evil Dragon Bishop was to protect him. She had been a righteous arcane master hidden amongst the Evil Dragon followers, all to wait for a suitable chance. Does she also want to fight against the Evil Dragon?” Chris and the rest came closer. They vaguely guessed the truth.

It was because of her that Stingham was able to survive.

The priestess did not stop talking. She seemed to know her end was quickly approaching. Her gaze was filled with unwillingness to part and longing. However, her expression was shrouded in a layer of truly holy radiance.

“There never was a Coffin Master Bishop......”

“No Coffin Master Bishop? What does that mean?” Everyone who gathered around her was shocked.

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