Chapter 599: Stingham Meatshield, Ayrin’s Breakthrough

Chapter 599: Stingham Meatshield, Ayrin’s Breakthrough


Along with the shattering space, the body of the priestess also started cracking apart.


A unique presence shook from the edge of her palm.

Nether Bishop Lante roared as his body also turned black and white.


A streak of green flames rushed towards Nether Bishop Lante. It was the Green Dragon Spear Stingham threw, but the space around Nether Bishop Lante seemed to have twisted as the green flames could not reach him. It instead began circling around him.


The passage behind Lante fully opened.

Countless blue belts of light spread out from the passage. Ayrin could see a light silhouette on the other side of the passage that looked like Lante’s doppelganger. Countless blue belts of light connected to that light silhouette.

“It’s actually this forbidden skill......”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide and was filled with astonishment.

At that moment, the wound on his chest caused by the Dragon Crystal strangely disappeared. He felt an additional power circling through his body. His mind recalled those images that seemed to be arcane skills. However, he had no time to ‘see’ them. His attention was attracted by the light silhouette connected by the blue belts of light on the other side of the passage.

The Lante fighting against them was clearly the real one, his body containing both life force and heat. However, the light silhouette on the other end of the passage was his second body, one specifically for circulating arcane particles.

It was clearly a mysterious forbidden skill.

The forbidden skill gave Ayrin a feeling that even if Nether Bishop Lante’s physical body received any powerful impact or tremor, his casting would not be interrupted.

Also, the body he used to store and circulate arcane particles seemed to allow the arcane particles to flow faster to improve his casting speed.

The light silhouette itself seemed like a unique spatial domain. Ayrin could clearly see a huge python behind it. His two wind spears were stored inside the body of that python.

“Any attack against him will be pulled into another space by this domain...... the space that light silhouette is in?”

“Even if that light silhouette’s domain overloads and explodes, it will only explode in there and won’t harm his physical body.”

“Even with his arcane level, generating that light silhouette and that domain will probably exhaust all his arcane particles...... This forbidden skill can only be cast beforehand! He can first create that light silhouette and domain, then replenish his arcane particles and fight!”

The aura released by the blue belts of light and the light silhouette sharpened Ayrin’s senses.


While Ayrin had such insights, the black and white color spread along the blue belt of light and rapidly hit the light silhouette on the other side.


The huge python that seemed to be constantly changing between nothingness and real shattered. The arcane power became a raging gale and blew the light silhouette of its feet. The terrifying gale rushed out from the spatial passage and became a powerful pillar of wind.

A huge tornado appeared around Nether Bishop Lante and the priestess.


At that moment, Nether Bishop Lante finally revealed a truly shocked expression. It seemed that he only now realized the true power of the priestess.

At that moment, there was a sonorous and loud voice suddenly speaking in the sky, “You dare to betray me? Anyone who betrays me will die!”

“The hand can talk? What’s that monster?”

Stingham was petrified. He could tell the voice came from Lante’s right hand.


A terrifying power shot out and a huge grey illusion appeared in the sky. The illusion held a huge staff in one hand and huge halberd in the other. It released an indomitable aura.

“Evil Dragon!”

“It’s the Evil Dragon!”

Shocked screams came from afar.

“Evil Dragon?”

Ayrin and the others also held their breath.

The grey illusion was a man with a blurry face. He wore a crown that looked exactly the same as the Spirit Crown.


The grey illusion suddenly disappeared. A large Shadow Coffin appeared in the sky.

The Shadow Coffin enveloped the priestess and closed its lid.


Jean Camus’s entire body began trembling. He was already heavily injured and had exhausted all his arcane particles. However, he still madly ran towards the coffin.


Becoming a cluster of shade, the Shadow Coffin disappeared.

The priestess’s body was shrouded in a layer of crystal and fell from the sky.

“You’re asking for death!”

Lante’s expression looked better. He sneered at the falling priestess, but fear still seemed to linger.


Jean Camus jumped up somehow and hugged the falling priestess.

The priestess’s entire body seemed to be crystalized and cracked. Light seeped out from the seams.

Jean Camus’s expression turned menacing. He roared out towards Lante, “I’m going to kill you!”

“Don’t leave my side, I don’t have much time left.” The priestess watched Jean Camus attentively, as if trying to carve Jean Camus’s appearance into her eyes.

“Jean Camus, calm down. She seems to have something to say.” Stingham spoke at the side, “Also, we can’t beat that Nether Bishop currently!”

Liszt took a deep breath and spoke to Ayrin with a serious expression, “Ayrin, his right hand is suspicious.”

Only Ayrin could still fight against Lante now. The others like Moss or Charlotte could not stand up against him.

Lante himself seemed to be greatly exhausted. However, his right hand’s aura was very creepy as if it was not his own.

The words ‘fear of death’ or ‘shrink back’ did not exist in Ayrin’s dictionary. He was also clear that when facing an enemy at the level of Nether Bishop Lante, he might be able to escape if he was alone. However, in a situation where Jean Camus, Ferguillo and Belo were heavily wounded while Liszt and the others had exhausted their arcane particles, even if they ran, only a few of them could escape if they were lucky.

I can only fight!

But my arcane skills and domains aren’t enough to defeat him.

What should I do?

Ayrin began rapidly ‘watching’ the images the Storm Dragon’s Dragon Crystal left in his mind.

“How can this be?”

The images were absolutely unbelievable.

“Epic Silver Dragon bloodline, you shall die first!”

Nether Bishop Lante was also clear that the greatest threat right now was Ayrin. He did not look at Jean Camus and the others. His grey arm pressed down onto Ayrin from afar.


A grey light ray shot out.

“What the hell is that? How can Ayrin block it?”

Stingham sensed the grey light ray would vaporize any arcane power. He instinctively knew Ayrin would be unable to block it.


At that moment, before he could react, Ayrin landed behind him with sparkling eyes. Then, Ayrin grabbed him with both hands and shrank behind him.

Stingham was dumbfounded and then screamed, “Ah!”


The grey light ray hit him.

“Stingham...... Ayrin......”

Everyone’s gaze froze.

The ground around Stingham and Ayrin vaporized. A ring of grey crystal light spread out and became a light barrier.

Nether Bishop Lante felt relieved and turned his gaze to Liszt and the others.

Next, he would get rid of Liszt’s team. If they replenished some arcane particles, there might be an accident.

However, at that moment, Stingham’s complaints came from the dissipating grey crystal light barrier, “Ayrin, you shameless pervert! You actually grabbed onto me and used me as a shield!”


Everyone was speechless.

Stingham and Ayrin appeared.

Stingham was lying on the ground while foaming. His body was spasming non-stop, but he did not seem to have any obvious wounds.

On the other hand, the unscatched Ayrin jumped out from behind him.

It can’t be helped. My instinct told me this was the only way...... Only your Lover’s Corpse could barely withstand this hit...... This is all for defeating that guy, brave warrior Stingham.

Now, let me defeat him!

Apology and embarrassment flashed across Ayrin’s eyes. However, his expression was swallowed by a burning fighting spirit.


Waves of raging white arcane power suddenly swallowed his body.

“This is......?”

Lante had an ominous feeling.

Although Ayrin had inexhaustible arcane particles, his arcane level was fixed. However, the white arcane power currently surging around Ayrin gave Lante a destructive feeling.

The Storm Lord’s Spear was one of the most powerful offensive forbidden skills from House Baratheon. However, the arcane aura around Ayrin now was even more terrifying! It could only mean one thing. The forbidden skill Ayrin was currently casting was far stronger than the Storm Lord’s Spear!

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