Chapter 598: Jean Camus’s Trembling

Chapter 598: Jean Camus’s Trembling


“There won’t be any miracle.”

Nether Bishop Lante laughed cruelly. A strange arcane energy fluctuation suddenly surged out from his hands.

The chain entangling the Storm Dragon tightened and cut into its body.

Mysterious Draconic chants came from the Storm Dragon’s mouth, but it seemed to be useless as its cries of pain rang out more powerfully.

The chains deeply dug into its body. Especially the chain wrapped around its neck was glowly brightly and deeply melded into its flesh. Its entire head was in danger of getting cut off.

“Eye of the Storm: Void Piercing Escape!”

The master of House Baratheon had a bitter expression. Raging winds surged around him and began to form a huge yellowish eyeball in the sky.


In the next moment, that eyeball suddenly contracted towards the center. The master of House Baratheon disappeared along with it.

“What? He ran away? Baratheon’s Storm Dragon is about to be killed and he just ran away? That’s so cold-hearted!” Stingham shouted in disbelief.

The bitter expression on Liszt and the others’ faces deepened. Although it looked like a cowardly and shameless act, it was the best choice in the current situation.

At this crucial moment, no other righteous arcane master on par with the Evil Dragon Bishops arrived. It only meant they had either died or were so heavily injured they could no longer fight.

Meanwhile, the two Evil Dragon Bishops clearly did not really participate in the war. They were in peak condition. Especially Nether Bishop Lante, who showed his strength was superior to the other Evil Dragon Bishops here.. The master of House Baratheon had mostly exhausted his arcane particles. If he stuck around and fought, he might even be instantly killed.

Still, Ayrin could not understand his logic. After he realized the master of House Baratheon had escaped, he shouted angrily, “Bastard! He ditched his partner and ran away! Even if you may die, you must never abandon your comrades!”

“Holy Gate of Life!”

“Storm Lord’s Spear!”

Rampaging arcane energy fluctuations reverberated from his body as another wind spear shot towards Nether Bishop Lante.

“What a pity. Even if your Epic Silver Dragon bloodline can truly let your arcane particles become inexhaustible...... do you think you can defeat me like that?”

Nether Bishop Lante shook his head and smiled sympathetically.

The Demonic Dragon tattoo on his face released smoke, as if it was burning.


The Nether Void Snake appeared again from the gate, opening its mouth and swallowing the spear.


At the same time, a black star was falling down.

A streak of black flames fell straight down from the sky and locked onto Ayrin.


Stingham and the others had no time to react. As they shouted, the area around Ayrin instantly became a deep crater. Terrifying arcane powers ran through the earth and cut up countless seams.

The dust rising up from the crater was compressed into a dense crystalized form by the pressure of the arcane powers. It looked like diamond dust.

Lante shook his head in pity.

However, his pupils contracted in the next moment, “Hmm?”

Stingham also opened his eyes wide.

A figure was slowly standing up from the center of the crater.

“He didn’t die even from that?” Stingham was dumbfounded for a moment, then shouted hysterically, “Ayrin, you’re really too perverted!”


Rinloran gritted his teeth, “What’s with you? You really want Ayrin to die?”

“Bastard! Even if I can’t beat you, I will exhaust you! Even if I’m no match for you and my arcane skills aren’t a threat to you...... you still need to spend arcane particles for every arcane skill you use! So, what are you boasting about? If not for the intensive battle against that Voodoo Dragon before, you wouldn’t have so easily ambushed the Storm Dragon!” Ayrin shouted angrily as he shot up into the sky like a missile.

“Holy Gate of Life!”

“Eternal Winter Domain!”

An Eternal Winter Domain spread out in the sky.

“Too slow.” Nether Bishop Lante narrowed his eyes.

He did not care about Ayrin’s attack as he strengthened the arcane power from his hands.


The chain around the Storm Dragon’s neck shone again and completely cut off its neck.


Those on the ground were so shocked their hearts almost stopped.

It was an unimaginable scene. A true Dragon that they could only look up to was decapitated right in front of them. Its head was about to fall to the ground.

The Storm Dragon eyes were wide open.

Underneath the two huge eyeballs, yellowish light spread out. Its two huge eyeballs became two gems in that moment.

Destructive light of hatred originally dwelled in its eyes. However, when it saw Ayrin desperately rushing to save it, the destructive light suddenly vanished.

Its pupils flashed and all signs of life extinguished.


A yellowish crystal shot out from its mouth with a speed even faster than a six-gate arcane master could cast an arcane skill.


The crystal crashed into Ayrin’s chest.

“What happened?”

Stingham held his breath in confusion.

Ayrin crashed down like a meteor.

He could see a section of the crystal buried into Ayrin’s chest. Blood flowed out from the wound and poured onto the crystal.

“You bastard!”

Stingham’s expression twisted. He madly cursed the Storm Dragon, “What’s wrong with you? Ayrin tried to save you, yet you attacked him!”

The Storm Dragon did not make any sound. It was already dead, its head crashing into the ground.

Its life force was completely gone. Only the crystal stabbed into Ayrin’s chest was still releasing a terrifying dragon aura.

“Shut up!” Rinloran transmitted his voice into Stingham’s ear.

It was different from his usual scolding. This time, the voice carried his true anger.


“This is......”

Ayrin did not even scream when the crystal pierced his chest.

An indescribable feeling filled his entire being along with the power released by the crystal.

The crystal was rapidly shrinking.

Waves of unique power were filling up every cell in his body. At the same time, many images appeared in his head as a voice spoke in the mysterious Draconic language.

“It used Dragon Crystal Inheritance...... but what use is it at this moment? Disappear together!”

Nether Lord Lante’s astonishment only lasted a mere moment, “Nether Hell Chain!”

An illusion of a huge snake appeared from the void.


A chain similar to the one that killed the Storm Dragon extended from the void and flew toward Ayrin.


Stingham felt every cell in his body exploding.

He used all his strength and threw the Green Dragon Spear towards Lante.

It was an indescribable instinct. He felt Ayrin would really die if that arcane skill hit. He had never felt it even when Ayrin was hit by the black flames before.

A figure suddenly appeared next to Ayrin.


A unique domain power spread out.

The huge chain suddenly disappeared before reaching him and Ayrin.

“Jean Camus!”

Everyone realized what happened.

“You can actually stop this forbidden skill! In that case, you shall die even more painfully!”

Lante’s expression turned ice cold.

The Demonic Dragon tattoo on his face suddenly swam and gathered on his right hand.

A grey crystal light shone from his right hand.

“This is?” Liszt and Rui contracted their pupils to the limit. That grey crystal light gave them a feeling as if it surpassed all. They even hallucinated a terrifying devil roaring and devouring everything.

Next to Lante, the female priestess enveloped in holy light had kept a calm expression.

However, right now her face had turned pale.

There was no arcane energy fluctuation and no presence.

She suddenly disappeared from the holy pillar of light.

One hand landed on the back of Nether Bishop Lante as if it crossed through time and space.

She arrived next.

She pressed her hand on the back of Nether Bishop Lante, her body a combination of black and white. It should have been a creepy sight, but she gave off a serene and holy feeling. She seemed to have crossed worlds. Many voices that sounded like chanting came from her body.

“You!” Nether Bishop Lante roared out and turned around.

Another gate appeared before him and the huge snake’s head poked out. However, it was instantly destroyed by a terrifying power and was reduced to ash.


His right hand which released a grey crystal light swung out and hit the priestess.

Time seemed to stop at that moment.

It seemed like many layers of glass where shattering in front of the priestess. Meanwhile, behind Nether Bishop Lante, many blue belts of light flowed out and seeped into the void.

Within the void, a passage was taking shape.

“What’s going on?” Everyone was shocked.

Jean Camus stiffened, his hands trembling violently.

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