Chapter 597: Climax Of The War, Deaths Of The Strong

Chapter 597: Climax Of The War, Deaths Of The Strong


“So terrifying!”

“I can’t move at all!”

Stingham and the others screamed in shock.

The arcane energy fluctuation of the Spirit Crown was too terrifying. It felt as if an ocean flowed in the air and pressed them down on the spot.

“Charge! Brave warrior!”

Unlike the others, Ayrin dashed towards the Spirit Crown energetically.


Holy light rays surged out from his body and shot towards the Spirit Crown.

The purplish black arcane power released by the Spirit Crown became a ball of flames over dozens of meters in diameter. Pure death energy flowed out from the surface, taking the form of the dancing whips of the reaper.

Inside the huge ball of flames, even more light flashed, as if it was a completely different world inside.

The holy light rays crashed into the surface of the purplish black ball of flames and splashed it apart.

“It’s really effective!”

“It’s being suppressed!”

Jean Camus and Ferguillo looked surprised.

The purplish black ball of flames made them feel as if a pot of water was almost reaching boiling point. However, the light rays shot by Ayrin had a similar effect to adding cold water to a boiling pot.

With each light ray, a portion of death energy was ablated.

Under the rush of Ayrin’s holy light rays, the revitalization of the Spirit Crown was suppressed at this critical point.


The Evil Dragon follower crushed by the pressure of the Spirit Crown let out a horrifying roar, then forcefully pointed towards Ayrin.

Crack crack crack......

As he stretched out his hand, bone shattering sounds came from his arm.


A cluster of arcane power split away from the purplish black ball of flames and transformed into hundreds of purplish black angels. They let out sharp shrieks as they charged towards Ayrin.

“I don’t think we can stop them!” Stingham screamed. “It’s over!”

The purplish black angels weaved through the holy light rays. Although they were constantly shrinking as their arcane energy disintegrated under the holy light rays, they were too fast. The power from the holy light rays was unable to exhaust their energy.

At that moment, Ciaran whispered to Stingham, “It may be over for other arcane masters...... but it’s different for Ayrin......”

“Holy Gate of Life!”

“Holy Light: Ablation!”

Ayrin shouted out excitedly.


Countless new holy light rays shot out before him.


Stingham was speechless.

The purplish black angels clearly slowed down.

“Holy Gate of Life!”

“Holy Light: Ablation!”

Ayrin kept advancing forward. He did not stop as he shot out another barrage of holy light rays.

“He’s really a monster......” Jean Camus and Ferguillo thought.

The holy light rays were so densely packed they became a huge wall of light before Ayrin, emitting a gem-like radiance.

Large chunks of arcane energy split away from the purplish black angels. The arcane energy was purified and ablated by the holy light rays.

The purplish black angels completely vanished several dozens of meters away from Ayrin.

“Ah!” The Evil Dragon follower screamed out in shock.

“So savage!”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Ayrin actually jumped up and punched the purplish black ball of flames while enveloped in the holy light rays.


The surface of the purplish black ball of flames splashed.


Ayrin was knocked back.

“Charge! Brave warrior!”

However, he immediately charged forward again.


“Our Leader is really invincible!”

The demihumans loudly flattered and cheered him on.

“Luckily, the Spirit Crown cannot be eaten...... Otherwise, Ayrin might eat even that.”

Stingham and the others were speechless.

Under the assault of the maniac Ayrin, the Spirit Crown which was one of the Evil Dragon artifacts that could determine the flow of the entire war seemed to have become a target of trample.


The Evil Dragon follower spat out a mouthful of blood.

His arcane power was connected with the Spirit Crown. As Ayrin attacked it, he could not even fight back as he was suffering from the blows received by the purplish black ball of flames.

The ball of flames was shrinking and the dense arcane power was thinning away. The Spirit Crown at the center slowly appeared before everyone’s eyes.

As Ayrin continued attacking, even the Spirit Crown started violently vibrating, as if screaming in fear.

“What’s going on?”

“Why isn’t the Spirit Crown unleashing its power?”

“Is there someone who can fight the revitalized Spirit Crown? That’s impossible!”

Outside the Doa Royal Palace, the Evil Dragon followers who had started laughing maniacally, convinced of their victory, were now starting to shiver in fear.

The expected scene of the Spirit Crown sweeping across the battlefield did not appear. Instead, its power was quickly dwindling.


“That’s all?” Ayrin shouted, “The Evil Dragon artifact isn’t a big deal!”

Under his assault, the purplish black arcane power released by the Spirit Crown had shrunk into a small ring of light. It only had a diameter of about half a meter.


At that moment, Ayrin felt a terrifying aura suddenly appear in the sky above.

“Some powerful Evil Dragon follower is coming?”

He raised his head.

“Thelamuen! Watch out!” the master of House Baratheon anxiously warned.

Thelamuen was the name of the Storm Dragon.

As his voice reached the Storm Dragon, it let out a painful cry.

A huge chain enveloped in golden flames and lightning entangled around its body from the void.


The master of House Baratheon attempted to help, but a loud explosion came from his back and he was blown away like a meteor, vomiting blood as he flew.

At that moment, a raging silver flame surged out from underneath Ayrin. “Bastard! I will get you first!”


He roared and shot out another barrage of holy light rays.


The moment the holy light rays hit the Spirit Crown, his fist also smashed onto it.


A clear cracking sound came from the Spirit Crown.

A fragment dropped down.


The Evil Dragon follower under the Spirit Crown let out a despaired scream. His body began cracking.


Countless cracks spread across the Spirit Crown before it exploded.

“Ayrin!” Charlotte and the others screamed in shock.

A huge mushroom cloud rose up into the air. Ayrin was swallowed up by it as a terrifying shockwave swept across the area.

“Ayrin...... Another two Evil Dragon Bishops? We’re doomed......”

Stingham’s legs were wobbling.

In the sky not far away from the Storm Dragon stood an arcane master with a purplish black Demonic Dragon tattoo on his face.

The huge chain came from his hands.

Meanwhile, on the ground not far away, a holy pillar of light also appeared.

Within the pillar of light was a white-robed woman releasing a holy radiance. She was Jean Camus’s mother, the holy maiden of the Green Dragon Divine Temple.

“Where did the experts from our Kingdom of Eiche go? Why do only Evil Dragon Bishops arrive and not our reinforcements? Why are those guys even less dependable than the master of House Baratheon?” Stingham shouted while crying.

Liszt and Ciaran also showed a bitter expression.

To the top arcane masters, it was an evenly matched war. The best arcane masters from both sides were similar in number. It was nothing strange that they came here after handling their initial opponents.

It proved that the battles between the powerful individuals had mostly come to an end. Regardless of the Evil Dragon followers or righteous arcane masters, many arcane masters that once represented the strongest fighting force of the Doraster Continent had fallen.


A sharp whistling sound came from the rising mushroom cloud.

A yellowish wind spear over several hundred meters long shot towards the tattooed Evil Dragon Bishop.

The tattooed Evil Dragon Bishop calmly spoke, “The powerful Epic Silver Dragon bloodline surprised even me. You actually destroyed the Spirit Crown...... However, it’s a pity you’re still too weak. Not a single one of you shall leave here alive today.”


A gate full of patterns similar to the tattoo on his face appeared before him and the head of a huge python peeped out from inside.

Its head was full of Demonic Dragon tattoos and reverberated a strange arcane aura.

Without making a sound, the python opened its mouth and swallowed the wind spear.

“Nether Void Snake! You’re Nether Bishop Lante! Didn’t the Green Dragon Divine Temple......” Shanna shouted in disbelief, then immediately stopped. This was because she realized the reason.

Nether Bishop Lante was killed by the arcane masters from the Green Dragon Divine Temple many years ago.

However, at that time, the Green Dragon Divine Temple was probably already under the control of the Evil Dragon followers...... Hence, Nether Bishop Lante who was rumored to be the strongest after Coffin Master Bishop was actually not dead!

“What a strange forbidden skill. I can’t sense how it was cast!”

The pitch-black Ayrin slowly showed up from the mushroom cloud. He was shocked while looking at Nether Bishop Lante in the sky.

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