Chapter 596: Revitalized Crown

Chapter 596: Revitalized Crown


The colorful light film was shining brightly. It was more dazzling than any crystal glass in the Doa Royal Palace before it got destroyed.

“Why are there so many things flying up? What are they?”

Ayrin was getting more surprised and opened his eyes wider.

The dazzling light film seemed to have exhausted all the arcane particles of the Voodoo Dragon. However, after it manifested, many lumps of objects flew up and accelerated. Those lumps even broke through sonic speed!

The lumps seemed like flesh, some from arcane masters, some from beasts and monsters!


The light film disappeared and became countless light dots, then rapidly gathered together.

Countless pieces of flesh piled up together under the attraction of the unique domain and adhered to the surface of the gathered light dots.

“It became another Storm Dragon?”

Ayrin was dumbfounded.

Before the Voodoo Dragon, another enormous figure appeared. Yellowish light flashed as yet another Storm Dragon appeared!

The Storm Dragon created by the Voodoo Dragon looked exactly the same as the other two Storm Dragons. If not for witnessing its creation, most arcane masters probably would not be able to tell the difference between it and the other two Storm Dragons.

“Body Clone Domain!” Rui spat out with a grim expression.

This was the strongest talent domain of the Voodoo Dragon recorded in history.

It could perfectly clone the physical body of an opponent.

Although the clone could not use any arcane skill, that was no problem since it cloned the physical body of the Storm Dragon. Just the physical body alone contained a terrifying power.

“It just created the body of the Storm Dragon, huh? There don’t seem to be any arcane particles...... In that case, isn’t it useless? Why did it do that?” Ayrin muttered while getting engrossed in spectating.

Although he did not know what kind of domain it was, he could sense the Storm Dragon made with it only contained physical strength without any arcane power. In that case, even if the Storm Dragon and the master of House Baratheon received some injuries, it could still not win against them.

Stingham’s gloomy voice suddenly called out next to Ayrin’s ear, “I know why......”


Ayrin did not notice when Stingham had gotten next to him. He shouted in surprise, then complained, “Stingham, why did you suddenly come here? Do you know why?”

“Of course I know.”

Stingham had a dark expression. He squeezed out the words, “Because it’s almost time!”

“Ayrin you bastard! I told you to read the scroll! It’s almost time now! That Voodoo Dragon doesn’t even need to win, it just needs to stall for long enough. Soon, the Spirit Crown will destroy everything!” Stingham became more furious as he spoke. His finger almost poked Ayrin’s nose, “So I had no choice but to come here. If the situation turns bad, I will carry Teacher Ciaran and run!”

“......” Ciaran and Minlur were speechless.

Especially Ciaran, she did not know if she should praise or scold Stingham.

Saving people is also a multiple choice for him, with a difference between male and female...... This guy is saving Ciaran probably because Ciaran is the only beauty amongst the teachers......

“The time is almost up.”

After Ayrin came to this realization, he felt a little strange. He scratched his head, “But why are you so worked up, Stingham? I have already learned the forbidden skill on this scroll.”

“What did you say?” Stingham was dumbfounded.

“Ayrin, are you joking?” Even Liszt could not believe it.

“It isn’t difficult. I learned it in an instant. Just that I must not make any mistake, so I was revising it.” Ayrin spoke as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

“In such a short amount of time...... And even time to revise?” Stingham’s mouth opened so wide his jaw almost fell off.

“Yeah. This is much easier than the domain of that big guy.”

Ayrin’s eyes sparkled, “This Voodoo Dragon’s domain is interesting. I have a feeling if I think carefully, I may be able to remember it. Teacher Liszt, there’s still a bit of time, I shouldn’t need to make a move yet, right? Let me watch the battle between that Voodoo Dragon and the two big guys from Baratheon a little more. I may be able to learn more powerful arcane skills. Their arcane skills are really strong!”

“What? In such a situation, even the Voodoo Dragon’s domain...... His latent Epic Silver Dragon bloodline has truly awakened...... And it is actually this powerful?”

Minlur, Ciaran and the other teachers who had watched over Ayrin’s growth step by step felt unreal.

“When it’s just about to completely revitalize, you should be able to sense it yourself......” Liszt looked speechless. However, his gaze was filled with the flames of joy and hope, “Watch the fight for a while longer. Just make sure you aren’t late with activating that skill.”


Ayrin tightened his fist and looked enthusiastic.


At that moment, an enormous figure in the sky suddenly went missing. The master of House Baratheon returned to normal. He coughed violently, but powerful arcane energy fluctuations surged out without getting affected.

A mysterious Draconic incantation came from his mouth. “Storm Lord’s Spear!”

Streaks of yellowish wind currents revolved around him and twisted together. The squeezing and entangling eventually condensed into a spinning spear over several hundred meters long.


The spinning spear possessed astonishing penetrative power. It skewered the Storm Dragon created by the Voodoo Dragon’s domain from head to tail.


Ayrin was all smiles.

“Don’t tell me you can even learn that?” Stingham could not close his mouth, his drool flowing out constantly. He was very familiar with Ayrin. So, he knew to feel suspicious when Ayrin was all smiles.

“Inverse Dragon Scale: Storm Cut!”

The Storm Dragon above the master of House Baratheon let out a true Draconic chant.

The scales on its body instantly shedded off. They revolved in the storm and became spinning blades.


The Voodoo Dragon cried out in pain.

The attack was too dense. It could not dodge at all and was riddled with holes.

Its enormous body fell down like a huge airship that lost its engine. The blood spewing out of its body looked like streaks of a waterfall.

“I don’t have dragon scales, I can’t learn that.” Ayrin grumbled.

“Rotten Explosion!”

The remaining arcane particles in the Voodoo Dragon suddenly surged out.

Countless streaks of black arcane power seeped into the skewered Storm Dragon.


The Storm Dragon immediately turned back. Then, it became similar to a rotten corpse and violently exploded.

A cluster of terrifying explosive shockwaves over several hundred meters in diameter appeared in the sky.

Poisonous foam and mucus splashed around.

The master of House Baratheon retreated back rapidly, not slowing down one bit.

“Liszt, how is it!?” he shouted after coming down from the sky.


Ayrin looked at the wounded Voodoo Dragon that had completely exhausted its arcane particles with respect. Achieving such a result in a two against one fight was really not easy.

At the same time, he also revealed a satisfied expression, “I’m ready!” He shouted towards the master of House Baratheon who clearly seemed prepared to retreat.

“Did you even learn that arcane skill the Voodoo Dragon used at the end?” Stingham kept his eyes on Ayrin’s expression. Ayrin’s current expression gave him an urge to puke blood.

“Did you really...... in such a short time......” The master of House Baratheon slowed down, astonishment and suspicion flickering in his eyes.

“Uncle, look!”

Ayrin nodded. He excitedly swung his fist. With a loud boom, a terrifying arcane energy fluctuation was released.

“Storm Lord’s Spear!”

Streaks of yellowish wind currents twisted before him.


The several hundred meters long spear stabbed into the Voodoo Dragon that was already falling to the ground.


Even Ferguillo and Jean Camus nearly jumped in shock.


The master of House Baratheon twisted his expression and almost cursed.

What did Ayrin learn!?

He’s supposed to learn the holy type forbidden skill to resist against the Spirit Crown! But he used the wind type forbidden skill of my House Baratheon instead!

“Haha, I really did it!”

Ayrin began laughing.

However, in the next moment, he suddenly looked serious and revealed a determined expression that did not fit his age.

“It’s almost time!”

A rapid chant flowed out of his mouth, “Holy Light: Ablation!”



The masked Evil Dragon follower screamed out in pain.

An unimaginable pressure generated by arcane energy fluctuations pressed down on him. His body could not endure it and his knees were crushed, forcing him to kneel down.

The arcane power surging out of the Spirit Crown on his head seemed to be completely burning.

It was as if a purplish black sun rose up, the surrounding space seemingly collapsing inwards.

“The Spirit Crown is not destroyed......”

Even the arcane masters outside the Doa Royal Palace could sense the awakening of that terrifying aura. The remnant Evil Dragon followers began laughing maniacally.

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