Chapter 595: Ayrin Is Busy

Chapter 595: Ayrin Is Busy


House Baratheon’s Storm Dragon!

Stingham and everyone else’s gaze froze.

The appearance of another true Dragon!

Although the era belonging to the Dragons ended after the War with Dragons, some survived by depending on Houses like Baratheon. However, regardless of the era, Dragons had always represented the strongest fighting force in the Doraster Continent!

The Storm Dragon was a combat type Dragon.

Its appearance was even more majestic and mysterious than the Voodoo Dragon. It was covered in yellowish gem-like dragon scales. A shiny arcane resistance layer flowed on its body, giving off a non-living feeling. However, it was releasing a powerful life force.

Even the whiskers under its chin seemed to be reverberating the essence of flowing spring water.


Another terrifying domain power exploded.

The yellowish dragon breath disappeared within a hundred meters of the Voodoo Dragon. A green color light film in the shape of an egg descended from the sky.

A wind element spirit in the shape of a large green gem took shape within the light film. As it raised its hands, seven huge wind pillars rose up and combined before shooting up into the sky.

“Wind Element Vacuum Domain!”

As expected of a true Dragon, it used an expert domain of the wind type right off the bat.

Not only could this domain suck away all the air within the light film and redirect it up into the sky, its unique arcane principle also contained weathering and desertification effects. It made the living creatures within the light film unable to breathe and caused them to rapidly dehydrate.

This domain was similar to the combination of the best suffocation domain and dehydration domain. More importantly, it was a long-lasting type domain. The wind element spirit could even absorb some wind arcane power itself to keep its form.

The Voodoo Dragon was at a great disadvantage.

The master of House Baratheon also possessed the fighting strength of a Dragon. Arcane masters like him must have learned the Dragon Transformation Skill, allowing them to transform into a Dragon for a short period of time.

However, even in a two against one situation, the Voodoo Dragon did not show any fear.


A huge grey halo bloomed from its body.

Magma-like arcane power surged out from the pus on its body.

A black mushroom cloud manifested around it. A black crystal revolved within the black mushroom cloud and constantly released sticky poisonous gas which looked like black tar.

“Poison Gas Adhesion Domain!”

Minur, Ciaran and the others, including Rinsyi’s father, showed a praising look.

Poison Gas Adhesion Domain was a rather normal poison type domain. It could generate moisturous poison that was strongly adhesive.

Any arcane skill with a certain level of blockade could block this domain. However, the relatively common domain perfectly warded off the powerful Wind Element Vacuum Domain’s properties.

Those poisonous gases were lethal to normal arcane masters. However, the Voodoo Dragon could breathe them in like fresh air. The moisture contained within the gas also prevented it from dehydrating.

Using a relatively low level domain to overcome a powerful domain, the Voodoo Dragon was definitely an expert amongst experts.


Though he praised the Voodoo Dragon, the master of Baratheon did not hesitate at all. There was no sign of arcane particles surging out, but the raging wind created a three-meter-tall green reaper holding a huge scythe in front of it. It dashed towards the masked Evil Dragon follower.

He wanted to try and see if killing the masked Evil Dragon follower would prevent the revitalization of the Spirit Crown.

“It’s useless!”

The masked Evil Dragon follower merely touched the Spirit Crown on his head when facing the attack.

The purplish belt of light flashed and a small portion of the arcane power was drawn out to become countless tiny purplish black light rays. The light rays shot towards the green reaper, shattering it into countless tiny wind blades.

The purplish black belt of light resisting the holy pillar of light generated by Liszt only shook a little and withdrew a few dozens of meters before pushing back.

“Liszt used the Holy Gate of Life in addition to Holy Light Judgement in order to barely resist against the revitalizing Spirit Crown with his power of a nearly seven-gate arcane master.”

The masked Evil Dragon follower raised his head to look at the levitating master of House Baratheon and mocked, “You’re not mistaken. I have indeed become one with the Spirit Crown and can no longer utilize any arcane skill myself. However, if I split a portion of the Spirit Crown’s power, you are no threat to me with your arcane levels.”

“It’s you?” Jean Camus suddenly asked.

“You know that guy?” Stingham and the others turned around in surprise.

The masked Evil Dragon follower glanced at Jean Camus and spoke meaningfully, “Although my voice has changed, you can still sense it? My son.”


Stingham was shocked.

Jean Camus took a deep breath and spoke while staring at him, “You’re an Evil Dragon follower, as expected.”

“You’re a smart kid. You probably already guessed it after being locked up in the Green Dragon Divine Temple. However, I don’t understand one thing. With both your parents being Evil Dragon Bishops, shouldn’t you be an Evil Dragon follower too?” The masked Evil Dragon follower looked at Jean Camus, “With your talent and abilities, you can definitely become an Evil Dragon Bishop in the future. Perhaps, you can even become the strongest one amongst us.”

“Because I’m not a coward like you.” Jean Camus stayed silent for a second, then stared straight back at the former Doa Royal Palace Guard Captain, the current Evil Dragon Bishop, “You don’t even have the courage to tell me your true identity.”

“Exactly! You don’t even dare to tell Jean Camus you are Evil Dragon followers! If you told him long ago, he may have really become an Evil Dragon follower like you!” Stingham agreed.


The others lamented.

“What?” Stingham felt wronged.


At that moment, another unimaginable arcane energy fluctuation exploded in the sky.

“Tran...... Transformed......”

Stingham raised his head in shock.

The master of House Baratheon was wrapped in a yellowish gale. His body rapidly transformed and became a Storm Dragon.

In the sky, two Storm Dragons of similar size appeared.


The two Storm Dragons were wrapped in a pale blue glow. Arcane powers coming into contact with the glow were repelled in a spiral shape.

Stingham heard Ayrin analyze, “What a terrifying arcane resistance layer...... Spending so much power on such an arcane resistance layer, they are going to force a melee.”

“Ayrin, you’re actually getting distracted by the battle again? You need to learn the forbidden skill!” Stingham felt like choking Ayrin. He saw Ayrin glancing towards the battle unfolding in the sky every now and then while reading the scroll.



Greyish black poisonous blood sprayed out and rained down.

Ayrin was correct. As Stingham was scolding, the two Storm Dragons had crashed into the Voodoo Dragon like two meteors. Their talons carved deeply into the Voodoo Dragon’s body and tore up its flesh.

“The Voodoo Dragon can’t prevent the Storm Dragons from getting close...... It will be killed soon, right?” Charlotte thought after watching the epic scene in the sky above.

The melee between three Dragons was similar to three strongholds clashing in the sky. It was a scene the youths had never seen before.

The Voodoo Dragon flipped around in the sky. It did not use its physical strength and talons to counterattack. Rather, an ancient and mysterious incantation came from its mouth along with a dragon breath. “Melody Severance Domain!”

A section of a greyish black dragon crystal flew out from its open mouth.

As it flew out, a vibrant domain aura was released. That section of the Dragon Crystal actually transformed into a harp.

The harp did not make any sound. However, the strings vibrated, creating visible patterns in the air.

The two Storm Dragons both moved back.

Crack crack crack......

Gem-like dragon scales were shattered and dragon blood sprayed out.

“Its talent domain is actually not a super poison domain, but a sound type domain?”

Even Minlur, Rui and the others were astonished.

“Teacher Carter, Teacher Ciaran, how do you need to use this Passion Fruit? Do you just need to eat it?” A familiar voice suddenly called out next to them.


Even Rui was surprised by that voice.

Ayrin had appeared next to them unknowingly. He held the scroll in one hand and a fruit in the other. His expression seemed excited as if he just remembered something.

“You’re actually thinking about so many things at such a time...... Can’t you focus on learning the forbidden skill?” Ciaran scolded as she took the fruit from Ayrin on reflex.

Ayrin took a glance at the scroll in his hand, then looked up at the sky and asked, “What is that domain?”

The vibrant aura of a domain reverberated once more in the sky.

A dazzling light film descended straight down in front of the Voodoo Dragon, which had many wounds on its body.

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