Chapter 594: Baratheon’s Paranoia, Duel Between Voodoo And Storm

Chapter 594: Baratheon’s Paranoia, Duel Between Voodoo And Storm


Boom! Boom! Boom!

Behind Ayrin, many holes opened up in the rapidly extending dust storm. Stingham and the others appeared one after another.

The moment Stingham crossed through the dust storm, he saw the grey Dragon and screamed in fear, “What the hell is that?”

“Voodoo Dragon!”

Ferguillo saw the Dragon’s appearance and his expression turned grim.

It was a true Dragon. Also, it was the type of Dragon that had never appeared in the Doraster Continent since the War with Dragons.

In the history books, the records related to this Dragon mentioned Magus and poison without exception.

The necromancy and poison skills of the magus during the Magus Era originated from the research of the Draconic language of the Voodoo Dragon!

The Voodoo Dragon could be said to be the source of the rise of the long Magus Era after the War with Dragons!

“Teacher Liszt, is there any other way?” Ayrin shouted.

Although he had never heard of the Voodoo Dragon, he instinctively felt that Dragon was similar to a six-gate arcane master. Normally, he would have jumped into battle and made a guess if that Dragon was tasty or not. However, he currently had to learn a powerful holy type forbidden skill while fighting against it. This was impossible.

“Unless there’s another six-gate arcane master......” Liszt ‘lazily’ spoke.

Stingham exclaimed, “Six-gate arcane master? We have one!”

“Really?” Liszt also became excited.

“It’s him, Acting Corps Leader Mody!” Stingham immediately pointed at the unconscious Mody Moss was carrying.

“......” Liszt was speechless.

“Really so idiotic......” The faces of Rinloran and the others were pale due to injuries. After hearing the exchange between Stingham and Liszt, their faces turned black. They felt their intelligence getting pulled down by Stingham.

“Unless there’s a six-gate arcane master, nobody can stop that Dragon...... Then, we have no other choice but to run away?” Ayrin thought.


The Voodoo Dragon let out a loud roar in the sky.

Its breath spread out over several hundred meters, giving off a terrifying feeling as if it could vaporize a castle in one breath.

Its breath was colorful, the mixture of colors making others feel uncomfortable just from looking at it.

Waves of visible arcane powers gathered towards its breath from the surroundings. It was clearly about to attack.


At that moment, another terrifying arcane energy fluctuation reverberated in the sky.

A yellowish green wind tunnel suddenly manifested.

An arcane master with magenta hair walked out from the wind tunnel as if he was walking on ground.

“A six-gate arcane master!”

Ayrin held his breath.

The wind raged. Countless wind whips randomly whipped around the air and scattered the Voodoo Dragon’s breath.

The new arcane master looked tiny compared to the Voodoo Dragon. However, the aura he gave off was on par with the Voodoo Dragon.

He was obviously a six-gate arcane master.

Ayrin shouted in surprise, “Why does he look like Rinsyi?”

He felt there was a great resemblance between that arcane master and Rinsyi.

“Someone from Baratheon?”

Stingham reacted faster than Ayrin. He immediately turned around to look at Ferguillo.

Ferguillo took a deep breath and spoke, “He is the master of House Baratheon, Rinsyi’s father.”

“Master of House Baratheon? Rinsyi’s father?”

Ayrin was shocked.

Another enemy?

I already can’t handle the Voodoo Dragon. Now, another enemy who even put a bounty on our head has arrived!

“I never thought we would meet under such circumstances.”

Rinsyi’s father, the master of House Baratheon glanced at Liszt, Ayrin and everyone else with a stern gaze. Then, he fixed his gaze at the Spirit Crown, “Liszt, do you have a method against the Spirit Crown?”

As he spoke, the Voodoo Dragon did not attack. It was clearly wary of him and wanted to see the situation play out.

After all, every arcane master in the Doraster Continent knew the Maelstrom Team, the strongest arcane team from House Baratheon, died at the hands of Liszt’s team.

“If you kill or stall this Voodoo Dragon, we might be able to handle the Spirit Crown.” Liszt quickly answered with some effort.

Hearing the conversation between the two, Ayrin shouted in surprise, “You aren’t fighting against us, but cooperating to handle the Spirit Crown?”

“You think I will fight you first?”

The stern-looking master of House Baratheon snorted, “You’re looking down on House Baratheon too much. Although you are our enemies, you come behind the Evil Dragon followers.”


Stingham and the rest were speechless.

“These guys are really paranoid. But it’s because of this paranoia and pride...... House Baratheon is still able to survive all this time despite making enemies everywhere. This paranoia and pride can also be considered a type of belief.” Jean Camus thought as he shook his head.

“Although you’re a bad guy normally, if you do this now, you’re also a true brave warrior! Let’s take on the Evil Dragon followers first!” Stingham shouted out in surprise after a moment of shock.

“Should I throw at him secretly later?” Stingham then quietly asked.

“Idiot!” Rinloran’s expression turned dark.

“No wonder the master of House Baratheon was said to be either a lunatic or paranoid and arrogant!”

The masked Evil Dragon follower suddenly laughed wildly, “You offered anyone who killed those kids a dragon egg, yet now you can work together with them? But I should remind you not to fall for those Holy Dawn people’s trick! The method Liszt spoke of is to let that Epic Silver Dragon bloodline brat learn a forbidden skill that is specialized against the Spirit Crown within two minutes!”

“Hahaha! After speaking so much, there’s probably less than one and a half left?”

“You think that’s possible? They’re just trying to drag you down with them!”

“What? Ayrin, is what he said true?” Everyone immediately turned their gaze to Ayrin. Stingham looked at the scroll in Ayrin’s hands and popped his eyes wide open.

Ayrin seemed to have only realized what he needed to do and quickly started reading the scroll.

“......” Stingham and the rest were speechless.

“Learning a forbidden skill in about a minute, huh?”

The master of House Baratheon narrowed his eyes. The yellowish hue in his eyes seemed to be from a storm brewing in his body.

“In a minute, the Spirit Crown will completely revitalize? Liszt, since you Holy Dawn Evil Six dares to take this gamble, there’s no reason for me not to!” He spoke to himself. Then, he raised his head and stared at the huge Voodoo Dragon in the sky above.

“You’re really a lunatic?”

The masked Evil Dragon follower was dumbfounded.

“Didn’t the Evil Dragon you worship have a famous saying during the War with Dragons? Only lunatics and real paranoids can stand at the top of this world.”

The master of House Baratheon revealed a sarcastic smile, “And running away is never the style of my House Baratheon!”

“Although his temper and personality are really bad and we can’t get along with him, he’s a true brave warrior!” Ayrin praised loudly.

“Ayrin you pervert! There’s only so little time left, you should read your scroll!” Stingham almost blacked out and had the urge to puke blood.


A terrifying dragon breath exploded in the sky.

The Voodoo Dragon could not hold back and attacked. At the same time, the pus also bursted. Clusters of greyish brown arcane power spewed out like fountains.


The air shook and a unique domain aura spread out.

“What is this domain?”

Stingham was creeped out. The domain unleashed by the Voodoo Dragon actually took the shape of a huge grey voodoo spirit holding a bone staff!

As the hundred-meter tall, grey voodoo spirit took shape, a creepy arcane power condensed within the surrounding ten miles. The entire sky was filled with feather-sized grey snowflakes.

“It’s actually the Voodoo Dream Domain...... Not only can it poison the arcane masters in the domain, it can also greatly raise its mental strength...... Too bad, this domain is useless against me.”

“Storm Fury Domain!”

Under such pressure, the master of House Baratheon revealed an even colder smile. After a silent incantation, the two spiraling yellowish hues in his pupils shot out and became two terrifying hurricanes.


The entire sky became a world of storm.

Gusts of wind crushed against one another, directly changing into crystal wind blades.

The domain unleashed by the Voodoo Dragon was very powerful. It's arcane structure was extremely stable. However, as the storm blew, the domain was forcefully distorted and elongated. It was blown into a thin sword shape.


After a second, the storm continued advancing and the domain unleashed by the Voodoo Dragon was blown away into the distance.

Two clusters of storm boomed in the space and disappeared along with the Voodoo Dream Domain.

“So strong!” Ayrin shouted.

“......” Stingham wanted to cry. Before he could even complain, another loud boom came from the sky.

Another huge wind tunnel opened up above the master of House Baratheon.


A yellowish dragon breath over several hundred meters long shot towards the Voodoo Dragon!

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