Chapter 593: A Study That Must Be Completed Impromptu, Dragon Interference!

Chapter 593: A Study That Must Be Completed Impromptu, Dragon Interference!


“These guys... they are real monsters......”

Wesyn slowly fell back. A bitter smile appeared on his face.


Doa Royal Palace. Dust and raging winds blocked most of the sight.

Ayrin suddenly shouted, “Shit!”

“What? More dangerous enemies?”

Stingham immediately shuddered.

“No, we seem to have gone in the wrong direction.” Ayrin sweated.

“What? You lead us in the wrong direction?” Stingham almost tripped.

Ayrin suddenly changed his expression and shouted, “This is bad!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

He rapidly dashed to the side. Before Stingham could react, he had already disappeared from Stingham’s sight.

“What’s going on now?” Stingham shouted on the verge of crying. Ayrin’s behavior was too bizarre.

“It’s Teacher Liszt...... Holy Gate of Life......”

Ayrin’s anxious voice faintly came from far away.


At the same time, the space in the direction Ayrin was running towards violently trembled. A terrifying shockwave kicked up a cloud of dust that reached dozens of meters high and swept towards them like a tsunami.

“Teacher Liszt used the Holy Gate of Life?”

“It must be. Ayrin sensed a familiar presence!”

“Quick! Follow Ayrin! Teacher Liszt will never use the Holy Gate of Life until the most critical moment!”

The rest of them realized this and changed their expressions.


“What an intensive clash between arcane powers! What kind of opponent did Teacher Liszt encounter?”

Ayrin was filled with astonishment from just the approaching dust storm.

The approaching dust storm was like an iron wall!

“I can’t make it! Dragon Scale Absorption!”

Ayrin felt that just pushing through would be too painful. However, it was an emergency situation. So, he screamed, “Ah!” and crashed into the dust storm.


He felt like crashing into a real wall as a violent explosion occurred.

Ripples spread across the surface of the dust storm. Just like a hole opening up in a wall, the surface collapsed.

“Ouch! Ah!”

Ayrin felt pain all over his body. He screamed in agony but continued charging forward.


A spiral-shaped shockwave appeared in the air.

He crossed through the hundred-meter thick dust storm.

The dust storm had nearly destroyed all buildings within its reach. The ground had a huge crater at the center. Layers of wave patterns and cracks spread from its center.

The dust and debris were swept away by the dust storm. As a result, the calm space at the center was clear of any obstacles.

A terrifying purplish black belt of light and a dazzling pillar of light continued to clash against each other. Rings of transparent shockwaves shook the space.

“Teacher Liszt!”

Ayrin was shocked when he saw this.

That dazzling light pillar was emitted by Teacher Liszt!

Behind Liszt were other familiar figures. They were Minlur, Ciaran, Rui and Carter!

Facing off against them was an arcane master wearing a purplish red arcane robe.

He was tall and wore a skeleton mask, emitting a terrifying aura. Streaks of pale white arcane energy naturally became a skeleton throne around him. The purplish black belt of light came from the crown on his head.

Aside from them, there was nobody else around.

“What a powerful necromancy aura! Is that the Spirit Crown?”

Ayrin immediately snapped back to reality after the initial shock.

The building wreckages and cracked ground were dark green. These were the remains of the Green Dragon Divine Temple!

Regardless of the purplish black belt of light or the dazzling pillar of light, the arcane energy fluctuations were so frightening Ayrin unconsciously trembled.

He had encountered multiple six-gate arcane masters before, but even they paled in comparison. What was more astonishing was that the belt of light was still getting more powerful!

The power of the crown seemed to be only just activated and had not completely reached its peak yet.

Seeing Ayrin, Minlur and the others shouted in disbelief, “Ayrin?”

“Ah! Teacher Liszt! Is that the Spirit Crown? Teacher Minlur, all of you are hurt! Are you alright? Teacher Liszt, what should I do?” Ayrin anxiously shouted as if he just woke up from a daze.

Minlur, Ciaran and the others did not have any obvious injuries, but their expressions were gloomy. Their arcane particles and stamina had been greatly exhausted. Only Rui seemed to still possess some fighting strength and shielded the others by releasing a pale grey barrier.

“The legendary Epic Silver Dragon bloodline, you actually came...... Even Divana could not stop you?”

Before Liszt could answer, the skeleton masked arcane master laughed eerily, “But it’s useless. You’re too late. The Spirit Crown has absorbed sufficient death energy. You coming now is merely adding more sacrifices to this war!”

Ayrin immediately shouted towards Liszt, “Teacher Liszt, is what he said true?”

As he got closer to his teachers, he felt a greater air resistance and his skin stung as if it was getting cut.

“Is he your teacher or are we?” Liszt’s lazy voice replied, “You believe whatever he says?”

Ayrin was dumbfounded and opened his eyes wide. He shouted excitedly, “Teacher Liszt, you mean he’s lying, right? There still is a way to handle the Spirit Crown, right?”


A ball of light suddenly shot from Liszt to Ayrin.

“What’s this?” Ayrin could see a scroll inside the ball of light. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the scroll from the dissipating ball of light.

“The moment the Spirit Crown activates, its death energy property will become special. Normal arcane skills cannot destroy its arcane structure. Only a unique holy type forbidden skill can destroy the Spirit Crown’s arcane power.”

Liszt lazily continued, “We never expected them to be able to repair the Spirit Crown...... So, we never made any preparations in your training for this moment. You have about two minutes to learn the forbidden skill in this scroll.”

“Learn the forbidden skill on this scroll now, in two minutes?” Ayrin shouted in astonishment.

“Yes, you only have about two minutes. That Spirit Crown will reach its full power in about two minutes. My forbidden skill can only sustain until then.” Liszt carried on with his lazy tone, “If you can’t learn this forbidden skill by then, all of us will probably be killed by its power...... By then, there really may be no arcane master on this battlefield who can resist its power.”

“Teacher Liszt, aren’t you too calm about it?” Ayrin wanted to cry. He quickly unrolled the scroll and shouted, “There’s only two minutes left! Yet you’re still talking lazily like usual!”

“You’re mistaken......” Liszt’s even more ‘lazy’ voice whispered into Ayrin’s ear, “I didn’t want to be like usual...... It’s because I barely even have the energy to talk right now...... Because you arrived, I chose to make a gamble. My original plan was to escape with the last bit of my energy......”

“What?” Ayrin almost fainted.


The masked arcane master laughed wildly without any manners.

The purplish black arcane power unleashed by the crown on his head was becoming more terrifying. The death energy lingering around it took the form of a reaper.

The purplish black belt of light gradually moved up while increasing in power. It was as if it were shot out from the reaper’s mouth.

“Make a gamble? Liszt, are you joking? You want him to learn a holy type forbidden skill that is the bane of the Spirit Crown in such a short time? I really want to give you this chance. I want to see you try. However, it’s a pity someone else doesn’t want to.”

As the masked arcane master laughed, he looked up.

The sky suddenly turned dark.

A huge shadow shrouded Ayrin and the scroll in his hand.


Ayrin swallowed his saliva.

A grey Dragon nearly a hundred meters long appeared in the sky above him.

The grey Dragon released pure dragon aura and had larger wings than normal Dragons. It had no scales, but was covered in pus of various sizes like a toad.

From the intense killing intention released by its attention-catching eyes, one could tell it was definitely not Aryin’s friend.

“What kind of Dragon is that...... So ugly......” Ayrin mumbled.

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