Chapter 592: Jean Camus’s Greatest Secret, Body Swap Domain!

Chapter 592: Jean Camus’s Greatest Secret, Body Swap Domain!


“Only Jean Camus and Wesyn are left.”

Ayrin turned to look at Jean Camus and Wesyn with anticipation.

The raging wind and shattered arcane powers on the battlefield touched the Everlasting Domain and scattered into more wind currents and light. However, the Everlasting Domain remained absolutely still.

Jean Camus and Wesyn both stood still.

Seeing the other battles had ended, Jean Camus calmly told Ayrin, “Ayrin, don’t waste time. Go ahead. Leave him to me.”

“Fighting alone again? That arcane master’s pride again? Why can’t you release your domain and let us gang up on him?” Stingham grumbled.

“Idiot! Wesyn has yet to exhaust any arcane particles pretty much. If he releases the Everlasting Domain, Wesyn can easily escape. An Evil Dragon follower like him will become a great threat after running away!” Rinloran scolded Stingham out of habit.

Seeing Jean Camus inside the Everlasting Domain, Rinloran mumbled, “Jean Camus is not a common arcane master. Someone like him...... should also hold absolute confidence apart from the arcane master’s pride......”

Ayrin also seemed to hold absolute confidence in Jean Camus. He shouted towards Jean Camus, “Alright, he’s yours! Let’s go!” and then immediately rushed ahead.

The Evil Dragon followers in his path rapidly retreated.


“You’re looking down on me so much?”

Wesyn’s face twisted in anger.

House Ryswel was a famous House in the Kingdom of Eiche. Their water type arcane skills were officially recognized to be only behind the River Bend Academy.

Although Jean Camus was already renowned as the number one genius in the Kingdom of Doa, he was still just a genius amongst the young generation.

Wesyn felt great humiliation when someone like this claimed to be able to handle him alone.

However, he was an important figure who had experienced the hurdles in life. Within a second, he regained calmness.

If I can’t even get rid of someone like you in a one versus one, I can really go die!

Wesyn’s mind became clear, his brain filtered all the unnecessary things from the outside world. He opened his eyes and a cold glint flashed across them.


With a loud yell, a terrifying wave surged up in the Everlasting Domain.

White-colored water filled up the entire Everlasting Domain.

Kaboom! Kaboom!

Every stream of white water was concentrated to the extreme and released waterfall crashing sounds.

However, Jean Camus remained calm.

The water currents vanished after reaching about five to six meters around him. Not a single drop could reach him.

“No wonder Jean Camus told us to leave that guy to him. That guy is really an idiot.” Stingham followed behind Ayrin and ran forward for quite a distance. When he saw the scene from afar, he immediately shouted out in realization, “Didn’t that guy know Jean Camus’s strongest point is his arcane power disintegration talent? He’s actually wasting so many arcane particles to use such an arcane skill!”

“What did you say?”

Although Ferguillo, Rinloran and the rest were advancing with Ayrin under the escort of the demihumans, they remained focused on the Everlasting Domain.

When they saw what happened, they were in doubt.

The Stream Exile King Wesyn is definitely not an idiot like Stingham thinks.

Since he used that arcane skill, he must have a reason for it.

At that moment, Meraly’s feeble voice called out. “Ayrin, why aren’t you looking back at all?”

After the battle in the Fearotz Stronghold, she felt that Ayrin seemed to have gained an astonishing battle instinct. Hence, she believed Ayrin might be able to see something. However, she realized Ayrin was only staring straight ahead and did not turn back to look at Jean Camus’s battle.

“Because Jean Camus’s battle must be incredible and amazing. I’m afraid I will stop to watch if I see it. So, I must not look.” Ayrin spoke while enduring the urge to look back with great difficulty.


Wesyn showed no movements.

He was soaked in white water currents.

The transparent capsule wrapping him seemed to become fresher and softer.


Suddenly, the transparent capsule morphed. A portion of the capsule extended out with astonishing speed and rapidly shot through the water current towards Jean Camus like a transparent tentacle.

Jean Camus’s gaze flickered.


He disappeared on the spot as he left a trail of afterimages.

The transparent tentacle pierced through one of the afterimages and stabbed into the water current behind it. Water splashed as a shockwave spread out. The strike seemed very heavy.

Wesyn’s cold gaze revealed a trace of satisfaction.

You think you’re invincible just because you have an arcane power disintegration domain?

Too bad, my ‘Capsule Starfish’ is no arcane power!


Another transparent tentacle-like extension shot towards Jean Camus.

“I can’t see it! What’s happening? The battle seems to have intensified! Ayrin, let’s go back!” Stingham shouted.

They had entered the Doa Royal Palace. They could no longer see the battle between Jean Camus and Wesyn from where they were. However, they could clearly sense the heating up of the battle inside the Everlasting Domain.


Pssh! Pssh! Pssh!

Transparent tentacles rapidly stabbed through the water currents and swung around. Jean Camus was constantly dodging them within the narrow space.

There were already over ten transparent tentacles extending from the transparent capsule wrapping around Wesyn.

“This is a type of monster?” Jean Camus asked.

After the vigorous dodging, his voice carried a hint of panting.

“You finally realized it. Isn’t it a little too late?”

Wesyn revealed a cruel sneer, “This is Capsule Starfish. When it’s dehydrated, it will enter a hibernation state. However, after absorbing a large amount of water, it can rapidly revitalize! During the Era of the War with Dragons, this was a type of Reattachment armament. It’s both an armor and a monster companion!”

“In Divana’s plan, I was to be your opponent from the start. So, how could I not possess something specialized against you? You are so arrogant for staying behind alone to fight me. Even if your companions turn back now, even if I get killed by them, I will at least kill you who looked down on me! Die!”

As Wesyn roared, another two tentacles stretched out from the ‘Capsule Starfish’.

The two tentacles rushed past the water currents and swept horizontally instead of stabbing.

Clasp! Clasp!

The two tentacles swept onto Jean Camus who was having trouble dodging them.


Power brands shook around Jean Camus.

However, the two tentacles were extremely tenacious and he could not break free.

“It’s useless! The Capsule Starfish can’t even be cut by sharp weapons. Unless you’re a seven-gate arcane master, you can’t break free with your own strength alone!”

Seeing Jean Camus captured, Wesyn laughed wildly.


The other tentacles retracted immediately and aimed at Jean Camus.

It was clear to see that in the next moment those tentacles would deal a fatal attack to Jean Camus.

Still, Jean Camus remained calm as he asked, “This monster seems to have no intelligence. Isn’t it purely controlled by your arcane skill?” He looked at Wesyn without struggling and continued, “Also, once your arcane skill loses effect and the white water disappears, it will not be able to replenish its power. Even if it doesn’t die, it will enter hibernation immediately, right?”

Wesyn’s laughter paused for a moment. However, he soon laughed even louder, “Haha, you’re right. However, that’s only if you can kill me. Kill me and my arcane skill will lose its effect...... But the question is, how are you going to kill me? Now die!”


The tentacles instantly accelerated and stabbed towards Jean Camus.

“I will kill you like this......”

Jean Camus still looked at Wesyn calmly.

The tips of the tentacles rapidly expanded in his sight.


The instant the tentacles were about to touch his body, another domain power exploded out in the Everlasting Domain.

“What? This…...”

Wesyn opened his eyes wide in shock.

His body was filled with unreal and ridiculous feelings.

Everything he saw seemed like an illusion.

He and Jean Camus had swapped positions. Jean Camus appeared inside the transparent capsule, while the tentacles stabbed into him!

“Body Swap Domain! A forbidden skill from the Era of the War with Dragons...... it can instantly swap the position of the caster and the opponent! He actually...... possesses this domain......”

Wesyn finally realized what had happened.

However, he could no longer do anything about it.


Sounds of flesh getting penetrated rang out.

He was completely penetrated by the tentacles!

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