Chapter 591: The True Valkyrie

Chapter 591: The True Valkyrie


“Arachne Bishop’s Everlasting Domain...... Jean Camus even started to grasp the principle of this domain......”

The moment Wesyn was trapped in the Everlasting Domain, Light Devouring Valkyrie Black Jasmine changed her expression. A strange arcane energy fluctuation reverberated from her body. Her skin began to turn pitch black, as if a power was forcefully stuffing her into another dimension.

At that moment, Chris, who was charging towards her, suddenly shouted, “Wait!” and jumped back.

Black Jasmine stiffened. She looked at Chris with a perplexed gaze.

“Are you trying to escape?” Chris asked with a fervent fighting spirit.

Black Jasmine growled, “If I want to leave, you can’t stop me.”

“I don’t mean that.”

Chris was still panting as she looked at Black Jasmine and shouted, “Aren’t you the type of person who wants to break free from rules and restrictions? Didn’t you feel the competitions restricted your cultivation and progress? Didn’t you want to fight against the strong without any restrictions and limitations to pursue greater strength? Isn’t that why you became an Evil Dragon follower?”

“To someone like you, even the identity of an Evil Dragon follower doesn’t mean anything, right? But didn’t you say you want to determine who of us is the true god-like girl? I trained for a shorter period of time than you. My arcane level is lower than yours. If you can’t even defeat me, there’s nothing for you to be proud about, is there?”

Black Jasmine clenched her teeth and fists tighter and tighter.

“Enough!” She roared out, “What are you trying to say?”

“Let’s determine the victor!”

Chris took a deep breath and looked at her with a fervent gaze, “I can promise, if you lose, we will let you leave alive! However, if you lose to me, remember this, there’s nothing for you to be proud about. You must catch up to me, and until you do, you can’t be an Evil Dragon follower...... If you can’t even defeat me, what’s the point of looking for other opponents? Stop doing meaningless things!”

“Such arrogance! You think you’re qualified to lecture me? Say that after you defeat me!” The strange arcane energy fluctuation on Black Jasmine’s body disappeared. Her expression was filled with anger. She stretched out a hand towards Chris, indicating for Chris to come at her!

“I will definitely defeat you!”

Chris nodded with determination, flames burning in her eyes.

In the next moment, she charged towards Black Jasmine like a hurricane.

“Brave warrior Chris! Do your best!” Ayrin cheered.

Stingham opened his eyes wide and shouted in frustration, “Ayrin, you pervert! Since you already broke free, why didn’t you go help Chris?”

The red vines had become a cluster of red hot charcoal. Meanwhile, Ayrin stood a small distance away from it.

“So cold!”

Ayrin unleashed several balls of flames to warm up while rubbing his body with his hands.

The rest of them wanted to faint after seeing him suffering from his own domain.

“That’s Chris’s fight. It’s the pride of an arcane master. I obviously can’t interfere!” Ayrin answered Stingham while rubbing his body.

“What arcane master’s pride? If you aren’t going to help Chris, come help me!” Stingham shouted.


A chilling voice came from behind Stingham, “An idiot like you will never understand what an arcane master’s pride is.”


Stingham was surprised and turned around.

He then shouted excitedly, “It’s really you guys, you really are still alive!”

Rinloran, Belo and Meraly supported one another and slowly approached them.

Behind the three, what was left of the Metal Devouring Rat colony followed.

It all looked a little funny, but nobody could laugh at it.

Stingham stopped throwing his spear for a moment.


Solin had been desperately dodging Stingham’s Green Dragon Spear. Furthermore, with the rain of javelins thrown by the demihumans, it was getting more and more difficult for him to dodge. Seeing the pause from Stingham, his heart beat violently.


Countless humanoid shadows suddenly extended out beneath him.

Activating his arcane power, he immediately hid within one of the shadows. After which he moved to escape.


His crazily beating heart suddenly felt as if it was wrapped in ice.

The chill of death instantly filled his body.

Before him, a gem-like feather floated in the air as if waiting for him.

He had just accelerated to the maximum speed and could not dodge it anymore.

His forehead crashed into the feather.


The feather drilled in through the center of his brows and a spurt of blood bursted out from the back of his head.

“Ferguillo...... Ferguillo killed him?”

Stingham turned around. He did not know what happened just then. He only saw black shadows spreading out on the ground while the lifeless Solin collapsed.


“Leaf Flurry!” Chris shouted out of habit. She suddenly disappeared around ten meters in front of Black Jasmine. Countless palm strikes headed towards Black Jasmine like the dancing leaves in a gale.

“Petty tricks!”

Black Jasmine snorted and narrowed her eyes.

She showed no movement at first. After the palm strikes reached less than half a meter before her, she suddenly made her move. She struck out with both of her fists after a slight twist from her body.

Bam! Bam!

Two colliding sounds rang out.

The palm strikes vanished and Chris flew back, her palms bruised and the wounds on her arms spilling blood again.

“In a situation where your arcane particles are mostly exhausted, it’s impossible to win against me in a melee!”

Black Jasmine’s eyes burned in anger and confidence. She sneered while looking at Chris, “My physical strength is greater than yours. Even if you have trained your close range combat skills to the point they become reflexive movements of your body, as long as I focus on defense, I have sufficient time to defend against all your attacks.”


Chris suddenly cut towards her left flank like an axe.

A shockwave exploded.

Chris fell back again, her feet digging into the ground.

Black Jasmine slowly retracted her left fist.

Just her retracting posture indicated how steady she was.

“You’re still using such attacks. If there’s nothing else, there’s no point for me to stay. You definitely can’t......” Black Jasmine looked at Chris and snorted.

She clearly wanted to say, “You definitely can’t beat me.”

However, before she could finish her sentence, her expression stiffened.

Chris stretched out her left fist towards Black Jasmine as she looked at Black Jasmine’s left fist.

Black Jasmine’s face turned pale.

Her arrogance completely disappeared.

Sweat dripped down her chin and fell to the ground.

She took a deep breath and lowered her head, “I lost!”

In the next moment, she raised her head and roared towards Chris, “But I will definitely defeat you!”

“I will wait for you.”

Chris waved her fist towards Black Jasmine and smiled.

“You wait for me!”

Black Jasmine took another deep breath and emphasized each word.


After saying those words, arcane energy fluctuations reverberated from her body and she disappeared as if entering another dimension behind her back. Meanwhile, a black dot suddenly appeared about a thousand meters away.

“What’s the meaning of that? She ran away? Why did she suddenly admit defeat? There’s nothing wrong with her hand, why did she say she lost?”

Jean Camus was dumbfounded. He shouted in confusion. Seeing that nobody wanted to answer him, he walked up to Ayrin and pestered him for an answer.

Ayrin scratched his head out of habit as he only realized the reason just now.

“Stamina...... It’s the issue about their relative stamina.”

He turned to Stingham and quickly explained, “Black Jasmine’s left hand also began to tremble...... It means the muscles of her left arm are reaching their limit. If she continued to use that arm to exert strength or receive impacts, it would be unable to bear it. Even if she forcefully exerted strength, the power would be greatly reduced. Chris’s arm is also trembling, but she reached that state long ago...... Black Jasmine must have realized that after Chris stretched out her left hand, that Chris’s attacks did not deteriorate in power.”

“Chris’s stamina and endurance are just too excellent. Hence, in an extreme situation, she can sustain for a long time and keep up her power output......” Ayrin looked at Chris in admiration and continued after a pause, “But Black Jasmine can’t do that. Chris’s close range combat skills are still better than hers. Although she can defend, Chris can force her to keep using her left arm to defend. By utilizing this, Black Jasmine’s left arm will soon be unable to hold out...... Then, she would have lost. Her close range combat skill is worse than Chris, her stamina and endurance also lose out to Chris...... Furthermore, there was no interference in the battle between her and Chris. If she lost in such a situation, that valkyrie must be feeling hurt......”

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