Chapter 590: Bane! Stingham’s Counterattack!

Chapter 590: Bane! Stingham’s Counterattack!


“Ferguillo!” Ayrin shouted.


Charlotte and the others held their breath.

Ferguillo appeared from the scattered feathers. There was a horrifying hole that went through his chest and came out on the other side.


However, the retreating Evil Dragon followers drew a sharp breath. This was because the gravely injured Ferguillo remained standing and showed a plain expression!

“You finally exposed yourself, huh?”

A mysterious glint flashed across Ferguillo’s eyes.

“Iron Forest Magnet!”

He slightly turned around and looked up ahead slightly to the left. Arcane power rumbled in the air before him and countless tiny black dust particles swarmed towards where he looked.

As the dust settled, a young man holding a bow slowly appeared in the previous empty space.

The moment the silent man appeared, he drew his bow.

There was no arcane energy fluctuation.

There was no arrow shot from the bow either.

However, a transparent ring of light appeared on his side from which a streak of light shot towards Ferguillo!

“Traceless Magic Bow!”

Shanna immediately realized the identity of the silent man and shouted out in shock, “It’s the Ghost Shooter Solin!”

Ghost Shooter Solin was an arcane master in the Kingdom of Doa’s Executioner Team. Even the royal arcane masters in the Doa Royal Palace mostly only heard of him but never saw this powerful Shadow Dance level arcane master.

It was mentioned that the Traceless Magic Bow he held was made out of the arcane core of the Giant Toad Emperor that had gone extinct sometime during the Era of the War with Dragons. The bow not only released no arcane energy fluctuation when shooting, it would also make the attack manifest somewhere around it.

If not for Ferguillo, even if they could sense the source of the attack, they would not be able to locate him.

However, even if they forced him to reveal himself, could they really take him on?

Rumors said that Ghost Shooter Solin would never fight a melee. He would always keep a distance from his enemies.


The moment Shanna identified Solin, two terrifying powers clashed in the space in front of Ferguillo.

A green shockwave and a transparent shockwave entered everyone’s sight.


Shanna, Moss and the others opened their eyes wide.

The Green Dragon Spear just returned to Stingham.

The arrow shot by Ghost Shooter Solin was actually intercepted by Stingham!

Even though the shockwaves and Stingham’s throwing action were real, they could not believe their eyes.

“You bastard! Ferguillo is already beaten to this state, yet you still won’t stop! Will you only be satisfied after opening up another hole like that?

“What kind of brave warrior are you? Hiding far away and shooting arrows... If you’re so strong, try fighting against Ferguillo fair and square!”

Stingham’s idiotic shouts kept coming out.

Ghost Shooter Solin’s gaze flashed.

He seemed to glance at Stingham for a moment, but did not make a sound.


An invisible power suddenly appeared behind Stingham and blasted against Stingham like a volcano eruption.

“Ah!” Stingham screamed as he was blasted away like a meteor.

Ghost Shooter Solin quietly spat out, “Idiot.”

He then returned his gaze to Ferguillo.

This guy’s mental strength and arcane skills are very strange. Amongst these enemies, he is the greatest threat.

If I can kill him, the others should not discover where I am anymore. Even if the current situation looks bad, I can slowly assassinate the others next......

As Solin thought so, he pulled back the bowstring of his Traceless Magic Bow.


His pupils contracted and he jumped back immediately.


A terrifying streak of green flames landed right before his eyes.

The ground where he stood was vaporized and opened up a crater of several meters in diameter.

Solin turned around.

His pupils contracted again.

Stingham stood there unharmed. What was different from before was the menacing metal zombie on his body, releasing a yellowish glow.

“You really only know how to hide and ambush, huh? You can’t fight fair and square, huh? You’re too shameless!” Stingham shouted in frustration. Then, he threw his Green Dragon Spear towards Solin again.


A streak of green flames and a transparent arrow grazed each other. The friction of arcane powers brought out a strange humming sound.


Stingham was blown away once more.

Solin dodged and the Green Dragon Spear landed before him.

“You bastard! You really only know how to hide and ambush, huh?” Stingham’s angry shout rang out again.

He appeared from the dust cloud at the impact point.

“He actually has such a sturdy defensive ability? In that case, I have to kill the others first!” Solin thought.


As Stingham shouted, another streak of green flames flew.

Solin dodged without thinking.


His body trembled and he was soaked in cold sweat.

The streak of green flames grazed past him, almost landing a direct hit!


He turned around in shock and looked at Stingham. He felt the chill in his heart spreading out through his entire body.

This guy actually has such throwing accuracy...... And it’s still improving with every throw?

“Bastard! Hiding far away and throwing things is all you can do? Can’t you come here and fight fair and square?”

“I can guarantee you, if you come here to fight fair and square, Ayrin, Ferguillo and the others will defeat you!”

Stingham did not care about Solin’s feelings. He also did not notice he was throwing his spear from far away as well. He only kept shouting and throwing his Green Dragon Spear!

Streaks of terrifying green flames shot towards Solin non-stop.

The shocked Solin did his best to dodge them. He had no room to attack at the moment.


The others were astonished.

Even Ferguillo had a weird expression.

A Shadow Dance level arcane master is pinned down by Stingham!

“Brave warrior Stingham! You’re doing well! Throw faster! Pay attention to his dodging habits and his body actions for exerting strength!”

Ayrin was still unable to break free from the red vines, but he became excited from seeing the scene of Stingham fighting Solin. So, he shouted in support.

Solin’s arcane level far surpassed Stingham’s. However, the key point was that Solin could not fight at close range. Also, the power of the Green Dragon Spear came from the spear itself and Stingham did not exhaust much arcane particles by throwing it.

In this situation where the traits of both sides reached a balance, once Stingham’s throwing ability improved, Solin would definitely be killed by him.

If Solin is killed...... Ayrin felt he would not need to fight again. The other enemies would not be much of a threat.

“Lord Stingham is so strong!”

“Lord Stingham, do your best!”

“We will help you!”

“Ah?” Ayrin never expected the rowdy cheering and shouting coming from behind him.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Countless sonic booms rang out.

The densely packed metal javelins fell down like rain and covered an area over a hundred square meters around Solin.

Seeing Ayrin’s group gaining the advantage, the panicking demihuman army suddenly changed into an orderly army and cheered excitedly.


“Even Romy and the others did not come back...... Were they unable to defeat Rinloran and Belo?”

Wesyn’s expression turned grim while facing off against Jean Camus.

These Holy Dawn people are actually this weird...... Even with the genius Divana’s meticulous preparations, this is still the outcome!

We definitely can’t win now!

Even Solin is locked down...... If I don’t escape now, I will also be killed by them!

As his gaze greatly flickered, dozens of spring-like water currents suddenly appeared around him. His figure was fading away within the water currents.


However, at that moment, a grey film suddenly covered the area he and Jean Camus were at.


He crashed into the grey film, but was blocked and repelled.

“What is this domain!?” Wesyn shouted out in shock.

The domain gave him a feeling as if it could not be broken.

“Just the Everlasting Domain I’m learning...... It’s just a small portion of the true Everlasting Domain’s power, but it’s enough to trap you.” Jean Camus calmly looked at the flustered Wesyn, “Since you picked me as your opponent, you can’t leave here unless you kill me.”

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