Chapter 589: Intense Battle! Deaths Of Important Figures!

Chapter 589: Intense Battle! Deaths Of Important Figures!


The torn apart pieces of an Evil Dragon follower’s body rained down.

“They killed Lord Nazonlo!”

Behind Wesyn, a few raring Evil Dragon followers were utterly shocked and were retreating back.


Countless pale white particles suddenly surged up. The body parts of Nazonlo suddenly floated up and seemed to be reassembling.

A pale white current rampaged and maggot-like white particles were generating.

“What the hell?”

Stingham jumped back in fright.

“Evil Dragon Regeneration! Ayrin! Don’t let his regeneration particles reassemble!” Chris shouted. She showed an anxious expression, but she had no room to spare.

Before her were over a thousand palms shrouded in black light.

Light Devouring Valkyrie Black Jasmine had charged towards her and unleashed over a thousand palm strikes.



The clones around the deformed Divana immediately disappeared after hearing Chri’s shout.

A ring of shockwaves spread out from Ayrin before anyone could see and he gained an astonishing acceleration.

“A qualified general...... Even in death, he must not let his plan fail...... Even if I die, I won’t let you leave!”

Divana suddenly laughed menacingly.

“Life Summon: Crimson Moon Vine!”

His life force completely depleted.

It sounded like there were many strange birds chirping in the air.

“What is that arcane skill?”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide.

Divana’s skin was suddenly covered in red tattoos.

Thin red shoots rapidly grew out from his body.

The red shoots grew into vines and forcefully entangled Ayrin.


The air around Ayrin exploded again.


Everyone drew a sharp breath.

Only then did they notice that Divana’s body had completely disappeared and a bundle of red vines replaced it.

The main body of those vines looked like a flower. But upon closer inspection, it looked like Divana’s face. The many extending vines were his hair.

Getting entangled by such creepy vines, Ayrin did not show any fear.

“Fire Embers!”

He immediately used the strongest fire type arcane skill he had learned.

A sudden burst of intense heat exploded within the freezing space.

Countless embers danced around Ayrin. The main body of the vines was set ablaze.

What a strange arcane skill!

However, Ayrin was shocked to hear that the chirping sound in the air still continued. The burning vines kept growing.

He was unable to quickly break free from the vines.


“What should we do?”

Charlotte’s limbs felt cold, she could not think of any method.

She understood that Chris shouted towards Ayrin because those pale white Evil Dragon particles contained powerful corrosive and contaminative properties.

Apart from Ayrin, anyone else coming into contact with them would be killed.


At that moment, their gaze froze.

Lotton suddenly appeared at the center of the pale white particle storm.

A deathly voice came from his mouth. “Beast of Avarice: Devour!”

His body seemed to suddenly deflate, becoming a withered trunk.

Countless pale white particles surged out from his body and formed the shape of a twisted beast.

Every maggot-like pale white particle started devouring the pale white particles that the Evil Dragon follower gathered.

A despairing scream rang out from thin air, “Ah!”

Ayrin’s anxious expression returned to normal. He shouted excitedly towards Lotton from within the dancing embers, “Brave warrior Lotton, incredible!”



Chris fell back dozens of meters.

Her entire left arm hung limply and kept spasming. It did not only look like her arm muscles were overloaded from exerting too much power, but also as if it were nearly dislocated from the constant heavy impacts.

“Lotton handled it?”

“Then, I just need to focus on handling you!”

Chris panted heavily. However, her gaze no longer flickered and became completely focused.

Only Light Devouring Valkyrie Black Jasmine remained in her sight.

Black Jasmine narrowed her eyes at this change.

You were not fully concentrated on our fight until now and didn’t bring out your true strength?

In that case, let me see how strong you really are!

“Shadow Gale Dance!”

She suddenly disappeared and charged towards Chris after becoming over a hundred flying shadows.

“Elbow Shield!”

Chris did not show any change in her expression, not even lifting her eyebrows.

Many elbow afterimages instantly covered her surroundings and blocked everyone’s view. Nobody could see how vigorous she moved to create this wall of elbow afterimages.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Palm strikes and elbows clashed.

Black Jasmine revealed a shocked expression.

A fist suddenly appeared in front of her.


Her body felt as if it received a hammer strike. She flew back like skipping stones on water.

A clear punch mark appeared on her left shoulder.

What an astonishing and overloading endurance!

Her body...... her muscle fibers possess overloading endurance far surpassing normal arcane masters!

She can still exert her full strength in a situation like this where she has overexerted herself!

Black Jasmine immediately had several thoughts flow through her mind.


Chris pursued her without pause.

Chris’s steps brought up clouds of dust as she instantly closed the distance with Black Jasmine.

She raised her exhausted left arm again!

Everyone held their breath at that moment.


The last scraps of fabric on her left arm were completely blown away.

A terrifying black flame wrapped around it and shot forward.

Dark Destruction Dragon!

Time seemed to come to a stop.

A terrifying black dragon grew out from Chris’s left arm and swallowed Black Jasmine whole.

She hit!

Stingham opened his mouth wide, but could not make a sound.

In his mind, unless Chris’s Dark Destruction Dragon missed, any opponent hit by it would die!

However, at that moment, Chris’s focused gaze flickered again.

She started retreating at her fastest speed!

“What’s going on?”

Even Ayrin could not comprehend it.


The space around Black Jasmine suddenly collapsed.

The entire Dark Destruction Dragon rapidly contracted towards a single point.

Black Jasmine appeared in everyone’s sight unharmed.

The Dark Destruction Dragon actually became a black ball of light in front of her hands.

There was less than half a meter of distance between her hands and the black ball of light. Unique arcane power reverberated as if it was a special space.

Her expression looked pained, but was also filled with extreme fervor and confidence at the same time.

The black ball of light was pushed towards the retreating Chris.


The entire area around it began wobbling like water in a glass jar.

A cluster of terrifying flames began expanding like a newborn planet.

A black mushroom cloud rose up high into the sky.


Stingham stiffened.

However, it only lasted for an instant.

He immediately let out an excited shout, “Chris!”

Chris appeared behind the mushroom cloud.

“No wonder you aren’t worried about my Dark Destruction Dragon! You possess a counterattack domain!”

Chris collapsed onto her knees, her entire body trembling. Many wounds opened up on her body, but her gaze was filled with fighting spirit. After getting her breathing back under control, she stood up straight again.


The moment she straightened herself, she began a patternless charge towards Black Jasmine.

Black Jasmine contracted her pupils.


Ferguillo’s expression remained calm.

He had been catching hints of the tiniest mental strength fluctuation and arcane energy change in the air and sensed for the Shadow Dance level arcane master who was still hiding somewhere.

At that moment, he suddenly felt the trace of killing intent he sensed before. The only difference was an additional trace of anxiety contained within.


He suddenly appeared behind Chris. Countless gem-like feathers sprayed out from his body like a flower blooming.


A terrifying streak of light appeared without any signs and pierced into the feathers.


He instinctively felt that Ferguillo was unable to stop that power.


The feathers scattered.

The streak of light stabbed into Ferguillo’s body.

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