Chapter 588: Infinite Stacking, Another Battle That Ended First!

Chapter 588: Infinite Stacking, Another Battle That Ended First!


“Eternal Winter Domain!”


Another terrifying wave of coldness exploded.

The freezing arcane power gathered from the void and rapidly flowed out, the temperature around Ayrin and Divana quickly plummeting.

Even the air was about to condense into liquid and turned pale blue.

“Ayrin is trying to keep stacking his domain to defeat Divana!”

After hearing Ayrin’s shout, Charlotte had stopped. But only now, as she sensed the chill in the air, did she understand why he didn’t want any help.

“Bastard! You are actually using this method......”

A layer of transparent ice had formed on Divana’s silver armor. His face was turning ashen from the cold and his body started trembling uncontrollably.

The highest secret skill called ‘Dark Particle: Depraved Light’ by the outside world could ignore all domains. However, Ayrin kept activating the same domain over and over again. Leaving aside how much the Eternal Winter Domain would be strengthened, the constantly lowering temperature could completely freeze a person into dry powder!

It was an unimaginable method of fighting.

Because, in the entire world of arcane masters, only someone with the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline could keep stacking such a powerful domain with an endless supply of arcane particles!

“Eternal Winter Domain!”


More and more ice arcane power heeded Ayrin’s call. Under the pressure of the domain, the chilling wind brought away even more heat.

Ayrin was still going strong.

Several huge sword-like silhouettes of ice had formed behind him in the air.

He looked like a legendary Eternal Winter Lord!


Black rays kept shooting towards him, but were blocked by the Bone Emperor Vengeful Spirit Knight.

As Ayrin kept activating the Eternal Winter Domain, he shouted towards Divana with his special inciting tone, “You’re really strong! But before you exhaust my Vengeful Spirit Knight’s energy, I will definitely defeat you! You better surrender! Your Crimson Moon Clan was labeled as depraved elves by everyone. Don’t you want to change that?”

“It’s too early to talk about the outcome!”

Divana showed a menacing expression.

“Silver Snail Armor: Dark Moon Teleportation!”

As he chanted, the silver armor encased in ice suddenly released a dazzling silver glow.

Crack crack crack......

The layer of ice shattered.

Silver light flowed on the surface of the silver armor and the armor rapidly morphed. Several thin silver wingblades extended out from the back of the armor.

From a distance, Divana looked like a silver cicada.


A cracking sound came from the void.

“He disappeared!”

“Is he trying to charge towards Ayrin and kill him in close range combat?”

Charlotte, Shanna and the others became tense and opened their eyes wide in shock.

Divana had opened up space and disappeared from the spot.

Nobody could capture his figure, but they instinctively felt Divana would appear next to Ayrin.

At that moment, Ayrin shouted with a burning fighting spirit, “Zero range assassination, huh? You’re too fast, I definitely won’t compete in speed against you!”


Divana appeared where Ayrin was a moment ago.

However, Ayrin had split into six.

Six similar crystal figures surrounded Divana.

“What is this arcane skill?” Shanna exclaimed in disbelief.

She had never seen Ayrin use this arcane skill before.

“I know!”

Stingham popped open his eyes and shouted while turning to look at Jean Camus, “Fractal Crystal! Jean Camus, you really know how to use the Fractal Crystal?”

“Fractal Crystal!”

Divana’s pupils contracted.

He also could initially not tell which Ayrin was the real body.

“Eternal Winter Domain!”

Another Eternal Winter Domain exploded.


Divana’s breathings became haggard.

Blood vessels appeared on his face and turned greenish black from the chill.

Many pale blue droplets floated around him.

As Ayrin kept stacking domains, the ice arcane power became more and more concentrated. As the heat was constantly driven away, even the air was condensing into a liquid state!

It caused an additional vacuum domain effect to appear!


A huge sand hourglass made of countless grey bone-shaped crystals slammed into Divana.

Divana’s eyes opened wide, astonishment and fear filling his gaze.

The silver armor he wore began to show cracks and layers of powder got shaved away.

The expressionless Vengeful Spirit Knight levitated near him. It was completely unaffected by the low temperature and acted freely.


Everyone’s gaze flickered.

They could tell Divana lost any chance of turning the table around.

When facing Divana, who possessed the strongest forbidden skill ‘Dark Particle: Depraved Light’ from the Crimson Moon Clan, Ayrin could still display such a terrifying force and win!


Stream Exile King Wesyn’s mind wavered.

However, Jean Camus saw through his thoughts and calmly spoke while slowly moving towards him, “You just said before, your opponent is me. So, don’t think about saving Divana.”

Several gem-like feathers suddenly appeared behind Jean Camus.


In the next moment, those feathers were cut in half by an invisible force. Jean Camus did not even turn to look back.

Even though that hidden Shadow Dance level arcane master was extremely powerful, he seemed to believe that as long as Ferguillo was alive, they could not cause any harm to him.

“Just because Divana is in trouble, you think the situation has turned around?”

Seeing Jean Camus unfettered from the Shadow Dance level arcane master’s threat, Wesyn’s wavering died down. He stopped moving and stood where he was, waiting for the approaching Jean Camus.


Ferguillo whispered, “Stingham, you’re the Formation Guard.”


Stingham did not comprehend it.

Ferguillo’s left pupil suddenly shot out a pink light.

The feathers around him flew out with astonishing speed and landed around Moss and Charlotte.

Psst! Psst! Psst!

The feathers were all severed. Dozens of shard blades cut the air around Moss and Charlotte.

Ferguillo’s gaze did not turn towards Moss and Charlotte. Instead, he turned towards Lotton and the Evil Dragon follower covered in pale white particles.

“Despair: Beast of Fear!” the Evil Dragon follower chanted.

A cluster of shadows over dozens of meters in diameter manifested.

The bigger cluster of shadows swallowed the cluster of shadows pressing on his back like a living creature.

“All the forbidden skills you know were taught by me. Are you really thinking of defeating me?”

An even more sarcastic sneer appeared on his face.

“Beast of Avarice: Devour!”

Several streams of pale white particles separated from his body and hit Lotton.

Shadows and pale white particles entangled and devoured Lotton’s particles like maggots.

Lotton’s power was rapidly fading away.

“Ah!” Stingham shouted after seeing the situation. He threw his Green Dragon Spear towards the Evil Dragon follower.


The green flames carried a terrifying aura and attracted the attention of the Evil Dragon follower.

“Seven Star: Star Burst Strike!”

Behind the Evil Dragon follower, the ashen-looking Tyron suddenly opened his eyes and showed a determined expression.

Seven streaks of terrifying arcane powers gushed out from his body and gathered into a sharp starlight that looked like a horn.


The Evil Dragon follower screamed in disbelief after sensing the terrifying aura at his back.


He could not dodge at all.

The horn-like starlight hit his body squarely.


A despairing scream came out from his mouth.

His chest was minced up and the pale white particles covering his body were smashed apart and shattered.

The terrifying power was still exploding inside his body as if someone had stuffed an exploding star in it.


Starlight seeped out from his skin. In the next moment, his body blew apart.

“I...... did not let down the reputation of the Seven Star Corps!”

Behind him, Tyron knelt down on one knee, rotten blood flowing out of his mouth. He could no longer stand, but he showed a proud expression. After speaking that sentence, he finally lost all signs of life and collapsed.

“He feigned death from the start...... and has been waiting in ambush for such a chance to appear! He gathered his last bit of strength for it!”

The Green Dragon Spear passed through the exploded body of the Evil Dragon follower as Stingham was astonished by the scene.


At the same time, a series of explosions rang out where Ayrin and Divana fought.

Ayrin had become clusters of afterimages around Divana. Divana’s body had completely changed shape under Ayrin’s constant attacks.

The Stream Exile King Wesyn’s calm and arrogant expression finally changed.

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