Chapter 587: A Battle Seemingly Impossible To Win

Chapter 587: A Battle Seemingly Impossible To Win


“You want to break our rules and pick your opponent yourself?”

Light Devouring Valkyrie Black Jasmine looked at the slightly curled up Chris who seemed to be prepared to charge at any moment.

The cluster of darkness around her slowly disappeared. A girl similar in age to Chris appeared.

She wore black chainmail that fit tightly around her and had a normal face filled with confidence. She had a natural rebellious demeanor.

“I also don’t like to be bound by rules, but the rules in the world of arcane masters are always made by the strong.”

Black Jasmine looked at Chris and continued, “So, you must understand. Right now, we make the rules. We will choose who you face.”

Chris stopped looking around. She focused on Black Jasmine with a serious expression. Emphasizing every word, she said, “Arcane level does not equal fighting strength.”

Black Jasmine rubbed her forehead and proudly spoke, “But at least the response and attack will be faster.”

“You’re right, so I must defeat you first.” Chris nodded in acknowledgement.

“Then come...... I haven’t felt such anticipation for a fight in a long time.” Black Jasmine grinned.


Both of them vanished instantly, a loud explosion occurring at the center.

A cluster of darkness reappeared.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Chris took three steps back, each step covering several meters, and left a deep mark on the ground.

“There’s too much difference in physical strength!”

Moss shuddered.

He saw Chris’s arms slightly trembling.

Wesyn glanced at Black Jasmine and reminded, “Black Jasmine, this is not your personal fight. It’s related to all of us, don’t forget your objective!”

“It was just a probe. Don’t worry, just mind your own opponents.” Black Jasmine giggled.

“What a perverted feeling.” Stingham shuddered and goosebumps grew on his skin.


“Holy Gate of Life!”

“Lunar God’s Domain!”

Powerful domains reverberated non-stop.

The duel between Ayrin and Divana instantly reached the climax.

I must end this battle quickly!

Luckily, I can replenish arcane particles quickly on this battlefield.

Within the Lunar God’s Domain, Ayrin’s eyes glowed even brighter than the moonlight.

A crimson gold light flashed in his hand and manifested into a longsword.

Under the attraction of the Lunar God’s Domain, Divana rapidly flew towards him.

The Holy Gate of Life was the strongest secret skill in the Holy Dawn Academy. Lunar God’s Domain was also a terrifying domain, one that even Cocktail Grandmaster Leonardo could not learn after trying for many years.

In Ayrin’s previous battles, when he used the Lunar God’s Domain first, any opponent would lose the initiative.

However, right now, Ayrin’s pupils contracted. Layers of silver flames surged out beneath him and his astonishing instinct made him dodge to the left.

A tiny black ray shot towards him without getting affected by the domain.


Blood spurted out from his right shoulder.

The spilling blood seemed like stillness compared to the speed of that black ray.

“It hurts!” Ayrin shouted in pain.

His right shoulder was drilled through by the black ray.


The Lunar God’s Domain collapsed at that moment and became countless scattering light rays.

Divana levitated in the air as if he was rebelling against gravity.

He actually dodged it?

The Epic Silver Dragon bloodline is truly the legendary bloodline that can fight against the Evil Dragon bloodline!

However, it’s a pity you have yet to grow up, now...... die!

Divana showed a cruel gaze.


Over a hundred black rays simultaneously appeared in front of Ayrin.


Finger-thick trails of dust rose up from the ground.

In the next instant, thin pillars of water sprayed out from the ground.


Charlotte, Moss and the others rushed towards him.

The black rays exceeded the dynamic vision of a human. Ayrin was swallowed by them as rising trails of dust blocked everyone’s vision.

Without their vision to prove them otherwise, their minds started making up scenarios. They saw Ayrin penetrated by those black rays. After they passed through his body, the black rays shot into the ground, kicking up trails of dust.The terrifying penetrative force even drilled deep underground all the way into an underground water reserve and brought out the pillars of water.


“Dark Particle: Depraved Light...... As expected of the most powerful arcane skill from the depraved elves. Even the Evil Dragon valued it in the past......”

Seeing Ayrin getting swallowed by dust and water pillars, the Evil Dragon follower covered in pale white particles sneered.

He looked away from Ayrin and turned to the demihuman army that clearly seemed to be panicking.

Those foolish demihumans, I just need to use a random arcane skill and they will be routed, won’t they?


However, the moment he was about to go after the demihuman army, he turned around instead.

A Shadow Coffin-like shade suddenly appeared in the sky behind him.

“As I thought, you have been following these Holy Dawn brats......”

The Evil Dragon follower’s shock immediately disappeared and disdain replaced it.


A bigger cluster of shade shot up and blasted the Shadow Coffin-like shade into smithereens.

He coldly shouted, “Come out!”

On the ground not far away from him, a ghostly shadow suddenly rose up.

The ground around it seemed to have melted as a thin, deathly figure appeared.

That thin figure was covered in pale white particles. The monster-like shadow pressed onto the thin figure.

“It’s Lotton!”

“He has been following us underground all this time!”

“Even he can’t fight them!”

The panicking Stingham drew a sharp breath.

After Lotton appeared, the pale white particles on his body violently surged. However, the huge monster-like shadow that seemed to be growing out from his back kept his body bent.

Crack crack crack......

Bone fracturing sounds came from his body.

The Evil Dragon follower showed even more contempt for Lotton.


However, at that moment, he suddenly raised his brows and showed a shocked expression.

A cluster of shadows suddenly appeared on his back as well!



Divana also raised his brows.

Almost on reflex, he disappeared from the spot and appeared dozens of meters away.

A black shackle covered in lightning appeared at where he was just a moment ago.

Within the trails of dust and water pillars, a strange presence seeped out.

Divana’s pupils contracted.

Ayrin’s fighting spirit-filled shout sounded out, “Charlotte, don’t come here!”

“You’re not dead?” Stingham shouted back idiotically.

“What’s that?”

Divana drew a sharp breath.

What appeared was a shemale figure with goat horns.

Its body was made up of grey crystals, and it was shrouded in a dense deathly and grudging aura. There was a yellowish halo underneath its body. Its left hand held a long whip and its right hand held a candle-like gem.

Vengeful Spirit Knight!

There’s actually such a powerful Vengeful Spirit Knight?

Divana immediately realized the situation.

Ayrin, who showed no fear but even fiercer fighting spirit, walked out from behind the Vengeful Spirit Knight.

“You’re really strong! That was a really fast and strange arcane skill! But I must defeat you!”

Ayrin’s shouts exploded along with a powerful arcane energy fluctuation.

“Eternal Winter Domain!”

A terrifying wave of coldness swarmed towards Divana.


Black rays gathered at an even greater speed and flashed.


The Vengeful Spirit Knight unleashed a tide of arcane power.

Countless grey bones piled up into a bone hill around it and Ayrin.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The black rays struck the bone hill and exploded.

The grey bone hill shrunk rapidly.

“Eternal Winter Domain!”

Another wave of coldness spread out from the bone hill.

“It’s useless.”

Divana stood without moving and shook his head, “Although your Epic Silver Dragon bloodline allows you to possess almost endless arcane particles, my arcane skill can penetrate all domains...... Before my arcane particles are completely exhausted, I will easily shave away all the power of your Vengeful Spirit Knight and kill you.”

“Screw this!”

Stingham was almost crying. He yelled hysterically and was about to run over to Ayrin’s side. However, before he could move, Ayrin shouted, “Don’t help me, I can handle him!”

“Eternal Winter Domain!”

Another wave of coldness exploded.

“You’re already like this, yet you’re telling others not to help you? What the heck are you doing, Ayrin? Did your brain get damaged? Why do you keep using that domain? What’s the use of it?”

Stingham could not comprehend it.

“Eternal Winter Domain!”

However, Ayrin really seemed to have damaged his brain as he kept using the Eternal Winter Domain.

Divana frowned.

Suddenly, his expression completely changed. A sudden thought caused a chill to run down his back!

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