Chapter 586: The Sixth Corps, A Terrifying Lineup

Chapter 586: The Sixth Corps, A Terrifying Lineup


“You bastard!”

Ayrin stared at the Evil Dragon follower covered in pale white particles as rage burned in his eyes.

That Evil Dragon follower was no different from Tyron in terms of arcane level. However, the enemy clearly had a unique secret skill to force more Evil Dragon bloodline particles into Tyron’s body.

During the battle in the Doa Royal Palace, Ayrin learned that all Evil Dragon followers, including the Evil Dragon Bishops, could only integrate a limited amount of Evil Dragon bloodline particles.

That Evil Dragon follower clearly used some sort of arcane skill to make Tyron take in an amount of Evil Dragon bloodline particles that exceeded his limit.

Chris glanced at Tyron and knew he was beyond saving. She did not hesitate, rage and fighting spirit dwelling in her eyes, and spoke to Ayrin, “Ayrin, bring your demihuman army away from here. We will handle these guys. You must bring Acting Corps Leader Mody and regroup with Teacher Ciaran as soon as possible. She may be able to treat him.”

“Uncle Mody’s no good either. This six-gate arcane master was finished off instantly by the enemy. Can we really match them if we stay?”

Hearing Chris’s words, Stingham wanted to cry.

“A bunch of fools...... Do you think you can leave as you like?”

The Evil Dragon follower covered in pale white particles revealed a creepy smile.


Ayrin’s sight turned blurry for a moment and in the next Divana appeared less than a hundred meters in front of him.


Ayrin clenched his fists out of habit.

Divana’s speed was actually much faster than Rinloran’s!

Divana solemnly looked at Ayrin and slowly spoke, “At the Fearotz Stronghold, the force my Sequoia Corps accumulated over a thousand years was lost because of you. The moment the war broke out here, I had a feeling you would show up again. Since you did, like my fated enemy, let us have a true duel.”

Ferguillo, who was near Ayrin, moved slightly.

He wanted to help Ayrin fight against Divana.

However, at that moment, his left pupil suddenly glowed pink.

A gem-like feather manifested at his back.


An invisible force severed the feather.


Ferguillo rushed forward, leaving behind a long trail of afterimages.

The feather split apart from the middle as the invisible force continued to cut forward, severing a dozen of his afterimages.

Dozens of feathers manifested around Ferguillo.

Ferguillo’s left pupil kept glowing pink, his face turning grim.

Although he sensed the attack, he was not able to discover its origin.

It was such a strong attack, yet he was unable to discover the location of the enemy. This only meant one thing. The enemy was at the Shadow Dance level!

It meant the most powerful assassin was in hiding somewhere amongst these other powerful individuals!

Jean Camus appeared next to Ferguillo. He took a glance at Ferguillo and asked, “Shadow Dance level arcane master?”

Ferguillo nodded.

“You and me will handle that guy.” Jean Camus calmly spoke.

Ferguillo plainly answered, “Alright.”


“Even Ferguillo and Jean Camus are being stalled?”

“He’s so fast, I won’t be able to outrun him...... In that case, I have to defeat him!”

Ayrin glanced at Ferguillo and Jean Camus for a moment. Then, he stared back at Divana with a burning fighting spirit.

“Your opponent is me.”

At that moment, a transparent streak of light suddenly appeared in front of Jean Camus. It was the transparent-looking person.

As he got nearer, Jean Camus could see that this arcane master was a thin and tall middle-aged man. He was wrapped in a half meter thick transparent gum-like capsule.

Jean Camus raised his brows.

Four silver light balls suddenly appeared behind that arcane master.

Along with the four silver light balls, Chris’s petite figure also appeared!

Pssh! Pssh! Pssh! Pssh!

The moment she appeared, she unleashed four strikes with her fists at an astonishing speed. The four silver light balls accelerated even faster as her punches boosted their speed. The four silver light balls crashed into the arcane master wrapped in a transparent capsule.

“What is that arcane skill?”

Moss and Stingham opened their eyes wide.

They had never seen Chris use such a strange arcane skill before.


Before they had any time to think, the four silver light balls bounced off from that arcane master’s back.


Chris gave a loud shout and accurately hit the four rebounding silver light balls.

Chris’s attacks slammed against that arcane master’s back along with the four silver light balls.

“Subcontrol: Close Range Combat Light Balls!”

The name of an arcane skill showed up in Shanna’s astonished mind.

It was an extremely difficult close range arcane skill. The principle was to keep hitting those light balls while locked in close range combat. If she struck the enemy with them, it would cause extra damage.

Constantly hitting those light balls in an intense close range fight and maintaining control over them was something most arcane masters could not achieve.

However, from the current situation, it seemed Chris could. Most likely, this was the result of her training in the Fearotz Stronghold.

Truly a god-like girl!

She can actually grasp such a high difficulty close range arcane skill in such a short time!

Not good!

Shanna’s admiring expression quickly turned to shock and disbelief.

The arcane master attacked by Chris did not even turn around.


A vibrant shockwave exploded out towards Chris.

The four silver light balls were blown away.

As the shockwave spread out, Chris was repelled back with her arms crossed before her chest.


A cluster of black light appeared behind Chris at that moment.

“Chris!” Moss screamed in shock.

The cluster of black light was clearly someone charging at her. They were even faster than Moss!


The moment he screamed out, Chris landed heavily.

She was gliding back, her feet digging into the ground.

She no longer held her arms crossed before her chest. Only her left arm still stretched forward, the bandages around it scattering.

A trail of blood trickled down her mouth and her face was a little pale.

“It’s the other one!”

Moss felt a chill all over his body.

Within the cluster of black light was the arcane master who seemed to be devouring the surrounding light while releasing a terrifying aura.

He could vaguely see a figure in the black light under the vibration of arcane power. It was a female arcane master. She had about the same posture as Chris.

“Stream Exile King Wesyn, Light Devouring Valkyrie Black Jasmine.” Jean Camus calmly spoke.

“Stream Exile King?”

Moss trembled. He turned towards the arcane master wrapped in a transparent capsule and asked, “You’re House Ryswel’s Master Wesyn from our Kingdom of Eiche?”

The arcane master wrapped in a transparent capsule nodded. “You’re right.”

“You’re actually an Evil Dragon follower as well!”

Chris controlled her breathing and felt astonished.

Wesyn, who had the nickname Stream Exile King, was a famous arcane master in the Kingdom of Eiche. More importantly, in the preliminary match against the Southern Monsoon Academy, there was Riley from House Ryswel.

Although it was a tough fight against the Southern Monsoon Academy back then, after the fight, the Southern Monsoon Academy students became her supporters and her friends, including Riley.

She never imagined that the most powerful arcane master in the family of her friend was actually an Evil Dragon follower!

“What? Are you angry? You think by becoming an Evil Dragon follower, he will make your friend feel ashamed...... do you want to kill him?”

The Light Devouring Valkyrie in the cluster of black light seemed to have completely seen through the emotions contained in Chris’s eyes. She arrogantly spoke, “If you want to kill him, you must get past me first...... Don’t they call you the god-like girl in the Kingdom of Eiche? Coincidentally, the students of the Jasmine Academy in the Kingdom of Doa gave me the same nickname. Let’s see who is the true god-like girl.”

“What girl? You must be very old now! You must be an aunt at least!” Stingham shouted in frustration. He believed that the Light Devouring Valkyrie had to be very old.

Shanna transmitted her voice into Stingham’s ear, “She’s not really old...... If you go by age, she’s only a fourth year student in the Jasmine Academy.”


Stingham was shocked.

Shanna took a deep breath and spoke with a poor expression, “She led the Jasmine Academy to become the champions in the national tournament of the Kingdom of Doa as a second year. After that tournament, she went missing and became an Evil Dragon follower. It’s only been two years.”

“Second year...... Then trained for another two years and reached this level?” Stingham could not believe it, his eyes almost popping out.

No matter how he looked at it, that Light Devouring Valkyrie was close to opening six arcane gates!

Shanna bit her lips and explained, “She’s a dangerous existence...... It was said she joined the Evil Dragon followers because she felt a lack of challenge. It’s just because the Evil Dragon followers...... can fight and kill arcane masters without caring about anything.”

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