Chapter 59: A willing foundation stone!

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 59: A willing foundation stone!

“The feeling of a pointy thorn pricking inside the flesh, then turning back into several dozen grains of sand and gravel boring into the flesh?” Ayrin looked at Kybaver. “I don't know how that feels, I have to try it in a little bit.”

“What?!” Kybaver almost passed out. “You're a sicko! You even want to try something like this?”

“Haha! You made it sound so fearsome and so terrifying, so I pulled your leg. Who's so dumb to try and willingly get hit by someone's arcane skill?” Ayrin guffawed out loud. “You actually believed me?”

“I...” Kybaver thought that if he were still in a condition to fight, he would definitely pounce on Ayrin and choke him dead. What he had even more trouble understanding was, he clearly told this guy so much about how fearsome his opponent was, but there was only an even more ardent desire for war in Ayrin's eyes, without the slightest trace of nervousness or fear.

The teacher who agreed to advance Ayrin and Rowan's fight earlier held a register and asked Ayrin, looking very interested, “Can we begin?”

“Can we wait a little? I'm waiting for Chris to come back.”

“Oh, what's she helping you with?”

“Buying delicious things... There she is!”

Ayrin suddenly cheered. At this moment, flying inside the venue's entrance, Chris seemed even more of a true angel in his eyes, because Chris held two very big bundles in her hands, obviously filled with every kind of food. Ayrin could already smell the tempting scent even from a distance of several dozen meters away.

“You have to be generous with rewards.” Chris put the two great piles of stuff in front of Ayrin, and made a do-your-best cheering gesture. “Brave warrior, you have to do your best, Holy Dawn Academy needs you!”


A stomach sound could clearly be heard.

“So many delicious things...” Ayrin really had a little trouble controlling himself. He took a chicken leg and wanted to eat it, then thought he should eat it after winning his match. But there was another voice in his mind, telling him, just eat it and try how it tastes like, you'll eat the rest after winning your fight.

Ayrin picked up this chicken leg in a flash, picked it up then put it down, picked it up then put it down...

“Are you bloody done or not! There are so many people waiting for you, do you still want to fight!” Kybaver really couldn't keep watching anymore at his side. He couldn't resist shouting, “Isn't it just a chicken leg. If you can win, I'll buy you a hundred chicken legs, alright?!”

“Alright, you're the one who said that, one hundred chicken legs!”

Ayrin's eyes lit up as soon as he heard. He put the chicken leg down and brandished his fist at Chris and Kybaver, then charged toward the selection field.

“...” What made Kybaver extremely speechless was that, even so, he still saw Ayrin put the hand that'd grabbed the chicken leg under his nose and sniff it a couple time for all he was worth.

Ayrin and Rogrid formally stopped face to face.

“Your momentum is far higher than ordinary people. Even I am inferior. Defeating a master like Rowan as a freshman who entered the academy not long ago, you're truly a genius.”

After the referee teacher declared the official start of the fight, Rogrid actually looked at Ayrin and seriously told him, “People without any courage or any hope for Holy Dawn Academy's success wouldn't join this selection. That's why in my opinion, you are also a hope of our Holy Dawn Academy. But I hope you understand, the more things are like this, the harder I will try to fight. Because, if you can't even beat me, that would mean you're still a far cry from a genuine powerhouse. I also hope that this fight between you and me can add a little valuable experience for you.”

“You're really a good person.”

Ayrin stared blankly for a little while, then felt deep veneration for this school senior standing in front of him. “I will also do my best... to defeat you!”

“Then, let's start!”

Rogrid smiled. His silhouette flashed away, adding five or six meters between himself and Ayrin.

“Belo, you were wrong. Our academy isn't a useless trash academy at all!” Looking at the tall and skinny silhouette putting his palms up and respectfully displaying a fighting posture, Ayrin felt his blood boil all over inside his body.

This burning, hot-blooded feeling that couldn't be contained wasn't only related to his own dream, but also about this academy.

“Our academy is simply no useless trash academy at all. Because there are still many people who are desperately fighting for the sake of dreams and honor!”

“Come then!”

His fighting spirit ignited in a flash. He let out a shout so loud it made the hearts of many people in the stands bang in their chests!

The next moment, his entire person transformed into a stream of light, carrying with him the rumbles of winds as he charged at Rogrid from the side.

“Come! Even if I'm destined to be a very ordinary arcane master in the future, one that can't leave his name under the starry skies no matter what, at the very least I still did battle for the sake of Holy Dawn Academy today!”

Rogrid's chest also quickly ignited!

He knew that he was someone with very ordinary talents. No matter how much harder he trained, he might not be able to achieve too great a result, but he firmly believed that the glory and honor of an academy wasn't determined solely by the geniuses standing at the very top, but founded on the bravery and sweat of everyone who wished to do battle for the sake of this school!

Even if he were doomed to be the most ordinary foundation stone!

He still had to ignite and bring out every parcel of strength!

“Come! Come with your superb momentum, Ayrin!”

“Crashing Flow!”

He stayed in place without moving an inch facing an Ayrin loudly charging his way, but his hands quickly joined together, shaping a hollow triangle with his fingers.


The moment he completed this hand seal, the magenta arcane particles pouring out of his palms clashed against each other, producing rumbling sounds.

At the same time, a flow of water as tall as three men put together abruptly sprayed out along the ground, sweeping away everything in front of it like a dam burst.


“There's no way to dodge it!”

Ayrin's breathing halted. He only had the time to cross his arms in front of him like a barrier and curl his body before the sweeping stream slapped on his body like a giant, moving wall.

His body was suddenly submerged in the giant stream of water!


Amidst astonished shouts, together with an explosive sound, his body flew backward from the slap for fully seventeen to eighteen meters.

“He can actually still stay standing!”

The whole venue once again stilled all of a sudden.

Because, together with the heavy sound of landing, everyone saw that Ayrin's body was drenched, his hands, his entire body was constantly twitching, trembling, and his face was also a little distorted, and it was hard to distinguish whether the water on his face was from sweat, tears, or the water stream created by Rogrid's arcane skill. Everyone was well aware that there was no difference between being hit by a such a wall of water moving at high speed and being slapped away by a huge wooden beam. But even so, Ayrin could actually still stand upright when he landed back on the ground, could still stand firm.

“What a powerful willpower, what a fierce fighting spirit!”

Rogrid's hands were also trembling, but at the same time, the blood inside his body seemed to boil even hotter.

“There's no way to dodge! I can only use this move!”

Ayrin's voice suddenly rang.

The instant his voice rang, his body that seemed about to collapse once again burst out with an explosiveness that choked the spectators' breaths. He once again started sprinting!

“What's he doing?”

“What arcane skill is that?”

“Don't tell me he learned some secret skill!”

“It looks very powerful!”

A burst of gasps and uncontrollable shouts of surprise engulfed the entire stands like a tsunami.

Because everyone saw that, while wildly running at an alarming speed, Ayrin put his two hands in front of his chest and moved his ten fingers nonstop, knotting abstruse hand seals one after another at lightning speed!

“What arcane skill is that?”

Rogrid's attention also focused on Ayrin's hands despite himself. He was certain that Ayrin couldn't condense arcane particles, but these hand seals Ayrin made right now were extremely complex and elaborate. They simply couldn't be some arbitrary gestures thrown out at random, they had clearly gone through countless amounts of training.

Was it a unique arcane skill that could allow him to burst out with astounding might?

“Logic Fingers?”

On top of the arena, the elite teachers standing on the edge of the dome all looked at each other. Liszt stared, his eyes wide open. He whipped his head around: “Ciaran, you even taught him this spirit-focusing skill?”

“Such a complex spirit-focusing finger technique, he actually trained it to such a proficient level already?” Minlur also looked at Ayrin with disbelief. “But 'Logic Fingers' can't be used in battle, it's not a battle skill, why's he using it at a time like this?”

“What else could he be doing, he's distracting his opponent's attention and confusing him.” Liszt rubbed his chin, “A very good idea, it should be very useful against an opponent at this level. Only, Ciaran, I don't understand why you taught him 'Logic Fingers' so much in advance?”

Ciaran didn't take her eyes off the battle for a single second, saying, “You came back just now, there are many things you're not aware of. I'll tell you the reason later.”

The very moment she said this, Ayrin pushed his hands forward, then lifted his head and looked at the sky.

Apart from these elite teachers who knew that 'Logic Fingers' wasn't a battle skill, no one else could refrain from also lifting their heads to the sky, with the belief that some kind of arcane power would fall from it.

Just at this moment, Ayrin actually threw himself violently on the ground, did a roll, bounced up, and charged into Rogrid's chest like a flash of lightning.

Facing an arcane master stronger than himself, he could only rely on his body at close range to bring harm to the opponent!

On the chief referee's platform, Carter's face filled with shock and emotion.

He hadn't come into further contact with Ayrin after Ciaran raised her theory about growth. Before that, he only guided Ayrin once face to face. But now, Ayrin very clearly implemented the idea behind his guidance to the utter limit, and moreover, this was almost the only way to defeat an opponent like Rogrid!

“Boom!” Ayrin's punch struck true on Rogrid's chest. His shoulder also crashed forth like lightning, without the slightest pause!

Rogrid let out a muffled exclamation of pain. He flew out backward and dropped to the ground.

Ayrin borrowed the momentum to flip back and steadily land on the ground. He was about to immediately burst his strength out to its limit and charge forward to give Rogrid another blow with everything he had, but just at this moment, he felt unbearable pain in both his feet at the same time. It hurt so much he felt as if his scalp were about to explode. He couldn't resist immediately jumping up from the ground.

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