Chapter 585: Corrupted Blood Assault

Chapter 585: Corrupted Blood Assault



A gentle arcane power wrapped around the collapsed Mody.

Jean Camus appeared behind Mody and poured a potion into Mody’s mouth.

His emergency treatment was extremely quick. Even so, everyone could sense Mody’s life force fading away.

If Mody was not a six-gate arcane master and had strong arcane particles with flexible bones to support his body, he would have been blasted into pieces by Tyron.

“You bastard! Do you know what you have done?” Ayrin shouted angrily. Red flames began to burn around his body and destructive silver flames surged out from beneath his feet.

“Nobody is immune to making mistakes! But even if he did, shouldn’t he hold onto his belief and fight against the true evil? Even if you didn’t have a choice back then, don’t you have a choice now?”

As Ayrin shouted, Tyron’s face turned even more pale.

Sweat rolled down his skin non-stop.

He could clearly sense Mody’s life force rapidly disappearing.

Only now did he understand that Mody did not lie to him and was really willing to let him kill him without resisting!


His face twisted and another terrifying pressure exploded beneath him. He disappeared again.

“You’re still not reflecting on your mistake!”

“Holy Gate of Life!”

“Lunar God’s Domain!”

At that moment, Ayrin’s face twisted in extreme anger.

Arcane particles generated a terrifying resonation around him and the dazzling Lunar God’s Domain manifested with him as the center.

Ferguillo appeared next to Ayrin and patted his shoulder while explaining, “Ayrin, stop! He’s not killing Acting Corps Leader Mody, he’s saving him!”

“Saving him?” Ayrin paused for a moment.


Due to that pause, Tyron appeared before Mody.


Seven streaks of silver starlight landed on Mody simultaneously.

A pale green translucent pill was immediately stuffed into the unconscious Mody’s mouth.

Don’t die!

I was wrong...... Please don’t die!

Mody you bastard! You’re so stupid. Must you really use your own life to open my eyes blinded by hatred?

Tyron’s hands trembled, sweat flowing down profusely.

Only after Mody allowed him to hit him without putting up any form of resistance did he feel enlightened, like a child. He realized many things he did were not what he wanted to do.

A calm voice came from the dust cloud in the distance, “Isn’t it even more foolish to change sides at this moment?”

Along with that voice, the chaotic arcane power current and dust were pushed aside. A raging wind blew past Ayrin and the others.

“Powerful enemies!”

Ayrin instantly tensed up.

Just one or two powerful enemies would not be able to cause such an effect.

As he stared forward, the obstructions were blown away and cleared up his vision. A general wearing silver armor and an Evil Dragon follower covered in maggot-like pale white particles attracted his attention.

The Evil Dragon follower covered in pale white particles looked at Tyron with a mocking smile and asked, “Tyron, do you think you still have a choice?”


Moss and Stingham trembled.

That Evil Dragon follower made them think of Lotton.

Just remembering Lotton’s creepy and powerful arcane skills, they already felt scared. Not to mention that Evil Dragon follower released an even stronger aura than Lotton.

“Could he be Lotton’s teacher?” Stingham guessed while trembling.

His eyes locked on the arcane master wearing the silver armor, Ayrin shouted, “I saw you before. You’re the guy who led the Sequoia Corps to attack the Fearotz Stronghold!”

“Yes, I’m the General of the Sequoia Corps, Divana.” Divana nodded.

“Why are you here? Isn’t it too much of a coincidence?” Stingham questioned idiotically.

“Perhaps we are fated enemies, or you can say that the battle in Fearotz has not yet ended.” Divana did not look down on Stingham. He looked at Stingham, Ayrin and the others with mixed feelings, “Because the Sequoia Corps was routed at the Fearotz Stronghold, what was left of my Corps could only join the Sixth Corps as a reserve Corps. Meanwhile, you people entered the battlefield with powerful reinforcements at a crucial time. Hence, we naturally became opponents again.”

Divana hung his head and mumbled to himself, “Just that this time, we should properly determine the victor.”

“Uncle Mody......”

Ayrin maintained maximum alert. He turned around slightly and could sense Mody’s life force being sustained despite him remaining unconscious.

An Evil Dragon follower looked at Tyron and threatened, “Tyron, Divana’s strategy against these kids can be considered perfect. Victory is right before us, we will become the true dominators of this continent! Are you really going to make a foolish choice now of all times?”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

As that Evil Dragon follower spoke, another two powerful auras approached.

Within the rubble, many Evil Dragon followers showed up. The two powerful auras amongst them attracted their attention.

One of them had a vague figure, as if he was an illusion.

The other one was the polar opposite. Her body seemed to release a unique arcane power field. The surrounding light was being devoured by her body.

It caused the surroundings to be a cluster of darkness, nobody could tell how she looked.


Moss and the others around Mody stiffened. Chilling sensations spread out in their bodies, as if they were being frozen.

What they were nervous about was not the new appearance of the two strong individuals. Rather, they were worried that if Tyron changed his mind again, nobody could stop him from killing Mody...... With Mody’s strength, he would be able to create some confusion when they began to fight and might even snipe down one or two enemies.

“I won’t make any foolish decisions anymore.”

At that moment, the sweat-soaked Tyron straightened his body. He was no longer sweating, “To atone for my previous mistakes...... I will die fighting here.” He looked at the Evil Dragon follower covered in pale white particles, “I will fight against you until the last drop of my blood is spilled.”

“You sure?”

The Evil Dragon follower covered in pale white particles snorted.

The moment the enemy snorted, Ferguillo suddenly changed his expression and warned, “Watch out!”


A terrifying domain aura suddenly spread out from mid-air.


Light shone in Ayrin’s hands. He had already prepared the Treasured Book of Sealing unknowingly.


However, Ayrin drew a sharp breath immediately.

He raised his head.

Nervousness and astonishment filled his eyes.

The Treasured Book of Sealing failed!

The domain used by the enemy was not something the Treasured Book of Sealing could seal!

The moment he raised his head, a shadow coffin took shape in the air.

As everyone’s attention turned towards the shadow coffin, a several meters high pale white cross suddenly appeared from the void behind Tyron.

“Rampaging Dragon Horn Fist!”

Tyron disappeared in that instant and seven stars showed up in the sky once more.

A huge beam of starlight clashed against the pale white cross.


A shockwave outclassing Moss and the others by more than a level spread out, blowing away the people nearby.

The monsters and demihumans at the back instinctively retreated far away.

Starlight and pale white particles scattered around.

Within the scattering light, Tyron maintained his punching posture. His body protected Mody like a shield. With him taking the brunt of the shockwave, Mody remained safe.

“Hep hep......”

However, Tyron panted with difficulty.

The arcane robe he wore was pulverized. His skin shone a bronze hue that looked tougher than armor.

However, a patch of grey color appeared on his fist and rapidly spread towards his entire body.

Using the reverberating arcane energy fluctuations, Tyron generated a huge yellow ring that spread out five to six meters around him. However, it could not stop the grey color from spreading.

Tyron’s body was deteriorating.

Be it his blood, flesh or organs, they were rapidly starting to malfunction.

“Cough...... Cough......”

The Evil Dragon follower covered in pale white particles appeared several hundred meters away. He lightly coughed and a trail of blood flowed down his chin. However, his eyes were filled with cruelty and satisfaction.

A bunch of fools...... he sneered in his mind.

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