Chapter 584: Kill Me

Chapter 584: Kill Me


Romy’s body stiffened.

He, Meraly and Belo collapsed to the ground at the same time.


The moment they fell, Romy was devoured by the rat colony.

“Finally dead?”

Meraly’s consciousness turned hazy. Her body began to lose heat, but a joyous feeling filled her heart.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

At that moment, a few sonic booms rang out.

“Kill them!”

In her blurry vision, she saw a few Evil Dragon followers howling in anger and approaching them.

I can’t let them kill Belo!

I must fight!

She was shocked and wanted to stand up again on reflex.

At that moment, Belo’s familiar voice whispered to her, “Good job......”

“Just you? do you have what it takes?”

In the corner of her sight, she saw Belo standing up.

The blood spilled around rapidly gathered towards him.


The Evil Dragon followers screamed in fear and retreated.

Meraly could no longer see what was happening, but Belo gave her a sense of security. Sleepiness assaulted her mind.

“Sleep if you want...... As long as I’m here...... They have to get over my cold corpse before they kill you.”

Meraly wasn’t sure if Belo really said these words, or if they were her imagination, but she felt more relieved and peacefully slept.


Ayrin turned to glance back and frowned, “They’re not catching up to us, huh? Rinloran and Belo both encountered some trouble?”

Up ahead, he saw some familiar grandiose buildings, though most had become wreckages.

We’re nearing the edge of the Doa Royal Palace!


Ayrin suddenly stopped and jumped back.

“What a terrifying aura!”

“A six-gate arcane master!”

Chris and the others were also shocked. A powerful presence was approaching them, causing the wafting arcane power around them to turn stagnant.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Heavy footsteps rang out from the dust clouds in front of them.

A tall figure wearing a normal grey arcane robe slowly appeared.

It was a robust man over two meters tall with short, black hair. His muscles contained explosive strength, his facial muscles as hard as rock. His left cheek had five hole-like scars.

“Uncle Mody, who’s that?”

Ayrin cautiously looked at the arcane master. He immediately noticed them staring at Mody.

Before Mody could answer Ayrin, the arcane master said, “Mody, we finally meet again.”

Mody revealed a complicated expression. He answered Ayrin while looking at Tyron, “He’s Tyron, the Corps Leader of the Seven Star Corps.”


Even the calm Jean Camus seemed shocked, astonishment filling his eyes.

“The Corps Leader of the Seven Star Corps?” Ayrin turned to Jean Camus as he had never heard of this Corps.

“It was once the official Corps in the North of the Kingdom of Doa, but they became traitors later......” Jean Camus also revealed a complicated expression.

“Traitors?” Ayrin’s fighting spirit burned fiercer, “A Corps that was controlled by Evil Dragon followers long ago and joined the Evil Dragon Army?”

Ayrin did not lower his volume, so Tyron heard his words.

Tyron slowly shook his head and lamented, “If we became Evil Dragon followers at that time, I wouldn’t hold such a grudge after so many of my men were killed.”

“What do you mean?”

Ayrin, Chris and the others glanced at each other. None of them understood what Tyron meant.

“Mody, why don’t you explain to them why my Seven Star Corps was labeled as traitors and exterminated by all of you?” Tyron stared deeply at Mody, emphasizing every word.

An overwhelming chill and killing intent spread out from his eyes.

The air around him creaked, becoming waves of transparent brands under the pressure of power within his body.

Mody showed a bitter expression. He took a deep breath and explained, “The Seven Star Corps was exterminated for rebelling against the Green Dragon Divine Temple.”

“Rebelling against the Green Dragon Divine Temple?”

Ayrin’s eyes opened wide. An inspiration flashed in his mind and he thought of a possibility. Then, he exclaimed loudly, “Uncle Mody, is it because they discovered the secret of the Evil Dragon followers controlling the Green Dragon Divine Temple and rebelled, while the rest of you who didn’t know about this followed the orders issued by the Green Dragon Divine Temple and Doa Royal Palace? To exterminate the traitors who weren’t traitors?”

“You got most of it right, just a little mistake.”

Tyron laughed out loud. His laughter was filled with endless sadness, “My Corps only discovered some clues. We did not even get the time to rebel before the Green Dragon Divine Temple had already framed us. We were ambushed by elite arcane teams and only a few of us made it out alive!”

“Uncle Mody, you’re also one of the elite arcane team members that exterminated the Seven Star Corps?” Ayrin’s heart sank, he knew his guess was correct.

“He wasn’t just one of the members, he was one of the generals!” Tyron stared at Mody menacingly, veins popping out from his forehead like wriggling worms, “Rather, he’s the only general still alive. He’s the sworn enemy of my Seven Star Corps!”

“Mody, you should understand it by now. Do you still think my Seven Star Corps were traitors?” After a pause, Tyron laughed again, “I want to know, how do you feel now as you remember the time you killed my men?”

“Are you here for revenge?” Ayrin shouted towards Tyron, “It was just a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? Can the word ‘misunderstanding’ wash away my hatred? Wash away the blood that flowed? Every time I sleep, I remember their frustrated gazes.” Tyron sneered, “In order to cut the roots, even the families of my men were killed by arcane teams sent by the Green Dragon Divine Temple. Can you wash away this hatred with one word?”

“But this all happened because of the Evil Dragon follower’s scheme. Now that we all know this, isn’t it all the more reason to not fight amongst ourselves, but join up and fight against the Evil Dragon followers together!?” Ayrin shouted towards Tyron. He could not understand Tyron’s stance.

Tyron seemed unwilling to continue talking and spat out, “Too late.”

“What’s too late?” Ayrin was dumbfounded.

“Because, in order to survive from the pursuit of those arcane teams and protect the families of his men, he eventually joined the Evil Dragon followers.” Mody spoke.


Ayrin and Chris were shocked.

“It sounds unbelievable and funny, doesn’t it? The righteous arcane master who was determined to fight against the Evil Dragon followers ended up as a depraved arcane master to obtain the Evil Dragon bloodline he hated the most.” Tyron stared at them and spoke, “But I can assure you, when you encounter the same situation as me, when you see your families and friends killed one after another and you were powerless to stop it, you would be making the same choice as me. You would no longer be thinking about beliefs or righteousness. You would be like me, thinking only about killing those arcane masters who killed your families and friends, making them pay for it with their lives!”

“Mody! If you still treat yourself as an arcane master, today, let us fight fair and square!”

Tyron took a step forward. The ground a few meters around him sank down. Lumps of yellow stone-like power brands exploded out into the air.

At that moment, Ayrin shouted, “Wait!”

He stood in front of Mody and stared straight at Tyron, “Don’t you think you got the wrong target? Your greatest enemy is not Uncle Mody!”

“Get lost!”

Tyron’s eyes turned bloodshot. He roared out, “Mody! If you don’t come here and fight me, I will kill these youths without any hesitation!”

“Uncle Mody!” Ayrin shouted, but Mody already moved in front of him.

“This is my business, don’t interfere.”

Mody did not turn around. He waved his hand behind and took another deep breath. He looked at Tyron and calmly asked, “Tyron, since you said you want to take revenge and have labeled me as the executor of your Corps, will you continue fighting for revenge? Will you fight against the masterminds behind the extermination of your Corps, the Evil Dragon Bishops, as an Evil Dragon follower who had already killed many arcane masters related to the incident due to a misunderstanding?”

Mody’s expression became calmer and more determined as he looked straight at Tyron.

“I......” Tyron was at a loss.

The man who was overwhelmed by hatred had never thought his enemy would ask this question.

“Kill me.” Mody calmly spoke.

Tyron, Ayrin and the rest trembled. Ayrin and the others shouted in disbelief, “What!?”

Mody remained calm as he continued, “If you will continue to fight against even greater enemies, you may kill me now. Because it’s true that we were tricked and made a great mistake back then.”

He looked at Tyron and repeated, “If you promise to continue taking revenge, you may kill me now. I will not fight back.”

“You’re lying! You think I will be deceived by your words?”

“Rampaging Dragon Horn Fist!”


Tyron’s expression turned menacing and disappeared with a roar.

Seven stars seemed to shine in the sky.

A terrifying power condensed into the shape of a Dragon horn and slammed into Mody’s chest before Ayrin and the others could intercept.


Mody spat out a mouthful of blood.

Mody’s entire chest dented inwards and he was blasted backwards.

“Uncle Mody......”

Ayrin was shocked, arcane particles unconsciously surging out from his body.

“You...... You really......”

Tyron appeared from the dissipating Dragon horn. He looked at the collapsed Mody and turned ghastly pale.

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