Chapter 583: The Golden Girl’s Determination And Grief

Chapter 583: The Golden Girl’s Determination And Grief


Bam! Bam! Bam!

All the undead arcane masters fell down in a second.

The undead arcane masters were already dead. However, them falling down like dominos was especially heart-rending.

Meraly began trembling violently.

She noticed that after the blood red glow left their eyes, their eyeballs were completely rotten with disgusting grey pus flowing out.

Romy quietly stood amongst the garden of grey flowers.

His pale green hair fluttered in the air and the grey flowers grew up to his chest, making the scene extremely creepy.

“No artifact is invincible.”

He calmly looked at Belo and shook his head, “Even the Ice Lich Bone Case.”

Belo’s skin was as white as paper, only his eyes remaining bloodshot. His arcane energy fluctuation rapidly plummeted. It was clear activating the Ice Lich Bone Case had exhausted almost all the blood and arcane particles in his body.

However, seeing the collapsed undead arcane masters, Belo’s impulsive and arrogant expression remained unchanged.

“So what?” He sneered while staring at Romy and the dwarf arcane master.

Tolin laughed menacingly, “The arcane skill of you high beastmen purely relies on your evolved beastmen blood. With my talent domain’s assistance, the arcane power of these flowers can make your blood particles rot like scurvy! Don’t expect any luck!”

Romy turned to Tolin and said, “Let’s make our move, stop wasting time. The longer we drag it on, the greater the chance of an accident.”

In Romy’s perspective, Belo who had lost his blood was no different from trash. However, Belo’s gaze and expression made him feel an indescribable threat. So, he did not dare to lower his guard.

Meraly was drenched in cold sweat. She quickly asked Belo while Romy was talking to Tolin, “Belo, what should we do? Should we escape?”

“Escape? We can kill them, why would we escape?”

She was shocked by that response.

“Do it, let your rat army attack them.”

“Rat army?” Meraly unconsciously opened her eyes wide. She could not understand Belo’s intention.

“Dark Moon: Bewitching Flower Dance!” Romy rapidly chanted.


A unique domain aura spread out from Romy.

A dark moon suddenly appeared in the sky.

The grey flowers on the ground began swaying wildly. They swarmed towards Belo and Meraly along with their stems and roots.

“Do it!” Belo commanded.

Meraly pointed her Golden Holy Sword towards Romy and Tolin on reflex. A cluster of golden rays spewed out from her sword.

A rumbling sound came from beneath the sea of flowers around her and Belo. Countless Metal Devouring Rats crossed through the flowers and rushed towards Romy and Tolin.

Blood instantly bloomed out from the sea of flowers.

Countless Metal Devouring Rats were sliced to pieces by the swaying flowers.


However, Meraly, Tolin and Romy opened their eyes wide in disbelief.

Hiss...... Hiss...... Hiss......

The Metal Devouring Rats shrieked crazily.

While the flowers minced up tens of thousands of rats, even more bit apart the flowers.

Blood, shattered petals and an advancing rat colony became an astonishing tide.

In mere seconds, the entire grey sea of flowers was swallowed by the rats.

“Ah!” Tolin screamed in despair.

He thought of escaping immediately when the crazed rats rushed towards him. However, he realized he was already completely surrounded and could no longer escape.

An even more despairing scream rang out. “Ah!”

His body was swallowed by countless Metal Devouring Rats.

His death throes quickly died down while the tearing of flesh and bones replaced it.


Romy lost his calm, his handsome face twisting in shock.

The grey flowers gathered into a seamless flower pillar around him. However, as the rats madly bit into it, the surface of the pillar was getting shaved off layer by layer.


Meraly turned to look at Belo with a blank mind. By then, she realized the blood in Belo’s eyes was also disappearing. It was as if the last drop of beastman blood essence stored in Belo’s head had been used up.

However, Belo’s expression remained fervent and impulsive.

“If he was really the last descendent of the high salt cave dwarf bloodline...... Then the high salt cave dwarf bloodline is now truly extinct.”

Seeing Tolin’s rapidly disappearing body, Belo snorted to himself.

“You modified the bodies of my rats?”

Meraly finally realized what happened, which only led to more confusion, “Then, why didn’t that dwarf’s arcane power work? Shouldn’t his arcane power completely rot away your blood particles?”

“These guys lured away Rinloran first and prepared to ambush me...... But they have never lived in the most vicious primeval forest like the ancient beastmen tribes. Hence, they don’t know that apart from some insects, rats have great adaptability towards diseases.” Belo sneered, “The rats can even survive in plague-infested places...... This Salt Cave Dwarf may be able to destroy my blood particles in the undead arcane masters, but he couldn’t kill the blood particles that evolved in those Metal Devouring Rats.”

“From the start, it was all within your calculations?” Meraly looked dazed. She finally understood that even Belo’s first move was a bait to exhaust large amounts of arcane particles from Romy and Tolin.

Most likely, Belo had formed his plan the moment he sensed Tolin. That was why he told her to stay and fight!

He...... He really isn’t just impulsive and arrogant!

Meraly changed her impression of Belo again.


At that moment, the flower pillar around Romy let out a loud noise.

The flower pillar had sliced up countless rats, but the tattered flower pillar eventually gave way and collapsed.

“Dark Moon Protection: Flower Armor!” Romy roared.

The remaining arcane particles in his body surged out.

A dark pillar of light appeared around him. Countless flower petals swarmed towards him and became an armor.


The rats pouncing towards him were repelled.

Two dark red materialized swords appeared in his hands. They were crystal clear and were engraved with blooming roses.


With an angry roar, he dashed forward while splitting apart the tide of rats. He rushed towards Belo and Meraly with astonishing speed.

“What should I do?”

Meraly’s hands began trembling.

It was clear Romy was exerting the last ounce of his strength to kill her and Belo before the rats would kill him.

Belo coldly glanced at her, “You have two choices. One is to leave me behind and run away. The other is to kill this guy before he kills us.”

Kill this guy? He’s a high mixed blood elf...... his close range combat and sword skills are definitely better than mine.

Meraly lost all confidence.

However, in the next moment, her gaze turned determined.

If I get scared of the enemy before the fight, I will definitely lose!

Belo is also here...... If I lose, it isn’t just me but Belo as well who will die.

So, no matter what, I can’t lose! I must defeat this enemy!

Her expression had turned determined as well!

“Peerless: Moon Shadow Sword!” Romy yelled.

He and his two swords became so fast they suddenly disappeared.

All that remained was a surging dark moonlight.

Even though they were fully prepared for an ambush, even though there was a unique arcane master like Tolin helping him, he could not defeat Belo...... Such shame had completely overwhelmed his rationality and drove him to kill Belo at the cost of his own life!

“I can’t see his attacks at all!”

Meraly had already unleashed two golden light shields before her. However, cold sweat poured out profusely, making her look as if she just came out of water.

There was too great a difference between Romy and her. She could not see the true sword flash amongst the flowing dark moonlight.

At that moment, Belo whispered into her ear, “It’s up to you.” Then, he moved forward.


A section of dark red sword suddenly poked out from Belo’s back.

Belo was penetrated by a sword.

Romy also appeared at that moment.

Belo’s hands immediately grabbed onto the sword penetrating his body.


Meraly’s eyes turned bloodshot. She madly swung her sword towards Roy.

“Moon Shock: Severance!”

Romy’s other sword headed straight for Meraly.

Facing that stab which was faster than her own attack, Meraly clenched her teeth and slightly twisted her body without dodging.


The sword stabbed into her left abdomen.


Romy’s eyes narrowed into a thin line.

Looking at the attack Meraly launched while risking her own life, he did not show any hesitation and kicked up his left leg agily. His foot accurately poked Meraly’s sword-wielding wrist.


Meraly’s wrist fractured and her Golden Holy Sword flew out of her hand.

She shouted in grief, “Go die!”

She slid forward along the sword Romy stabbed into her abdomen. Crystal light suddenly appeared on her broken hand.

Romy’s pupils contracted and then expanded.

Five crystal-like bone spurs grew out from the back of Meraly’s hand.


The five bone spurs stabbed into Romy’s chest and blood sprayed out.

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