Chapter 582: Battle Between Ancient Successions

Chapter 582: Battle Between Ancient Successions


On the other side of the dust-filled battlefield, the unmoving Belo suddenly told Meraly, “Looks like he finished it.”


“What?” The nervous Meraly was confused. She could not understand what Belo meant.

Belo showed a displeased look as if he felt Meraly was too dumb. However, he still snorted a quick explanation, “Rinloran finished off his opponent.”

“Rinloran has defeated his opponent? You can see that?” Meraly looked around in surprise. Scattered arcane powers filled the surroundings, the wind and dust limiting her sight.

“I smelled the blood of Rinloran’s opponent, the smell of blood losing its life force.” Belo pushed up his spectacles, fervor and impulsiveness suddenly filling his eyes, “You two will end up the same.”

He turned to the left and snorted threateningly, “Your blood will also lose life force, your bodies cold corpses.”

“The enemy is here?”

Meraly immediately became anxious, goosebumps appearing on her skin.

As she looked in the direction Belo was staring at, a handsome male arcane master wearing dark red thorny armor, with sharp ears unique to the high elven bloodline slowly appeared from the raging wind.

The moment Meraly saw the pale green hair and dark skin, she screamed in shock, “High elven mixed bloodline!”

“What are you screaming for?”

Hearing Meraly’s unlady-like scream, Belo became even more displeased. He heavily snorted and glared back at Meraly.

Meraly was stunned for a moment, then quickly explained, “He has a high elven mixed bloodline! It’s the mixed blood between a depraved elven bloodline and a high elven bloodline. Arcane masters of such nature possess some bloodline talents from both bloodlines! He can also use the ability of the Forest Guardian like Rinloran.”

“So what?” Belo snorted.

Meraly was dumbfounded. She thought Belo did not understand the danger of a high elven mixed bloodline, so she continued to explain, “Because after the War with Dragons, the depraved elves and other elves have become enemies. So, no new high elven mixed bloodlines have appeared. That means this arcane master must have come from a high elven mixed bloodline clan existing before the War with Dragons...... A clan that has existed since that era is definitely very dangerous!”

“So what?” Belo repeated himself with a snort again.

“You’re even going to be scared of your enemy’s background?” Belo continued, “Don’t forget, my beastman clan had the highest beastman bloodline during the War with Dragons.”

Meraly was astonished.

Belo is right...... If it’s just background, there is nothing to be scared of.

At that moment, Belo whispered to Meraly in a volume only she could hear, “Since you’re staying behind to fight by my side, don’t become a burden. Remember what I told you, don’t make any movements before I tell you to.”

Meraly immediately nodded and promised with a serious expression, “I understand.”

She did not realize she was acting very humble in front of Belo, as if she was his student.

As Belo and Meraly conversed, the handsome arcane master did not rush for an attack. He just evaluated the two without showing any expression.

“There’s also a Salt Cave Dwarf. Stop hiding and show yourself.” Belo pushed up his spectacles again and sneered while looking somewhere behind the high elven mixed bloodline arcane master.

“Salt cave dwarf bloodline?”

Meraly’s body shook uncontrollably again, her eyes filled with endless shock. However, she forcefully held herself back from screaming.

Salt cave dwarf bloodline is also an anomaly amongst dwarves!

This is a race that almost went extinct during the Era of the War with Dragons! The Salt Cave Dwarves lived in caves with salt veins. Their main food was rock salt!

In the records Meraly browsed through, the Salt Cave Dwarves could absorb the nutrients they needed from rock salt. They would not die from dehydration from ingesting large amounts of salt.

Although the Salt Cave Dwarves had poor talents in integrating arcane power just like other dwarves, they had a unique bloodline talent. They could become pure support arcane masters and specialize in adding unique properties to the arcane skills used by other arcane masters!

Hence, the Salt Cave Dwarf was like a unique, living amplification device!


While Meraly was astonished, a short figure slowly appeared before them.

“Back then, us beastmen were the ones who exterminated a few of your tribes. What? The descendent of those pitiful survivors still dares to show himself before me?”

Belo remained fervent and impulsive. Bewitching bloody glints flashed in his eyes as he sneered towards that Salt Cave Dwarf.

“Such arrogance!”

The dwarf arcane master looked about fifty years old. He was bald and had bumps on his head. His expression immediately turned menacing, “Your beastman bloodline only had you and Lord Besche left. However, Lord Besche is dead. After you die, your bloodline will become extinct!”

“I will give you one last chance.” Facing the roar of that dwarf, Belo’s expression remained unchanged, “On the account of your interesting bloodlines, if you obediently lick my feet, I can spare you.”

“You’re about to die, yet you dare to be so arrogant?” The dwarf roared out even louder. The arcane energy fluctuations released from his body became more intense. The grey hue emitted by him spread even further. Pieces of grey salt particles began generating in the air and a fishy smell wafted in the air.

“The high beastman bloodline’s personality has not changed since the Era of the War with Dragons...... A bloodline with such a personality will go extinct sooner or later.”

The high elven mixed bloodline arcane master grinned and greeted Belo with an ancient elven gesture, “I am Miwalo Clan’s Romy.” He then pointed at the dwarf and said, “He is Diga Clan’s Tolin.”

Belo, Romy and Tolin possessed unique bloodline backgrounds. Seeing Romy’s ancient gesture, Meraly felt a solemn atmosphere.

However, at that moment, Belo’s sneer was transmitted into her ear. “After saying so much...... They still don’t dare to attack first, huh?”

Meraly was surprised. She felt Belo’s sneer contained a deeper meaning, but she could not comprehend it.

“In that case, let’s stop wasting time......”

Belo’s eyes suddenly turned bloodshot. Blood waves and ice crystals immediately began surging out beneath his feet.


A terrifying aura reverberated from his body.

The sky above him suddenly became blood red.

A huge eyeball created from blood opened in the sky.

A layer of frost suddenly covered the ground.

The corpses of the arcane masters who died in battle were also covered in frost.


In the next moment, eerie cracking sounds rang out like a tide.

The dead arcane masters began standing up expressionlessly.

An eerie glow and arcane energy covered their wounds and their tattered bodies were regenerating.

Meraly turned ghastly pale.

To her, it was an extremely bizarre scene.

With her and Belo as the center, at least two thousand dead arcane masters stood up again. They released a creepy cold and bloodthirsty aura, with red light flashing in their eyes.

“You really killed Lord Besche...... You’re an even more dangerous existence than Lord Besche. As a mere student at the Holy Dawn Academy, you have obtained such a terrifying strength in such a short time......”

Romy’s expression was very complicated right now.

He will probably become a legendary existence in a few more years.

It’s a pity...... People like you are fated to die under Lord Divana’s arrangements......

He chanted, “Moon Chant: Holy Gem Flower!”


Strong arcane energy fluctuations covered the frosty ground.

Moonlight-like rays fell down from the sky.

Meanwhile, flowers shining dazzlingly like the sun grew out from the frost and bloomed.


At the same time, a terrifying domain power shot out from the dwarf behind Romy.

The flowers turned grey.

The feeble-looking grey flowers easily pierced through the soles of the undead arcane masters like sharp blades and infiltrated into their bodies.

Meraly held her breath.

She noticed the blood red glow in the undead arcane masters’ eyes suddenly disappearing!

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