Chapter 581: The Solution The Enemy Could Never Imagine

Chapter 581: The Solution The Enemy Could Never Imagine


Two trails of blood flowed down Rinloran’s white cheeks. However, his expression completely calmed down.

“A plan prepared specially against us? Corroder Lanyis? In that case...... I will kill you first and then regroup with the others.”

Rinloran looked at Lanyis with chilling eyes.

“You’re confident. You better give me a good performance and show me where your confidence comes from.” Lanyis showed an uncaring and evil smile.


A faint arcane energy fluctuation vibrated in the air.

Rinloran’s heart beat rapidly. At almost the same time, a chill came from his nape.

He almost unconsciously dove down.


A tiny black dot swept past his scalp. The ice cold deathly presence gave him goosebumps.

Not good!

Rinloran’s eyes contracted.

The black dot actually fell straight down.


A burst of blood spilled out from his shoulder.

The black light traced along his shoulder and rapidly encroached into his body. Intense pain was transmitted into his brain.


Within a second, his heart felt as if it was smacked by a baton. His entire body shook and an unbearable pain was transmitted from his heart to his brain.

The black dot actually made its way to his heart and bit into his heart muscle!

Waves of dizziness flooded Rinloran’s mind.

His body soon began to feel cold.

His heart kept spasming, even affecting his blood circulation.

What is this arcane skill!?

Cold sweat poured out from his skin profusely and dripped onto the ground.

Thousand Storms Sword!

Rinloran’s eyes turned bloodshot.

His body trembled violently, but his expression remained cold as if his face was frozen.

The moment he raised his head, tiny sword flashes covered his entire body.


In the next moment, he disappeared.

An astonishing sword flash passed through Lanyis’s body.

Did I kill him?

Rinloran appeared a little behind Lanyis and stiffly turned his body around as it was getting colder.

His pupils contracted the moment he turned around.


Lanyis’s body split apart and became a cluster of yellowish green arcane energy.

Lanyis appeared on the opposite side with an evil smile.

At the same time, another black dot rushed out from the cluster of yellowish green arcane energy and flew towards Rinloran.


A sword flash surged out from Rinloran to intercept the black dot.

However, the black dot suddenly arced around the sword flash and arrived at Rinloran’s back.


Blood spilled out from Rinloran’s back.

Rinloran stiffened and his face turned even paler.

The black dot swam through his body and latched onto his heart.

“Great speed, great sword skill. It’s a pity I know all about your abilities, yet you know nothing about me. Since the start, your confidence is blinded.”

“How does it feel? It must be painful...... Your blood cannot even circulate properly anymore, your entire body will soon be unable to move......”

Lanyis looked at Rinloran like he would at a pitiful child and shook his head.

Soaked in sweat, Rinloran stared at him and asked with some difficulty, “Is it Bug Control?”

“Not bad, but my Bug Control is more powerful than those of normal arcane masters.”

Lanyis rubbed his chin. Killing intent flashed across his eyes as he stretched out his left arm towards Rinloran.

“Just two Pharo Heart Eating Beetles incapacitated you...... Now, it’s time to finish you off!”

Black dots streamed out from his left sleeve.

Rinloran held his breath.

Over a hundred black dots appeared before Lanyis.

He could see them clearly now. Each black dot was a tiny black bug.

The arcane masters fighting in the direct surroundings of Rinloran and Lanyis screamed out in shock when they saw the black bugs.

“Bug Control! Pharo Heart Eating Beetle!”

“Corroder Lanyis actually possesses so many Pharo Heart Eating Beetles!”

“Their speed is terrifying! Even a six-gate arcane master may not be able to dodge them. Who can stop so many of them?”


As screams came from the surroundings, Lanyis’s expression turned menacing. He let out a yell, “Die!”

The Pharo Heart Eating Beetles became a streak of terrifying black light and rushed towards Rinloran from all directions.

“He can’t dodge it!”

“It’s over!”

“He was already almost incapacitated. Now...... now it’s useless no matter how powerful his medical skill is......”

Many arcane masters fighting against the Evil Dragon followers nearby changed their expressions.


Rinloran did not try to dodge. Countless tiny bloody holes opened up on his body as the black bugs entered.


A strange panting sound came from Rinloran’s mouth.

His eyes opened wide.

He could feel the black bugs biting into his heart.

His heart had completely stiffened as if it became a black rock.

“The legendary new Holy Dawn Evil Six amounts to just this.”

Lanyis walked towards the stiffened Rinloran with a cruel smile.

The yellowish green smoke around him began to gather in his right hand and became a sickle.

In this situation where he had absolute control, he wanted to decapitate Rinloran with his materialized weapon. The Holy Dawn Evil Six was famous amongst the arcane masters from both the Kingdom of Eiche and Kingdom of Doa. Especially this new generation, who were the role models and idols in their generation. They had even brought in the demihuman army and greatly tipped the balance on the battlefield. Decapitating Rinloran before everyone would greatly lower the morale of the enemy.

Rinloran’s skin was beginning to turn indigo. Blood stopped flowing properly in his body and made his eyeballs look eerily black. His body began to lose its life force.


However, the moment Lanyis reached within a few dozen meters of Rinloran, some tiny objects suddenly exploded around Rinloran’s heart.

Rinloran’s stiffened body suddenly shook and his eyes burned with fighting spirit!


Lanyis opened his eyes wide in shock. At the same time, his pupils contracted as he felt a chill run down his back.

The skin on Rinloran’s chest suddenly bloated up.

Countless tiny green shoots broke through it and grew out from his body.

The nearby arcane masters did not know what happened, but Lanyis could clearly sense it as he had a connection with the Pharo Heart Eating Beetles. He could tell all of them had been killed at the same time.

“You actually...... actually used an arcane skill...... to let plants germinate in your body...... and used the roots to kill the Pharo Heart Eating Beetles! You actually used such a method...... you’re a lunatic......!”

Suddenly, Lanyis felt a fatal threat and came back to sense from the shock.


A cold glint flashed across Rinloran’s eyes.

His gaze turned ice cold.

His current body was even more freezing and eye-catching.


A beautiful sword flash filled the visions of the nearby arcane masters and shrouded Lanyis and Rinloran.

The sword flash vanished and everyone heard Lanyis cursing, “Lunatic......”

When they saw Lanyis again, they could see Lanyis clutching his own chest, kneeling down in front of Rinloran.

Blood sprayed out profusely between Lanyis’s fingers. It was impossible to stop the bleeding as his heart was pierced. There was a hole opened up all the way to his back.

“Lunatic...... You actually made the plant grow inside your own body. Such pain......”

Lanyis’s consciousness turned hazy, but disbelief still filled his mind.

He never imagined that his Pharo Heart Eating Beetles would be defeated like that. In his mind, even if the opponent used such a way to kill those beetles, tha pain would have shocked their mind into a coma.


Rinloran let out another strange pant.

His body spasmed from the pain, but he did not stop his steps and slowly approached Lanyis.


An icy blue sword flashed.

Lanyis’s head flew up.


After decapitating Lanyis, the frozen expression on Rinloran’s face was replaced by pain.

He kept coughing and collapsed to the ground while clutching his chest.

Ayrin...... Chris...... I can’t come to help right now......

But I killed this guy...... All of you must work hard!

You must win!

He looked towards Ayrin and the rest and roared out in his mind.

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