Chapter 580: Split Up, Dangerous Tactician Enemy

Chapter 580: Split Up, Dangerous Tactician Enemy


“Lord Divana, is it really necessary to do this?”

Far away from the battlefield, an arcane master surging with pale white particles put down his goblin monocular and asked, “Lord Divana, is it really necessary to do this?”

The general wearing full silver armor next to him answered, “Lord Nazonlo, it is necessary.” Divana spoke resolutely, “You have never witnessed their battles...... These unreliable looking youths are all dangerous existences. If we don’t split them up and suppress their individual strength, it will bring a terrible result.”


“Ayrin, is it really alright for Rinloran to run over alone like that?” In the chaotic battlefield, Stingham looked at Rinloran who had rushed over a thousand meters away and spoke with worry, “That Corroder Lanyis guy seems difficult to handle.”

In front of Stingham, Ayrin did not even look after Rinloran and spoke without any hesitation, “It’s fine. Since Rinloran is taking the initiative with confidence, he will defeat that guy.”

“You seem confident. You actually think that elven bloodline guy can handle Lanyis alone?”

In the shade of a burnt tree not far in front of Ayrin, two arcane masters peeped at Ayrin and Stingham with sneers.

In a battlefield where raging gales blew and countless shattered arcane powers clashed, normal arcane masters could not see anything beyond a hundred meters. However, those two arcane masters were unaffected. They could even clearly see the mouths of Ayrin and Stingham when they conversed.

One of the two wore a dark red thorny armor. He had sharp ears unique to high elven bloodlines like Rinloran. However, his hair was pale green and his skin was dark as if he had rubbed a layer of ash over his skin.

The other arcane master was a dwarf. He looked about fifty years old. He was bald and had acne-like bumps all over his head.

“But the more confident you are, the easier you will fall into Lord Divana’s plan. Lord Divana is truly a tactician like the Holy Dawn’s Carter! He even calculated the possibility of the Holy Dawn Academy team showing up on the battlefield.” The dwarf arcane master snorted while turning to look at his companion, “It’s our turn.”


The moment he finished his sentence, a grey hue appeared around him. At the same time, dark red streams of arcane energy flowed out from his companion.


The demihuman army led by Ayrin was unstoppable. The remaining Evil Dragon followers could not stop the cooperation between the monsters and demihumans and were routed.

“Another strong one appeared!”

At that moment, Ayrin, Chris and the others sensed a terrifying aura explode.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Stingham opened his eyes wide.

He could see dark red shoots growing out from the soil around him. They grew rapidly and spread around the ground, becoming thorny vines.

“Isn’t this Rinloran’s speciality?” Stingham shouted in disbelief.

He remembered clearly Rinloran using a similar arcane skill during the national tournament. However, the plant that grew out back then was different from this one.


The demihuman army instantly panicked.

They realized the thorny vines growing under their feet were extremely sharp. Even the paste armor could not prevent getting cut by them.

The crude weapons in their hands could not sever the thorny vines.

“Is it some depraved high elf arcane master?”

Ayrin’s fighting spirit-filled eyes locked onto the location where the aura exploded from.

Before Ayrin made any movement, Belo said, “Don’t waste any time...... If we don’t handle that guy first, your demihuman army will collapse. You bring them around this place, I will handle that guy.”

“Although I don’t know how you made those foolish guys listen to you. However, as long as I’m here, don’t think you get past here with just those foolish demihumans!” At that moment, the high elven bloodline arcane master appeared in front of them.

So strong!

Moss’s teeth clattered.

The high elf arcane master was like a burning sun. The surging arcane energy fluctuations kept spreading out like a wave. The air around him naturally turned into dazzling streaks of light as if he was equipped with a dazzling domain, making people unable to look at him directly.

“Belo...... Are you sure you can handle him alone?” Stingham looked at Belo, “This guy seems much more powerful than the enemy Rinloran chased after.”

“So there's more than one...... in that case......”

Belo ignored Stingham. He habitually pushed up his spectacles, twitched his nose and revealed a sarcastic grin. He turned to Meraly and spoke, “In that case, Meraly, you stay behind and handle this guy with me.”

“Me?” Meraly opened her eyes wide in surprise. She seemed flattered. An indescribable joyous feeling filled her.

“Yes!” She nodded quickly, worrying that Belo would change his mind.

“No way? If you’re looking for a helper, you shouldn’t look for the most useless flat-chest girl!” Stingham was dumbfounded and shouted, “Belo, did you misspeak? Aren’t you asking Chris to stay behind and help you?”

Belo continued to ignore Stingham and urged Ayrin, “Stop talking nonsense. Bring those scaredy cats and make a detour around this place. Otherwise, those guys are going to run away.”


Ayrin did not hesitate and immediately went to work. He shouted to the demihuman army behind him, “Follow me! Or else you will be killed by these thorny vines!”

“Follow the Leader!”

The demihuman army that became chaotic lost all reason. They screamed in fear and desperately followed Ayrin.

Belo looked at Meraly who got next to him and coldly instructed, “Listen to me, if I don’t let you attack, don’t attack. Understand?”

“Yes!” Meraly desperately nodded.


Rinloran’s dashing figure suddenly stopped.

He sensed a familiar aura exploding behind him.

Astonishment flashed across his eyes. He wanted to stop chasing and return.

However, at that moment, dozens of silver light rays appeared around him and blocked his path.

Psst! Psst!

Rinloran tried to move away. However, cuts opened up on both his cheeks, blood spilling out.

Behind Rinloran, the arcane master shrouded in yellowish green smoke appeared and spoke with a cruel smile, “Don’t think of going back to help them. Your opponent is me.”

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