Chapter 579: Crisis, A Trap Specially For The Holy Dawn Geniuses

Chapter 579: Crisis, A Trap Specially For The Holy Dawn Geniuses


The sudden appearance of the demihuman army caused the situation on the battlefield to change greatly. After the initial panic, the Evil Dragon followers began cursing.

“You actually dare to fight against us?”

“You fools, you’re courting death!”

The Evil Dragon followers gathered before the demihuman army numbered only about three thousand, most of them having exhausted their arcane particles. However, the Evil Dragon followers knew the personalities of the demihumans very well. In their eyes, even such a large demihuman army was just paper mache. They had no fighting strength and would be routed easily by scaring them.

As the Evil Dragon followers threatened, the demihumans shrank in fear.

In but a moment, the demihumans seemed to have disappeared by hiding behind the monsters.

“Demihumans are just demihumans. No matter how many there are, they are just a crowd of mobs that run away from a scare.” Many Evil Dragon followers thought, satisfied.


They were harshly awakened when waves of unique and loud metal grazing and hammering sounds suddenly sounded out.

Thigh-sized crossbow bolts and hooked spears rained down on the group of Evil Dragon followers, each bolt and each spear breaking through the sound barrier.


“You dirty things, throw!”

Rough scolding and roaring sounds rang out amongst the demihuman army.


In the next second, densely packed metal javelins arced through the sky.

The metal javelins became a raging tsunami and swept towards the Evil Dragon followers.

“Ah......” The Evil Dragon followers screamed in fear.

The first batch of crossbow bolts and hooked spears displayed violent strength, but were easy to dodge in such an open field. As a result, they did not cause much casualties. However, the carpeting metal javelin attack generated a terrifying mortality rate against the now exhausted Evil Dragon followers.

At least two to three hundred Evil Dragon followers were reaped by the metal javelin tsunami. They fell after getting pierced by multiple javelins.

The metal javelins were crudely made by pouring metal fluid into molds and cooling them down. There was no refining done. However, because of that, the rough surface of the javelins caused further damage when they penetrated the Evil Dragon followers and caused large amounts of bleeding.

Many Evil Dragon followers did not die immediately. They kept screaming as blood and ruptured organs spewed out from their wounds like springs.

The Evil Dragon followers standing before the demihuman army were dumbfounded at the result. Many of them had yet to react to the situation when the second wave of attacks already arrived.

A thousand monsters unleashed their arcane powers. The innumerable arcane powers became a destructive tide and swept over the Evil Dragon followers.

After the tide died down, nearly a third of the Evil Dragon followers had vanished.

“Leadbilis!” This was the ancient language of the demihumans, meaning ‘wise leader’ and ‘leader protect us’.

The peculiar personality of the demihumans was proven once again. Even if they gained a small achievement, they felt it was due to their leader and not them. However, the attack had completely beaten sense into the Evil Dragon followers who no longer tried to use threats to rout the demihuman army.

Instead, those still alive began retreating in panic.


A terrifying and grand arcane energy fluctuation suddenly bloomed in the sky above the demihuman army.

The vibrant arcane power clashed against the chaotic mix of arcane powers on the battlefield and formed into various colorful light belts.

A yellowish green rain cloud over a thousand meters in diameter rapidly condensed in the sky.

“Corrosive Downpour!”

“It’s the Corroder Lanyis!”

Behind the demihuman army, the arcane masters replenishing arcane particles turned their attention to the rain cloud. When the unique acidic smell spread out, many of them immediately realized the situation and became nervous and worried.


The yellowish green rainwater poured down. Most of the demihumans were shrouded in the downpour.


White smoke rose up from the ground due to corrosion. The nasty smell of acid choked the arcane masters and made them feel extremely uncomfortable.

“What’s going on?”

“How did those Holy Dawn people do it!?”

However, they opened their eyes wide in disbelief when they saw the demihumans safe and sound. The demihumans only crouched and held their noses to hold their breaths.

The Corroder Lanyis was a depraved arcane master from the Kingdom of Doa’s Lanow Academy. He was an infamous Evil Dragon Aggressor, with at least three elite arcane teams dying by his hands. Corrosive Downpour was not especially powerful, but had an extremely wide range.

Lanyis clearly used this arcane skill to target the cowardice of the demihumans. If he could injure a large number of them, even if the damage was minor, the demihuman army would probably collapse.

However, the corrosive rain seemed ineffective against the dark red armor the demihumans wore. The corrosive fluid rolled down the dark red armor but could not corrode it.

What kind of armor is that?

Where did Ayrin and the others find such a large quantity of armor that they could give it to the entire demihuman army?

“What’s going on?”

Meanwhile, the astonishment Ayrin and his team brought to the battlefield was yet to be over.

As the acidic mist rose up from the ground, the earth underneath the demihumans started boiling. Countless shrieks rang out and combined into high-pitched screeches.

Waves of something dark suddenly swarmed out from underneath the monsters the demihumans rode.

“Metal Devouring Rats!”

“There are so many of them!”

Everyone’s gaze froze.


Most of the Evil Dragon followers screamed in shock.

The number of Metal Devouring Rats swarming out from underneath the demihuman army was too overwhelming. They would normally be fine. If they couldn’t kill all these rats, they might at least be able to escape. However, they were currently exhausted! In such a situation, even the Metal Devouring Rats could be considered a frightening army!


Meraly stood tall while holding her Golden Holy Sword.

Layers of golden glow spread out from her sword and sprayed over the battlefield after scattering into golden glitters.

Her body kept trembling, her face pale and droplets of sweat drenching her blonde hair.

“Oi, flat-chest girl, aren’t you too useless?”

Stingham looked down on her, “Why do you seem to be deteriorating? You just used one arcane skill and yet you look like you fought for days on end.”

“Too useless...... deteriorate?”

Hearing Stingham’s mockery, Meraly did not show any anger for the first time. She endured the bone shaving pain coming from her entire body while revealing a confident and proud smile.

These Metal Devouring Rats are already useful...... If I persevere, I will only become more useful in the future.

At that moment, Rinloran told Ayrin, “Leave that guy to me.”

“Sure!” Ayrin nodded.

He and Rinloran turned to an Evil Dragon follower shrouded in yellowish green smoke.


Rinloran instantly disappeared.

Within the corrosive yellowish green smoke was a forty years old male arcane master. He was tall and thin with proper looking facial features, but the skin on his face was very colorful as if he wore a creepy mask.

“You had your eyes on me? You fell for it as expected......”

The moment Rinloran disappeared, that Evil Dragon follower’s eyes narrowed and revealed a cunning smile.


A beautiful sword flash suddenly rushed out behind him and pierced the yellowish green smoke surrounding him, all the way through his body.

Meanwhile, the cunning smile on that Evil Dragon follower’s face did not vanish and continued to widen.


His body exploded into a cluster of colorful particles.

Rinloran’s figure appeared amongst the explosion and scattering colorful particles.

The moment he appeared, his skin became similarly colorful and started corroding.

A cold sneer rang out behind Rinloran.

Four similar figures shrouded in yellowish green smoke lined up neatly about thirty meters behind Rinloran.


The air around Rinloran slightly vibrated. Pale blue light surged out and washed over his body.


The moment the pale blue light washed over Rinloran’s body, another beautiful sword flash hit one of the figures.

That figure also exploded into countless colorful particles.

The other three figures retreated with astonishing speed and left a long trail of smoke in their wake.

However, one of the figures showed a sarcastic expression.

“Impressive healing skill and sword skill...... but what a pity...... you still fell into our trap......”

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