Chapter 578: The Key To Determine The Outcome

Chapter 578: The Key To Determine The Outcome


The battlefield at the Doa Royal Palace was in a mess.

Countless chaotic arcane energy fluctuations formed a true elemental tide.

Waves of terrifying flames swept through the battlefield. The hurricane made up of dust, broken arcane power and flesh filled the sky, blocking the vision of those on the battlefield.

With each breath, arcane masters fell. However, the sum of the nine Corps from the Kingdom of Eiche and the five Corps from the Evil Dragon Army exceeded a few hundred thousands. Hence, even after so long, the battles were still very intense. Regardless of the central area in the Doa Royal Palace or the Corps camps around the Doa Royal City, countless arcane teams were battling. Most arcane teams did not have the leeway to care about other battles and could only focus on killing the enemies before them.

Somewhere on the battlefield.

Three Evil Dragon followers wearing purplish black arcane robes dashed towards an arcane master wearing the Three-Headed Dragon Academy arcane robe from the Kingdom of Eiche.

The Three-Headed Dragon Academy arcane master let out a low-pitched roar. With a slashing sound, a blood-red, dragon fang-like saber flash cut through the three Evil Dragon followers and bisected them.

Afterwards, the Three-Headed Dragon Academy arcane master turned extremely pale. His eyes showed the determination to fight to the death.

Because there were another two Evil Dragon followers dashing towards him from the side, and his arcane particle reserve had been completely used up.

In such a battlefield, over half of the powerful individuals did not get killed by their peers, but by low level arcane masters after fully exhausting their arcane particles and stamina.


At that moment, the sky above the Three-Headed Dragon Academy arcane master let out a deafening boom.

A terrifying domain power pressed down like an invisible mountain.

The terrifying aura made the two approaching Evil Dragon followers stop in their tracks and look up.

A ring of silver light threshed in the sky as a passage seemed about to open at the center of the ring.

Seven fist-sized silver light balls peeked out from the void and flashed in the sky.

“What a powerful domain!”

“This is a void domain type forbidden skill! Only a six-gate arcane master can possess such power!”

“Is he trying to send something here by opening such a big spatial passage!? Those are the spatial coordinates! He wants someone to cooperate with him to open the spatial passage!”

The Three-Headed Dragon Academy arcane master was also an expert. The moment he sensed the seven fist-sized silver light balls, he realized what it was.

However, is the arcane master who used this forbidden skill an ally or enemy?

Even if it’s an ally...... Who has the freedom to cooperate with opening such a spatial passage right now?

To his knowledge, all the top experts from the nine Houses and Dragons were unfamiliar with this arcane skill and did not possess the ability to help.

The two Evil Dragon followers also sensed it was not some large scale offensive forbidden skill and sighed in relief.


However, at that moment, the entire battlefield became absolutely silent for a moment.

The two Evil Dragon followers stiffened again. Because they suddenly realized they could not chant, as if their chanting were absorbed by someone and gathered at one point.


The loud ringing sound of a bell suddenly rang out in the sky above the battlefield.

“That is?”

The Three-Headed Dragon Academy arcane master held his breath, fervent hope showing in his eyes.

A black-robed old professor wrapped in countless sigils appeared before the seven silver light balls.

In the next second, his body was completely wrapped by a terrifying arcane particle flow and black flames.

Countless black shockwaves spread out at an astonishing speed.


The silver ring completely collapsed. At the same time, a raging gale belonging to the void far away gushed out like a waterfall.

The huge void spatial passage opened up!

In the next moment, the Three-Headed Dragon Academy arcane master turned pale white.

What came out from the void spatial passage were various monsters and demihumans!

The Demihuman-plus-monster army!

The demihuman-plus-monster army stopped outside the Fearotz Stronghold actually arrived with such a method...... Is that old professor also a hidden Evil Dragon Bishop!?

With such an army flowing into the battlefield suddenly through the void spatial passage, almost every arcane master on the battlefield stopped for a moment.

“Professor Plum, why are you here as well?”

“Professor Plum, did you help open this spatial passage?”

“Professor Plum, you’re actually so powerful!”

Surprised and youthful shouts rang out at that moment.


Following those voices, the people on the battlefield noticed many young arcane masters wearing the Holy Dawn Academy arcane robes amongst the army.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Many Evil Dragon followers running towards the monsters and demihumans that were falling down were blasted to smithereens by the monsters’ arcane powers.

It was an unbelievable sight.

Which side does this demihuman-plus-monster army belong to?

“There are so many......”

In the next few seconds, everyone’s gaze froze.

As the last batch of monsters and demihumans passed through the spatial passage, there were over a thousand monsters and over twenty thousand demihumans!

More importantly, each monster carried a demihuman knight-like existence swinging a whip.

When did the demihumans become monster riders? There are so many of them!


The overwhelming number of monsters and demihumans suddenly appeared and the outcome of the Evil Dragon followers who had run towards them in delight caused the other Evil Dragon followers to instinctively back off.

The battlefield split apart and became two camps.

The musty stench from the demihumans quickly spread through the battlefield.

However, after less than half a minute, the demihumans and monsters naturally went into a barrel formation. The monsters were moved to the outermost circle while the demihuman foot soldiers hid behind the monsters.

The few demihumans taught by Ayrin asked him with a scared yet flattering expression, “Leader, what do we do now?”

“Professor Plum, where are Teacher Liszt and the other teachers? What should we do?” Ayrin urgently asked Professor Plum.

The current battlefield was even more intense than the Fallen Shadow Valley campaign. The chaotic arcane power currents kept smashing into his body and filling him with arcane particles, making him feel stronger than ever.

However, the bizarre dust and light refraction had restricted his mental strength to a certain zone. In such a battlefield, long distance offensive arcane skills and mental attacks probably would not work.

“Currently, the five camps of the Evil Dragon Army have been breached, but we are not gaining any advantage overall.”

Professor Plum remained stoic, “Currently, there are three detrimental factors in the Evil Dragon Army. One is the Spirit Crown, two is the Rotten Flesh Halberd, and three is the Epic Abyssal Ring.”

“Spirit Crown!”

Rinloran changed his expression after hearing that name. He shouted in disbelief, “Isn’t the Spirit Crown already destroyed?”

“It was, but these Evil Dragon followers used some unknown method and fixed it.” Professor Plum coldly spoke, “In this battle, there are many fixed Evil Dragon artifacts and replicas of the epic weapons.”

“What kind of artifact is the Spirit Crown?” Ayrin asked in curiosity.

“It’s an artifact that constantly absorbs death energy. In such a battlefield where arcane masters die left and right, letting it accumulate will allow it to exhibit an unimaginable power. Nobody can stop it.” Ferguillo quickly explained.

“What about the Rotten Flesh Halberd and Epic Abyssal Ring?” Ayrin asked next while feeling astonished.

“The Rotten Flesh Halberd is an artifact similar to the Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate. It can reassemble the broken flesh on the battlefield into rotten giants to fight. The only difference is that the Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate possesses its own energy and can create the Skeleton Army by itself. However, the Rotten Flesh Halberd needs Evil Dragon arcane energy to be constantly supplied. As for the Epic Abyssal Ring, it can constantly summon abyssal monsters and beasts from various abysses in the continent.” Rinloran explained with a chilling expression.

“A weapon that can eventually accumulate power to the point nobody can defend against it...... Two weapons that can forever keep creating armies...... So, we must destroy these three items to win this war.” Ayrin’s gaze turned hot, his fighting spirit burning brightly, “Professor Plum, are Teacher Liszt and the other teachers trying to break in and destroy the three items?”

“The Spirit Crown is near the Green Dragon Divine Temple. The Rotten Flesh Halberd is at the center of the four Evil Dragon Bones. The Epic Abyssal Ring is in the sewers below the Doa Royal Palace.”

Professor Plum pointed to the left of Ayrin, “Over there is the center of the Doa Royal Palace. Teacher Liszt and the others are after the Spirit Crown.”

Without any hesitation, Ayrin let out a thunderous roar. “Advance! Advance towards the Doa Royal Palace!”

He led the front and whipping sounds came from the army behind as they followed him.

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