Chapter 577: Racing Against Time

Chapter 577: Racing Against Time


“Hurry up! Don’t slack off!”

“You dirty things, follow!”


Rough yelling and whipping sounds came from the dark red flood-like army.

“What a peculiar army and peculiar leader......”

Moss speechlessly watched Ayrin and his army.

The demihumans riding on monsters had made long whips and whipped their monsters as well as the demihuman foot soldiers around them.

Speaking of domineering, no other race could compare to the demihumans.

However, in such an intense march, the persevering trait of the demihumans was on full display. Even the foot soldiers who were constantly whipped did not make a single complaint. They only followed the orders to avoid getting whipped.

As such, there was no need to give any further commands as the army was advancing orderly.

“Is there any use for teaching these guys combat techniques? They wouldn’t dare to rush up when facing powerful enemies even if they learned some......” Moss mumbled.

Hearing Moss mumble, Chris looked at a few demihumans chosen by Ayrin and told Moss, “Ayrin probably didn’t teach them combat techniques for them to use them on the battlefield.”

“He didn’t?” Moss was dumbfounded, “Then why?”

“The demihumans taught by Ayrin will feel to be of a higher standing than the others...... And if they become a little stronger, when they bully the other demihumans, the others won’t dare to resist.” Chris explained.

“It’s to make these demihumans better at bullying their own kind?” Moss was speechless.

“Hmph!” Belo snorted next to him.

“These demihumans aren’t so useless after all. At least we don’t need to worry about them. Also, they can eat anything wherever they go, so they can survive without any army rations. They’re just like locusts. That’s why they can reach such a marching speed.”

As Belo spoke, Shanna and the others in charge of scouting suddenly exclaimed, “What’s that?”

It was not a clear appearance of the enemy. A thick layer of clouds was rapidly approaching from the sky up ahead.

As the layer of clouds got nearer, they could see sparks flashing within the clouds as things fell down like rain.


A humongous object fell from the cloud, making a sonic boom, and crashed into the ground several hundreds of meters in front of Ayrin’s group, splashing a wave of mud.

“What’s that?”

When everyone began to feel shocked, Ayrin had already dashed out like a comet after a shout and landed next to the crash site of the humongous object.

“Ah?” Ayrin was dumbfounded.

The object stabbing into the muddy crater before him was the upper section of a building.

The roof of the building was made with a special pale blue glass tile. The adhesion was strong and only a small segment fell off after crashing to the ground.

“Why is there a building falling out of the clouds?” Stingham opened his mouth in shock.

Mody appeared next to Ayrin and took a glance. He then spoke with certainty, “This is a building unique to the area around the Doa Royal City.”

“Doa Royal City?”

Rinloran, Ferguillo and the others looked astonished.


At that moment, another heavy object crashed into the ground nearby.

“It’s not raining water, but raining fish?” Stingham’s bewildered shout rang out.

What crashed down was a silver scabbardfish over five meters long.

“What the hell?”

Stingham wanted to take a look. However, at that moment, a cluster of blackness broke through the clouds and crashed about ten meters in front of him.

The moment he saw the object clearly, he jumped back in fright.

It was an about six to seven meters long claw of some unknown monster. The black scales covering it reflected a cold glint. Even though the blood in its veins had already clotted, faint arcane energy fluctuations still wrapped around it.

“What kind of monster has such a big claw?” Ayrin shouted in surprise.

“What’s that!?” Charlotte and Meraly exclaimed at the same time.

An eye-catching streak of light was falling down from the dark clouds.

The streak of light released astonishing water type arcane power, as if it was a waterfall falling through the clouds.


Countless geyser-like waves splashed up from the ground.

After the splashes died down, Ayrin and the others appeared at the crash site of the streak of light.

“This is...... a pure Dragon?”

Ayrin, Chris and the others were astonished.

At the center of the crater laid a section of a silver adult Dragon’s body. It was releasing a powerful and pure dragon aura. The overwhelming pressure was suffocating.

“Even such a Dragon got killed......”

Everyone felt a chill.

It was the middle section of a Dragon. No matter how strong the life force of it was, it was impossible to survive after being chopped into pieces like that.

“Valeria...... This is House Tyrell’s Guardian Dragon Valeria...... In our Kingdom of Eiche, only House Tyrell has such a pure-blooded water type Dragon......” Charlotte’s voice choked.

The rapid moving dark clouds had already passed over their heads. Behind them, the demihuman army also became rowdy.

More objects fell down like rain. They could vaguely see various broken parts of monsters and beasts, corpses of arcane masters and some broken artifacts.

Has the war already reached a boiling point?

There was still a long distance to the Doa Royal Palace. However, the arcane energy fluctuations from the battlefield had already brought the vestiges on the battlefield so far away.

Ayrin took a deep breath and clenched his fists tightly.

“Acting Corps Leader Mody, should we divide into two groups and have one group rush ahead? Otherwise, I’m worried the war will be over by the time we arrive.” He turned to look at Mody.

“We’re too far away.” Mody shook his head, “Even with your stamina, you have to keep running for three to four days.”

“Even these peak existences have already died...... In such an intense war, even if we rush there, we can’t do much, can we?” Stingham spoke with a pale face while looking at what was left of the Dragon.

Rinloran and the others could not say anything.

Although Stingham was quite dumb, they could not refute his words.

Even a Dragon, the strongest existence of the nine Houses from the Kingdom of Eiche, had died...... The intensity and cruelty of this war was beyond their imagination.

Furthermore, the Evil Dragon Army must have been far more powerful than everyone’s imagination. The army assembled by the Kingdom of Eiche might not be able to attain victory.

“We can only follow our original plan and wait for news to pass down from the frontline.” Mody also took a deep breath to calm himself down.

However, at that moment, he suddenly raised his head.

“Arcane master?”


Ayrin and the others also felt the strange aura. The moment they raised their heads, a bouncing cluster of light already dropped down from the sky.

Mody felt a familiar arcane energy fluctuation, his eyes turning bright.

Ayrin’s eyes also opened wide. He sensed the familiar arcane energy fluctuation and shouted out in surprise, “It’s Uncle Lenyu!”


The moment the light cluster landed, it became countless streams of light and spread out on the ground.

Lenyu appeared before them with a grim expression.

Seeing the arcane master being Dimension Traveler Lenyu, Ayrin immediately asked, “It’s really you, Uncle Lenyu! You didn’t go to the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold?”

Jean Camus, who was more familiar with Lenyu than the others, calmly asked while looking at him, “Can you send us to the battlefield?”

Lenyu glanced over the demihuman army behind Ayrin and the others.

His gaze contained mixed feelings. He clearly never expected Ayrin and the others to gather such an army.

Jean Camus’s question also inspired Ayrin. Before Lenyu could answer, he asked, “Yeah! Uncle Lenyu, you have unique arcane skills and can fly through the sky. Also, you have the domain that can banish others to another place. Can you use that domain and send us to the battlefield?”

Lenyu’s emotions were clearly not calm. He took a deep breath and spoke, “I can make a gamble.”

“What gamble?” Stingham spun his Green Dragon Spear, “Can you send us to the battlefield or not? My Green Dragon Spear is incredible! I will definitely make countless female arcane masters fall for me on the battlefield!”

“I alone don’t have enough energy to send all of you, including this army, to anywhere near the battlefield.” Lenyu ignored Stingham and explained with clarity, “From such a distance, I can only open up half a spatial passage like sending a request, and send out the coordinates. If there is someone specialized in such spatial domain forbidden skills on the battlefield around the Doa Royal Palace and possesses sufficient energy, he can use the coordinates I sent to accurately capture the half section of the spatial passage and open up the other half. Then, you will be summoned to the battlefield. However, if there’s already no such expert on the battlefield left, then all my energy will be wasted...... Opening the half spatial passage and sending the coordinates will exhaust all my strength and make me unable to participate in this war.”

Ayrin did not show any hesitation and shouted towards Mody with a burning fighting spirit, “If we fail, it’s equivalent to losing a six-gate arcane master on the battlefield...... However, if we succeed, that means we and this demihuman army will arrive at the battlefield immediately, huh? Acting Corps Leader Mody, let’s make a gamble!”

“It will be too late if we delay any longer. Let’s begin.”

Mody did not hesitate and nodded towards Lenyu.

On a battlefield where almost all the strong individuals from the Doraster Continent were gathered, it was very likely for there to be such an expert. However, the war had already become so intense, if they did not hurry, even those individuals might die.

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