Chapter 576: A War In Which Even Powerful Individuals Seemed Insignificant, Carter’s Bitterness

Chapter 576: A War In Which Even Powerful Individuals Seemed Insignificant, Carter’s Bitterness


Doa Royal City.

Looking down at it from above, one could see it was now a den of evil.

Apart from the initial four Evil Dragon Bones, there were dozens of purplish red altars set up in the Doa Royal Palace.

The arcane energy flowing out from those altars caused the surrounding ground to be covered in a layer of sticky purplish red slime.

Huge coral-like strange structures grew out from the slime. These structures reached over a hundred meters high and weird yellowish light balls glowed atop of them, each roughly ten meters in diameter.

Outside the Doa Royal Palace, there were five camps for the five Corps.

The five camps were shrouded in a light hue, surrounded by many strange plants or covered in mist that could not be seen through. The arcane energy fluctuations released to the surroundings even condensed the air and reflected a crystal-like glow.

The five camps connected into a circle and surrounded the entire Doa Royal Palace.

Nine streams of flood-like Corps were rushing towards the five camps from all directions!

The earth trembled, terrifying booming sounds vibrating through the air.

It was truly an epic scene.

The army assembled from the Nine Houses in the Kingdom of Eiche and various academies finally completed the integration with the arcane masters and Corps coming from various parts of the Kingdom of Doa and began a full assault on the Doa Royal Palace dominated by the Evil Dragon Army!


Liszt, Rui, Ciaran and Minlur who was carrying Carter, as well as Donna and the others, were in the center of one Corps.

The Evil Dragon camp they faced was covered by massive fungus-like plants.

They had weird red circles on them and towered over several tens of meters. They grew densely and obstructed the view.

Crack...... Crack...... Crack......

A wave of unique metal locking sounds rang out.

Several hundreds of metal chariots were pushed to the front of the Corps. Behind those chariots were over a thousand arcane masters riding on a strange type of monster.

Those monsters looked like huge snails, with crystal clear water spheres about half a meter in diameter levitating around their bodies.

Furthermore, water currents seemed to be flowing under their bodies, allowing them to move much faster than normal monsters.


The metal chariots at the front suddenly transformed. Transparent crystals shot out from the chariots and became huge circular lenses.

The sunlight became streaks of burning rays of light after passing through the lenses and shot towards the Evil Dragon camp.


The plants were pierced and severed, crumbling to the ground.

In the next moment, most arcane masters of that Corps, including Liszt and the others, froze.

Some fast moving Evil Dragon followers and three metal statues appeared before them.

The three metal statues looked like female elf arcane masters. They held a harp each and were sculpted from black metal.

With a strange wave of arcane energy fluctuations, their mouths opened simultaneously.


An invisible vibration spread out from them.

“They’re Dark Elf Banshee Statues!”

“A terrifying mental attack artifact! Evade! Don’t try to endure it!”

Loud warnings immediately rang out throughout the Corps, but it was a step too late. A large group of arcane masters facing the three statues fell.

The over a hundred arcane masters that fell were spasming as if they had epilepsy, their gazes becoming hollow.

The three terrifying mental attack artifacts of the Evil Dragon Army existed for only a brief moment.

The instant those arcane masters collapsed, an arcane master from River Bend Academy shrouded in water currents dashed forward with a grievous expression.

A white gem case flew out from his hands.


The moment the white gem case opened, it dissipated into countless particles.

In the space before that arcane master, a transparent mermaid appeared.

She started chanting, yet nobody could hear her voice. Waves of visible sound shockwaves impacted the three statues thousand meters away.

The three Dark Elf Banshee Statues instantly trembled and collapsed after shattering into countless pieces.


The sky shook again.

All the fungus-like plants suddenly withered and at the same time, countless colorful light rays shot up into the sky.


A huge rainbow bridge fell from the sky. A massive spatial passage opened up at the end of the rainbow bridge.

Countless strange, shiny creatures that looked like the offspring of a praying mantis and human rained down along the rainbow bridge.

“Rainbow Nightmare: Star Beast Summoning...... Someone can actually use such a forbidden skill! Looks like there are more Evil Dragon Bishops than we knew.”

On Minlur’s back, Carter kept his eyes open with a little difficulty and told a middle-aged man wearing an arcane robe with a golden rose symbol at the side, “Use the Sea of Heart Summoning.”

The man nodded.

A blue droplet of light seeped out of the man’s chest.

Next, the thousand arcane masters riding on monsters and their mounts activated their arcane power, splashing the water currents under them.

The unique water currents danced through the air and the water arcane power became unimaginably dense.


The sky that was tortured by various arcane powers shook again.

A blue spatial passage exceeding a hundred meters wide manifested in the sky.

At the same time, huge waves gushed out from the opening, while countless beasts and monsters unique to the ocean swarmed into the battlefield along with the waves.

With the withering of the fungus-like plants and the spatial passages from the two sides manifesting, the full appearance of the Evil Dragon Army was finally revealed.

At the center of the Evil Dragon Army, there was a huge building in the shape of a volcano.

The surface of that building was shrouded in green flames. The entire building seemed to be made of hard ceramic. Various mysterious star diagrams were carved on its surface. Strange arcane energy flowed along and became rapidly flowing images on the building. The images showed various grey demonic dragons spewing strange red light rays. The red light rays showered onto many arcane masters.

“Eternal Judgement Tower!”

Even Liszt could not keep his calm. He was astonished along with the others.

The Eternal Judgement Tower was also an Evil Dragon weapon. As long as it kept releasing arcane energy, it could let a large number of Evil Dragon followers maintain a full berserk state.

The full berserk state was even stronger than berserk beastmen. It completely raised the arcane particle level and physical strength of those arcane masters afflicted, equivalent to raising their arcane levels.

Since the Dark Elf Banshee Statues from the Evil Dragon Army at the start, both sides kept revealing their powerful cards.... In such a war, even powerful individuals like Liszt and the others were rather fragile.

“Perhaps Ayrin and the others not showing up here is also a good thing.”

Carter coughed. He looked at the ‘Eternal Judgment Tower’ and revealed a bitter expression.

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