Chapter 571: Counterattack! Thorns Swamp!

Chapter 571: Counterattack! Thorns Swamp!


“No wonder there’s no vulture or hyena in the Thorns Swamp.”

Mody could not help but feel emotional.

“What do you mean?” Stingham walked up to him, “Aren’t they rats? What does it have to do with vultures and hyenas?”

“They are all scavengers.”

Chris looked at Stingham and explained, “In a place like this, if there’s no large population of scavengers, it’s very easy for diseases and plagues even monsters and beasts cannot withstand to spread. Metal Devouring Rats eat rotten meat, bones and some minerals. There are so many of them here that there isn’t enough food for vultures and hyenas to live.”

“These rats like to gnaw on bones? Why didn’t they come before to eat? There are so many bones here.” Stingham was skeptical.

“Maybe because the skeletons are humanoid. They would feel sick.” Ayrin guessed.

“You think they’re you? Feeling sick from gnawing on humanoid skeletons?” The others almost tripped again.

“Perhaps those rats don’t like to gnaw on aged bones?” Stingham turned to look at Meraly and grumbled, “What a fluke.”

“Stingham, how did Meraly offend you? Can’t you be more polite to her?” Charlotte defended Meraly.

“It’s fine. This was really a fluke.” Meraly did not seem angry. Instead, she looked happy and determined, “It won’t happen again.” She clenched her fist, “But I won’t be mocked by you in future anymore. I won’t be so useless.”

“Is she also twisted from getting mocked?” Moss instantly felt sympathy for Meraly.

“Evil Dragon’s artifact, this Skeleton Army, they are actually defeated by rats.” Stingham looked at the obviously collapsing Skeleton Army and exclaimed, “Meraly, won’t others call you the Rat Queen now?”

“Rat Queen is better than Idiotic Green Dragon Prince, right?” Although Rinloran knew Stingham did not mock her on purpose, he still snorted.


At that moment, a terrifying aura suddenly swept out from the Thorns Swamp.

Mody’s expression became stern and he warned, “Be careful.”

“What’s wrong?”

Stingham shuddered in fear.

“These skeleton warriors......”

Almost instantly, all skeleton warriors collapsed and became scattered bones once more.

The scene of a ferocious Skeleton Army collapsing so suddenly was so astonishing it felt surreal.

“Someone retrieved the ‘Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate’.”

Mody relaxed and heaved out a sigh. He slowly spoke, “Whoever was behind it is unable to endure any longer. However, he did not dare to make a move in the end.”

“He was unable to endure? Acting Corps Leader Mody, the terrifying aura just now is the aura leaked out when he was unable to endure?” Ayrin looked at the swamp in shock, “If that’s the case, we guessed correctly that there is an Evil Dragon Bishop hiding there?”

Mody nodded, “He probably never thought the Skeleton Army would be stopped and lost his calm for a moment. However, he should be alone and could not take all of us on. Hence, he did not dare to make a move in the end.”

“Since he did not think he is strong enough and chooses to hide, why don’t we enter the Thorns Swamp and take him on?” Ayrin pondered.

“What did you say?” Stingham immediately shouted in disbelief.

The attack by the Skeleton Army has just subsided. Those scattered bones are still bouncing on the ground, yet you say you want to enter the Thorns Swamp?

“According to the news Belo brought, if we calculate the time that has passed, even if we rush towards the Doa Royal Palace, we shouldn’t be able to make it before the war between the Kingdom of Eiche’s army and the Evil Dragon army begins, right?” Ayrin looked at everyone with a regretful expression.

However, his passionate fighting spirit immediately replaced it, “Since we can’t participate in that war, we must fight on here...... Although we have temporarily defended Fearotz, the threat of the demihuman-plus-monster army has yet to be eliminated. If we completely rout them inside the swamp, even if we leave the Fearotz Stronghold, the Thorns Swamp would be useless to the Evil Dragon followers, right?”

“A counterattack?”

Ferguillo and Jean Camus glanced at each other. They felt Ayrin’s words were reasonable.

“Ayrin, are you joking? You want to counterattack on their home turf? Who knows what will be waiting for us there! If you want to go, go yourself. I won’t go in.” Stingham wanted to cry again.

“It’s probably useless.” Shanna hesitantly spoke, “The Thorns Swamp is too large, monsters are proficient in hiding. As for the demihumans...... They are like weeds. Not to mention their strange personalities. Even if you rout them, they will just spread around in the swamp and gather to work for the Evil Dragon followers again at a later time.”

“Yes, the demihumans are too submissive. From the Era of War with Dragons until now, even though the Evil Dragon followers never treated them well and used them as cheap labor or cannon fodder, they are still working for the Evil Dragon followers. Even though they may be scattered, once the Evil Dragon followers force them, they will obediently gather.” Meraly agreed, “They are born laborers and servants. They naturally like to listen to their boss’s commands.”

“So, it’s simple.” Ayrin spoke as if it was natural, “Since the demihumans are born laborers and servants, we just need to force them to work for us.”

“Is that even possible?” Meraly and Shanna were shocked.

“Obviously. The demihumans should be natural cowards. They don't dare to have their own thoughts. So, they need someone to order them around, a boss to cover for them, right?” Ayrin spoke confidently, “If we just scatter them or tell them they are free and can stop listening to Evil Dragon followers, they will only feel a loss of security and loss of command. They will be scared. But if we force them to work for us, they won't behave like that, right?”

Is this guy basing things purely on his instinct?

But why does it sound reasonable?

The others were at a loss.

Mody pondered for a moment before saying, “I think we can try it.”

“Yeah, let’s try and find out. Maybe we can organize a demihuman army and even a monster army ourselves.”

Ayrin rubbed his hands and seemed eager to go, “If that really happens, when we appear on the battlefield, we will get an Undead Corps, a demihuman army and a monster army. When the Evil Dragon Army realizes we are not their reinforcements but enemies instead, it would be really fun.”

Can you describe such a war as fun?

Everyone was speechless.

Stingham saw Ayrin’s gaze fixed on him and had an ominous feeling. He desperately cried out, “No matter what, I won’t go.”

“Idiot, your refusal is denied. No matter what, it’s two against one.” Rinloran coldly stated.

“Rinloran, Ayrin, why are you always like this?” Stingham really cried. Tears flowed down his face.

“Our Holy Dawn Academy team has not fought with all six members together for a long time. With our current strength, don’t we stand a chance against an Evil Dragon Bishop?” Ayrin’s eyes sparkled.

“These undead arcane masters can stay here.” Belo nodded and looked at Buel at the side, “Buel, you can control these undead arcane masters. You will assist in defending the stronghold in my stead.”

Buel adjusted his deer head hat and respectfully answered, “Understood, Lord Belo.”

“What? Has it been decided already?” Stingham shouted in disbelief.

“In that case, Black King will follow you all. It will be safer with him.” Mody took a glance at the black panther and then at Meraly, Ferguillo and the others, “The rest will rest here and train.”

“There are many cultivation halls in this stronghold......” He looked at the entire Fearotz Stronghold with great emotion, “I don’t know if this stronghold can be preserved in the end...... If it can’t, it will be the last service those cultivation halls can provide for you.”

“Is there another incredible cultivation hall like the Trauma Room?” Meraly’s eyes sparkled. She appeared like a training maniac.

“Although there isn’t any on par with the Trauma Room, we do have some special cultivation halls.” Mody could not hide his smile.

“You five, come out! I have been nice to you by not making you fight in the Skeleton Army. If you continue hiding, I will summon you here to eat!” Ayrin shouted towards the Fearotz Stronghold.

“Boss......” Several terrified voices called out.

The five monsters appeared out of nowhere and came to the metal wall, trembling.

“We need to rest. You will be our mounts!”

Ayrin jumped up onto one of them and pointed towards the depth of the Thorns Swamp. He made a gesture and shouted with fighting spirit, “Counterattack! Thorns Swamp!”

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